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Published On : October 29, 2002
Last Updated : May 11, 2011
Current Total : 264 KJV Bible Verse Lists

During the course of writing the many articles which appear on the Endtime Prophecy Net website, we have personally compiled quite a few groups of related Bible verse lists on a wide range of topics. Taken from the Authorized King James Version of the Bible -- or AKJV -- you will find these Bible verse lists scattered throughout our articles.

These KJV -- King James Version -- Bible verse lists present you with some of the key elements of our Christian faith in a compact, easily accessible form, without you having the need to possess an in-depth knowledge of the Bible. In short, through these KJV Bible verse lists, we have done some of the research work for you, which will help you to save quite a bit of time and effort.

Perhaps you are wondering why we have taken the time to create these King James Version Bible verse lists in the first place. Well, as the Apostle Peter wrote almost 2,000 years ago :

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:"
1 Peter 3:15, KJV

What better way to answer someone, than with the straight, pure, unadulterated Word of God! Not only will it feed His hungry sheep, but it is also a powerful Sword which will silence the adversary, or at least make him accountable for the Truth! It is God's Word which gives us the Authority for what we believe, as well as for what we teach and what we speak. In short, it is the very foundation of our faith! It is the Constitution of our Kingdom!

It is with great pleasure then, that we now share these precious Golden Nuggets from God's wonderful Word with you.

Please be advised that we are always updating these current KJV -- King James Version -- Bible verse lists, as well as creating new KJV Bible verse lists and study guides, as we continue to search the Scriptures daily and write new articles; so you will want to check back here periodically.

We pray that these KJV -- King James Version -- Bible verse lists will be a tremendous blessing in your life, and that perhaps you will even commit some of them to memory. Truly, there is nothing like His Word!

Enjoy studying God's Word!

