Obamacare and the Mark of the Beast: Fact or Fiction?

obamacare - mark of the beast - rfid chip

I am pleased to announce the release of a new two-part article entitled "Obamacare and the Mark of the Beast: Fact or Fiction?". This controversial article focuses on the widespread belief that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act -- commonly known as Obamacare -- includes cryptic language which will require that all Americans be implanted with an RFID microchip beginning on March 23, 2013. Is there any truth to this belief? Is Obamacare really the mechanism which will be used to enslave Americans to the Mark of the Beast identification and economic system? Read this article and get the facts!

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As is my custom, below is a synopsis of this new two-part article:


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Published On : October 8, 2012

Last Updated : October 8, 2012

Introduction, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Different Versions Of This Bill, Words "Biochip" "Microchip" "Implant" And "Implantable" Are Not Found Anywhere In This Act, the Word "Computer" Is Used Only For Upgrading Systems, CHIP Is An Acronym For Children's Health Insurance Program, National Medical Device Registry Concerns And Rumors, Info In H. R. 3962 Is Not Found In Final Version Of H. R. 3590, Rumors Regarding March 23, 2013 And The Mark Of The Beast, Class II And Class III Medical Devices According To The FDA, Applied Digital Solutions Digital Angel VeriChip And VeriPay, Rumormongers Allege Dates March 23, 2013 And June 28, 2015, Mark Of The Beast Is Real But The Current Rumors Are False, No Language In H. R. 3590 To Make Mark Of The Beast Possible At This Current Time, CHIP Program Public School System And Children Of The State, Program Similar To CHIP Could Be Used To Embed RFID Transponders In Our Children, US Presidential Election: Obama's And Romney's Mutual Mudslinging, Internet Is One Giant Rumor Mill, Truthfulness Of Rumors Is Irrelevant To Rumormongers, Accusations Of Antichrist, Ruse To Influence Christian Vote, Obama Is Ungodly But He Is Not The Antichrist


Ask God For Wisdom And Spiritual Discernment, Don't Become Unwitting Tools Of Politicians And Rumormongers, Internet Is A Global Witnessing Tool, Wasted Online Witnessing Space, Questionable Conspiracy Theories Unfounded Rumors Misguided YouTube Videos, All For God's Glory, Spiritual Lights In The World, Every Idle Word, Don't Engage In Worldliness Or Dirty Secular Politics, Spiritual Adultery: God's Friend Or Friend Of The World, Satan Is The False God Of This World, A Higher Calling And Citizenship In God's Kingdom, Reading Resources


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