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About The "Map Resources" Bible Study Tool

The map resources on this page are in GIF, JPEG, PNG and SWF format. Some of them are black and white, while others are in color. To view a particular map resource, simply click on a link below. Each map will open in a new browser window, leaving this page below it. Once you finish looking at a map, simply close its window in order to return to this page.

Some of these maps are very large; thus, once a map loads in your browser window, you may want to download it to your computer. Macintosh users can do this by either simply dragging the image to the desktop, or by holding down the mouse button, and then choosing Download Image To Disk from the menu which will appear on your screen. Windows users can access a similar on-screen menu using the control key.

Please also note that in order to view some of the maps in full size, you need to click on the map. Clicking on the map a second time will return it to the regular size. Thank-you, and enjoy the "Map Resources" Bible study tool.

The WordWeaver
EPN Administrator

Biblical Israel - Large Black And White Images

Europe - Mostly Color Images

Israel Today - Color Images

Middle East

Middle East Peace

Need Shockwave Flash Player


World Empires


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