Endtime Prophecy Net

KJV Verse List  1,260 Days = 42 Months = 3 1/2 Years = Time of The Beast
KJV Verse List  A House Divided
KJV Verse List  Abide In Your Calling
KJV Verse List  Abraham The Babylonian From Ur
KJV Verse List  According To Our Works
KJV Verse List  All Are Born In Sin
KJV Verse List  Apostles' Signs And Wonders
KJV Verse List  Avoid Arguing
KJV Verse List  Backsliding
KJV Verse List  Battle Of The Mind
KJV Verse List  Be Content With What You Have
KJV Verse List  Be Doers Of The Word
KJV Verse List  Be Examples To Each Other
KJV Verse List  Be Slow To Anger
KJV Verse List  Be Slow To Speak
KJV Verse List  Be Sober-Minded
KJV Verse List  Be Steadfast In The Faith
KJV Verse List  Blasphemy Of The Beast
KJV Verse List  Boldly Preach The Gospel
KJV Verse List  Bought With A Price
KJV Verse List  Brevity Of Life
KJV Verse List  Brotherly Christian Love
KJV Verse List  Brothers And Sisters Of Jesus
KJV Verse List  Celestial Trumpets
KJV Verse List  Chaff Of The Ungodly
KJV Verse List  Child Discipline And Obedience
KJV Verse List  Children By Adoption
KJV Verse List  Children Of Disobedience
KJV Verse List  Children Of God
KJV Verse List  Christian Communal Lifestyle
KJV Verse List  Christian Servant's Attitude
KJV Verse List  Church Elders
KJV Verse List  Church In The Home
KJV Verse List  Circumcision Is Not Necessary
KJV Verse List  Cleansed And Made White Through Jesus
KJV Verse List  Coming Comforter
KJV Verse List  Coming In The Clouds
KJV Verse List  Common Trials
KJV Verse List  Condemnation, Damnation And Judgment
KJV Verse List  Contend For The Faith
KJV Verse List  Crushing Rock And Rod Of Iron
KJV Verse List  Dangers Of Worldly Wisdom
KJV Verse List  Dead Are Unconscious
KJV Verse List  Dead In Sins
KJV Verse List  Death And Hell
KJV Verse List  Deliverance Through Faith And Obedience
KJV Verse List  Dependence Upon The Word
KJV Verse List  Doctrinal And Spiritual Unity
KJV Verse List  Doctrines Of The Pharisees
KJV Verse List  Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Faith
KJV Verse List  Don't Harden Your Heart
KJV Verse List  Drinking Blood Is Forbidden In The Bible
KJV Verse List  Eagles In The Bible
KJV Verse List  Earthquakes In The Bible
KJV Verse List  Eating Meat Is Not A Sin
KJV Verse List  Endtime Deception
KJV Verse List  Endtime Plagues
KJV Verse List  Endtime Prophecy Centers On Israel
KJV Verse List  Eternal Now
KJV Verse List  Faith Tried In The Fire
KJV Verse List  Faithful In The Least
KJV Verse List  Fallen Angels And Rebellious Sons Of God
KJV Verse List  False Brethren
KJV Verse List  False Doctrine
KJV Verse List  False Gods Of The Nations
KJV Verse List  False Jews And False Temple
KJV Verse List  False Prophets
KJV Verse List  False Worship Of The Heavens
KJV Verse List  Families Divided By Christ
KJV Verse List  Famines And Other Divine Curses
KJV Verse List  Famines In The Bible
KJV Verse List  Fear And Peace
KJV Verse List  Fear Of The Lord
KJV Verse List  Fiery Destruction Of The Wicked
KJV Verse List  Filthy Lucre
KJV Verse List  First Last, And Last First
KJV Verse List  Firstfruits Of The Resurrection
KJV Verse List  Flee From Works Of Darkness
KJV Verse List  Foolish Rebellion Of The Wicked
KJV Verse List  Foolishness Of The World
KJV Verse List  Fools For Christ
KJV Verse List  Fools Who Reject Counsel
KJV Verse List  For Lack Of Godly Wisdom
KJV Verse List  Forsaking God's Mercy
KJV Verse List  Founded On Rock Of The Word
KJV Verse List  Four Spirits Of Heaven
KJV Verse List  Free Through Jesus
KJV Verse List  Freely Share Words Of Life
KJV Verse List  Fruitful Branches
KJV Verse List  Galilean Invasion
KJV Verse List  Give An Account
KJV Verse List  Give Glory To God
KJV Verse List  God And His Word Are Our Constant
KJV Verse List  God Controls Hearts
KJV Verse List  God Doesn't Lie
KJV Verse List  God Is A Man Of War
KJV Verse List  God Is In Control
KJV Verse List  God Is Our Only Deliverer
KJV Verse List  God Is Our Potter
KJV Verse List  God Is Slow To Anger
KJV Verse List  God Made All Things
KJV Verse List  God Of Gods
KJV Verse List  God Raises Up Leaders
KJV Verse List  God Shakes The Earth
KJV Verse List  God Turns Away From Prayer
KJV Verse List  God Will Provide Our Needs
KJV Verse List  God's Care, Mercy And Protection
KJV Verse List  God's Glory And Shining Faces
KJV Verse List  God's Love For Us
KJV Verse List  God's Loving Chastisements
KJV Verse List  God's Righteous Judgments
KJV Verse List  God's Thunderous Voice
KJV Verse List  God's Ways Are Past Finding Out
KJV Verse List  God's Wonderful Eternal Word
KJV Verse List  Godly Exhortation
KJV Verse List  Godly Fear And Reverence
KJV Verse List  Good And Bad Stars In The Bible
KJV Verse List  Guard Your Mind And Heart From Evil Thoughts
KJV Verse List  Healing In His Wings
KJV Verse List  Holy Angels And Sons Of God
KJV Verse List  Holy Ghost Power And Witness
KJV Verse List  Holy Of Holies - The Oracle
KJV Verse List  Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Beastiality and Transvestitism
KJV Verse List  I Cried Unto The Lord
KJV Verse List  I Will Bring Evil . . .
KJV Verse List  Immediate Healing
KJV Verse List  Immutability Of God's Word
KJV Verse List  Importance Of Fellowship
KJV Verse List  In Jesus's Name
KJV Verse List  In Multitude Of Counsellors
KJV Verse List  Jealous God
KJV Verse List  Jesus And The Moneychangers
