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ZAANANNIM movings; a person asleep

ZAAVAN trembling

ZABAD dowry; endowed

ZABBAI flowing

ZABDI same as Zabad

ZACCAI pure meat; just

ZACCHEUS pure; clean; just

ZACCUR of the male kind; mindful

ZACHARIAH memory of the Lord

ZADOK just; justified

ZAHAM crime; filthiness; impurity

ZAIR little; afflicted; in tribulation

ZALAPH shadow; ringing; shaking

ZALMON his shade; his image

ZALMONAH the shade; the sound of the number; his image

ZALMUNNA shadow; image; idol forbidden

ZAMZUMMIMS projects of crimes; enormous crimes

ZANOAH forgetfulness; desertion

ZAPHNATH-PAANEAH one who discovers hidden things

ZARAH east; brightness

ZAREAH leprosy; hornet

ZARED strange descent

ZAREPHATH ambush of the mouth

ZARETAN tribulation; perplexity

ZATTHU olive tree

ZAZA belonging to all

ZEBADIAH portion of the Lord; the Lord is my portion

ZEBAH victim; sacrifice

ZEBEDEE abundant; portion

ZEBINA flowing now; selling; buying

ZEBOIIM deer; goats

ZEBUDAH endowed; endowing

ZEBUL a habitation

ZEBULUN Zebulon, dwelling; habitation

ZECHARIAH same as Zachariah

ZEDAD his side; his hunting

ZEDEKIAH the Lord is my justice; the justice of the Lord

ZEEB wolf

ZELAH rib; side; halting

ZELEK the shadow or noise of him that licks or laps

ZELOPHEHAD the shade or tingling of fear

ZELOTES zealous

ZELZAH noontide

ZEMARAIM wool; pith

ZEMIRA song; vine; palm

ZENAN coldness; target; weapon

ZENAS living

ZEPHANIAH the Lord is my secret

ZEPHATH which beholds; that attends or that covers

ZEPHO Zephon, that sees and observes; that expects or covers

ZER perplexity

ZERAH same as Zarah

ZERAHIAH the Lord rising; brightness of the Lord

ZEREDAH ambush; change of dominion

ZERESH misery; strange; dispersed inheritance

ZERETH same as Zer

ZEROR root; that straitens or binds; that keeps tight

ZERUAH leprous; wasp; hornet

ZERUBBABEL a stranger at Babylon; dispersion of confusion

ZERUIAH pain or tribulation of the Lord

ZETHAR he that examines or beholds

ZIA sweat; swelling

ZIBA army; fight; strength

ZIBEON iniquity that dwells

ZIBIAH the Lord dwells; deer; goat

ZICHRI that remembers; that is a man

ZIDDIM huntings; treasons; destructions

ZIDKIJAH justice of the Lord

ZIDON hunting; fishing; venison

ZIF this or that; brightness; comeliness

ZIHA brightness; whiteness; drought

ZIKLAG measure pressed down

ZILLAH shadow; the tingling of the ear

ZILPAH distillation from the mouth

ZILTHAI my shadow; my talk

ZIMMAH thought; wickedness

ZIMRAN song; singer; vine

ZIMZI my field; my vine

ZIN buckler; coldness

ZINA shining; going back

ZION monument; raised up; sepulcher

ZIOR ship of him that watches

ZIPH this mouth or mouthful; falsehood

ZIPHRON falsehood of a song; rejoicing

ZIPPOR bird; sparrow; crown; desert

ZIPPORAH beauty; trumpet; mourning

ZITHRI to hide; demolished

ZIZ flower; branch; a lock of hair

ZIZA same as Zina

ZOAN motion

ZOAR little; small

ZOBAH Zobebah, an army; warring

ZOHAR white; bright; dryness

ZOHELETH that creeps, slides, or draws

ZOHETH separation; amazing

ZOPHAH viol; honeycomb

ZOPHAR rising early; crown

ZOPHIM place for a watchman

ZORAH leprosy; scab; hornet

ZOROBABEL same as Zerubbabel

ZUAR same as Zoar

ZUPH that beholds, observes, watches; roof; covering

ZUR stone; rock; that besieges

ZURIEL rock or strength of God

ZURISHADDAI the Almighty is my rock and strength

ZUZIMS the posts of a door; splendor; beauty

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