Pornography: Flee Youthful Lusts!

Pornography - Flee Youthful Lusts

I am happy to announce the release of a brand new four-part series entitled “Pornography : Flee Youthful Lusts!“. This series addresses the issue of pornography addiction, warns of the danger of becoming numb to the conviction of God’s Spirit, and explains how to resist the sinful lusts of the flesh.

To read this new series, please click on any blue full title link that you find in this message.

As is my usual custom, below you will find a synopsis of each of the four parts.

Pornography : Flee Youthful Lusts! : Part 1

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Published On : November 30, 2012

Last Updated : November 30, 2012

Pornography Is Pervasive, Greedy Merchants And Mass Media, Satan Is False God Of This World, Apostle John’s Admonition, My Facebook Activities, Encounter With Lesbian Porn Pusher, My Facebook Friend Vetting Practice, Our Great Commission, Foul Language, Doctrinal Debates, Avoid Appearance Of Evil, Stop The Mouths Of Our Critics And Accusers, Case Of Incest In Corinth, Deception Of Live And Let Live, Selfish Lot And Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah, Lot Was Left With Nothing Due To His Selfishness, Lot Fathers Moabites And Ammonites, Decades Old Propaganda War To Normalize And Legalize Gay And Lesbian “Marriages”, No Need To Ban The Bible, Increasingly Liberal Attitudes, American Society When I Was A Young Boy, America’s Tragic Moral Decline And Apostate Ancient Israel

Pornography : Flee Youthful Lusts! : Part 2

Increasingly Liberal American Electorate, Obama’s Liberalism Defeated Romney’s Conservatism, Future America That We Don’t Recognize, It Is Dangerous To Become Comfortable With Sin, Beware Of Self-Imposed Deception, One Compromise Will Lead To Another, Christian Reconciliation, Experience With Lesbian Pornography Pusher, Once We Hear The Truth We Are Accountable For Living It, God’s Spirit Is Very Faithful To Convict Our Hearts Of Sin, Avoid and Withdraw From Unrepentant Brethren, Lust: Forbidden Desire Or Craving, Flee From Youthful Lusts, Harmful Effects Of Pornography, We Will Be Held Accountable And Judged According To Our Works, Our Eyes Can Get Us Into Trouble And Cause Us To Sin, Adam And Eve Tempted By Satan In The Garden, Lust Of The Flesh Lust Of The Eyes And Pride Of Life, Don’t Make Yourself Vulnerable To Temptation, Some Pointed Questions, God Sees All: Your Sin Will Find You Out, Jesus Tempted By Satan In Wilderness, Constant Bombardment By Satan’s Worldly Enticements, Modern Plastic Christianity, Demas Loved This Present World, They Loved Not Their Lives Unto The Death, Dog Returned To Vomit, Sow Wallowing In Mire

Pornography : Flee Youthful Lusts! : Part 3

Wallowing In The Vomit And Mire Of Pornography, Brought Into Bondage Through Lust, Condemned When We Choose Darkness Over The Light, Sin Loves Company, Pleasures Of Sin For A Season, Moses’ Wise Choice, Keep The Heavenly Vision, We Are Not Ignorant Of Satan’s Tactics, Resist The Devil, Our Common Temptations, Carnal Lusts And Fallen Men Of God, Rebellious Sons of God And Nephilim, Viewing Pornography Is Lusting With Our Eyes, Judah’s Lust For Tamar, Samson And Delilah, Samson Lusted With His Eyes And Lost His Eyes, Great Leaders And Sinners, King David And Bathsheba, Serious Consequences Of Sinning With Our Eyes, Apostle Paul’s Struggles With Sinful Flesh, O Wretched Man That I Am, Bring Your Body Into Subjection, Don’t Let Sin Reign In Your Body, Lust Bringeth Forth Sin, The Difficulty Of Not Experiencing Lust In The Modern World, There Are None Righteous And All Have Sinned, Constant War Between Flesh And Spirit, Walk In The Spirit, Gain More Clarity Of Meaning By Comparing Verse With Verse

Pornography : Flee Youthful Lusts! : Part 4

False Prosperity Gospel, God Promised To Provide Our Needs And Not Our Wants, The Danger Of Wealth, Lukewarm Church Of Laodicea, Timing Of Book Of Revelation, Laodicea Destroyed, Spiritual Adultery With The World, Seek First The Kingdom Of God, God’s Scriptural Promises To Provide Our Needs, Warning Regarding Promiscuity In The Churches, Dangerous Sex Cults, Mormon Renegades, David Koresh And The Branch Davidians, The Children Of God Or Family Of Love Sex Cult, Sharing, Loving Jesus Revolution, Flirty Fishing, How To Avoid Pornography And Other Lusts Of The Flesh, Walk In The Spirit, Battle Of The Mind, Renewed In Our Minds, Bring Into Captivity Every Thought, What We Decide To Do After The First Glance, My Web Surfing Habits And Brushes With Nudity And Pornography, To Walk In The Spirit We Must Have The Conviction Of The Spirit, Past Feeling, Conscience Seared With A Hot Iron, Cauterize The Wound And Deaden The Nerves, Diligently Study God’s Word To Strengthen Your Resolve And Conviction, Fight The Good Fight Of Faith, Closing Remarks, Suggested Reading Resources