KJV Verse List  Jesus Bore Our Sins On The Cross
KJV Verse List  Jesus Comes In Great Power And Glory With The Angels
KJV Verse List  Jesus Died Once For All Men
KJV Verse List  Jesus Filled With The Spirit
KJV Verse List  Jesus Has Power Over Death And Hell
KJV Verse List  Jesus Our High Priest And Priests
KJV Verse List  Jesus Our Only Mediator
KJV Verse List  Jesus The Author Of The New Covenant
KJV Verse List  Jesus The Bread Of Life
KJV Verse List  Jesus The Good Shepherd
KJV Verse List  Jesus The Head Of The Church
KJV Verse List  Jesus The Lamb Of God
KJV Verse List  Jesus The Light Of The World
KJV Verse List  Jesus The Rejected Cornerstone
KJV Verse List  Jesus The Son Of God
KJV Verse List  Jesus Was, And Is, Without Sin
KJV Verse List  Jesus's Divine Authority From Heaven
KJV Verse List  Jewish Council Of Seventy - Sanhedrin
KJV Verse List  Jewish Fables And Wives Tales
KJV Verse List  Jews Are Antichrist
KJV Verse List  Jews Killed Jesus
KJV Verse List  Joy In The Morning
KJV Verse List  Joy Of The Lord
KJV Verse List  Joyful Noise To The Lord
KJV Verse List  Judge Not Fallacy
KJV Verse List  Judging God
KJV Verse List  Justified And Made Righteous Through Jesus
KJV Verse List  Keeping Promises - Doublemindedness
KJV Verse List  Laying On Of Hands
KJV Verse List  Lie In Wait To Deceive
KJV Verse List  Lift Up Hands In Praise
KJV Verse List  Lift Up Your Brother
KJV Verse List  Lost Sheep Found By The Shepherd
KJV Verse List  Love Forgiveness And Mercy
KJV Verse List  Lying Spirit Of Antichrist
KJV Verse List  Meditate On The Word
KJV Verse List  Menpleasers And Lip Service
KJV Verse List  Moon Shall Turn Into Blood
KJV Verse List  Mosaic Law On Charging Interest
KJV Verse List  Murders Of The Prophets
KJV Verse List  Necromancy And Spiritism
KJV Verse List  New Heavens And New Earth
KJV Verse List  No Man Has Seen God At Any Time
KJV Verse List  No Other Foundation But Jesus
KJV Verse List  No Peace For Sea Of Wicked
KJV Verse List  No Respect Of Persons (Impartiality)
KJV Verse List  No Righteousness Of Our Own
KJV Verse List  Now Is The Time
KJV Verse List  Of No Reputation
KJV Verse List  Offended By The Word
KJV Verse List  Old Man Versus New Man
KJV Verse List  On Right Hand Of God
KJV Verse List  Only Eight Survivors
KJV Verse List  Only One God
KJV Verse List  Our Great Commission
KJV Verse List  Our Invisible Nation
KJV Verse List  Our Precious Promise
KJV Verse List  Our Resurrected Bodies
KJV Verse List  Our Sins Won't Remain Hidden
KJV Verse List  Our Spiritual Warfare
KJV Verse List  Our True Spiritual Temple
KJV Verse List  Out Of Body Experiences
KJV Verse List  Paul In Rome
KJV Verse List  Peace With God Through Christ
KJV Verse List  Peacemakers Or Warmongers
KJV Verse List  Persecuted For Our Faith
KJV Verse List  Personality Cult Worship
KJV Verse List  Polygamy Or One Wife?
KJV Verse List  Pray For Whom?
KJV Verse List  Predestinated And Chosen
KJV Verse List  Price Of Discipleship
KJV Verse List  Pride And Humility
KJV Verse List  Promise Of Eternal Life
KJV Verse List  Purpose Of Unleavened Bread
KJV Verse List  Red Sea Divided
KJV Verse List  Religion Of Peace
KJV Verse List  Righteousness Exalts A Nation
KJV Verse List  Run The Race With Patience
KJV Verse List  Sacrifice Of Love
KJV Verse List  Salvation Is Free Through Christ
KJV Verse List  Satan's 'If'
KJV Verse List  Satan's Fall From Grace
KJV Verse List  Satan The False God Of This World
KJV Verse List  Scoffers And Reprobates
KJV Verse List  Seek God With A Whole Heart
KJV Verse List  Seven Angels
KJV Verse List  Seventy Years Of Captivity
KJV Verse List  Shall No Sign Be Given
KJV Verse List  Sharing And God's Financial Plan
KJV Verse List  Signs In The Heavens
KJV Verse List  Skepticism Of The Jews
KJV Verse List  Snare Of Riches
KJV Verse List  Soul Food
KJV Verse List  Soul Harvest
KJV Verse List  Spirit Of Christ Dwells In Us
KJV Verse List  Spirit Of Promise
KJV Verse List  Spiritual Blindness
KJV Verse List  Spiritual Famine For Word Of God
KJV Verse List  Spiritual Growth And Maturity
KJV Verse List  Stand Fast In The Faith
KJV Verse List  Strong Delusion
KJV Verse List  Study And Knowledge
KJV Verse List  Study The Word
KJV Verse List  Sure Word Of Prophecy
KJV Verse List  Sword Of The Spirit
KJV Verse List  The Glory Of The Father
KJV Verse List  The Last Trump
KJV Verse List  The Law And The Prophets
KJV Verse List  The Second Death
KJV Verse List  The Twelve Apostles
KJV Verse List  To Reject Jesus Is To Reject God
KJV Verse List  True Stars Of Abraham
KJV Verse List  Two Masters
KJV Verse List  Unbelieving Reprobates
KJV Verse List  Uncleanliness Of Pork And Pigs
KJV Verse List  Universal Reconciliation - Universal Atonement
KJV Verse List  Verbally Confess Christ
KJV Verse List  Walk By Faith Not By Sight
KJV Verse List  Washed And Renewed Mind
KJV Verse List  Watch And Pray
KJV Verse List  We Are God's Sheep
KJV Verse List  We Are His Forever
KJV Verse List  We Shall Overcome
KJV Verse List  Wellspring Of Life
KJV Verse List  Who Are The Twenty-Four Elders?
KJV Verse List  Wicked Heart Of Man
KJV Verse List  Will Of God
KJV Verse List  Wisdom Of God's Spirit
KJV Verse List  Wolves In Sheeps' Clothing
KJV Verse List  Women Submit And Be Silent
KJV Verse List  Worldliness
KJV Verse List  Wrath Of God
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