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SABAOTH Lord of hosts

SABEANS captivity; conversion; old age

SABTAH a going about or circuiting; old age

SABTECHAH that surrounds; that causes wounding

SACAR wares; a price

SADDUCEES followers of Sadoc, or Zadok

SADOC or Zadok, just; righteous

SALAH mission; sending

SALAMIS shaken; test; beaten

SALATHIEL asked or lent of God

SALCAH thy basket; thy lifting up

SALEM complete or perfect peace

SALIM foxes; fists; path

SALLAI Sallu, an exaltation; a basket

SALMA peace; perfection

SALMON peaceable; perfect; he that rewards

SALOME same as Salmon

SAMARIA watch-mountain

SAMLAH his raiment; his left hand; his astonishment

SAMOS full of gravel

SAMOTHRACIA an island possessed by the Samians and Thracians

SAMSON his sun; his service; there the second time

SAMUEL heard of God; asked of God

SANBALLAT bramble-bush; enemy in secret

SANHEDRIN sitting together

SANSANNAH bough or bramble of the enemy

SAPH rushes; sea-moss

SAPHIR delightful

SAPPHIRA that relates or tells

SARAH lady; princess; princess of the multitude

SARAI my lady; my princess

SARDIS prince of joy

SARDITES removing a dissension

SAREPTA a goldsmith's shop

SARGON who takes away protection

SARID remaining; hand of a prince

SARON same as Sharon

SARSECHIM master of the wardrobe

SARUCH branch; layer; lining

SATAN contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser

SAUL demanded; lent; ditch; death

SCEVA disposed; prepared

SCHAAPH fleeing; thinking

SEBA a drunkard; that turns

SEBAT twig; scepter; tribe

SECACAH shadow; covering; defense

SECHU defense; bough


SEGUB fortified; raised

SEIR Seirath, hairy; goat; demon; tempest

SELA-HAMMAH-LEKOTH rock of divisions

SELA a rock

SELAH the end; a pause

SELED affliction; warning

SELEUCIA shaken or beaten by the waves

SEM same as Shem

SEMACHIAH joined to the Lord

SEMAIAH obeying the Lord

SEMEI hearing; obeying

SENAAH bramble; enemy

SENEH same as Senaah

SENIR bed-candle; changing

SENNACHERIB bramble of destruction

SEORIM gates; hairs; tempests

SEPHAR book; scribe; number

SEPHARAD a book descending

SEPHARVAIM the two books; the two scribes

SERAH lady of scent; song; the morning star

SERAIAH prince of the Lord

SERAPHIM burning; fiery

SERED dyer's vat


SERUG branch; layer; twining

SETH put; who puts; fixed

SETHUR hid; destroying

SHAALABBIM understanding, or son of a fox

SHAALBIM that beholds the heart

SHAALBONITE a fox's building

SHAARAIM gates; valuation; hairs

SHAASHGAZ he that presses the fleece; that shears the sheep


SHACHIA protection of the Lord

SHADRACH tender, nipple

SHAGE touching softly; multiplying much

SHALEM same as Salem

SHALIM same as Salim

SHALISHA three; the third; prince; captain

SHALLUM perfect; agreeable

SHALMAI my garment

SHALMAN peaceable; perfect; that rewards

SHALMANESER peace; tied; chained; perfection; retribution

SHAMARIAH throne or keeping of the Lord

SHAMED destroying; wearing out

SHAMER keeper; thorn; dregs

SHAMGAR named a stranger; he is here a stranger

SHAMHUTH desolation; destruction

SHAMIR Shamer, prison; bush; lees; thorn

SHAMMAH loss; desolation; astonishment

SHAMMAI my name; my desolations

SHAMMOTH names; desolations

SHAMMUAH he that is heard; he that is obeyed

SHAMSHERAI there a singer or conqueror

SHAPHAM Shaphan, rabbit; wild rat; their lip; their brink


SHARAI my lord; my prince; my song

SHARAR navel; thought; singing

SHAREZER overseer of the treasury, or of the storehouse

SHARON his plain; his song

SHASHAI rejoicing; mercy; linen

SHASHAK a bag of linen; the sixth bag

SHAUL Saul, asked; lent; a grave

SHAVEH the plain; that makes equality

SHEALTIEL same as Salathiel

SHEAR-JASHUB the remnant shall return

SHEARIAH gate of the Lord; tempest of the Lord

SHEBA captivity; old man; repose; oath

SHEBAM compassing about; old men

SHEBANIAH the Lord that converts, or recalls from captivity

SHEBARIM breakings; hopes

SHEBER breaking; hope

SHEBNA who rests himself; who is now captive

SHEBUEL turning, or captivity, or seat, of God

SHECANIAH habitation of the Lord

SHECHEM part; portion; back early in the morning

SHEDEUR field of light; light of the Almighty

SHEHARIAH mourning or blackness of the Lord

SHELAH that breaks; that unties; that undresses

SHELEMIAH God is my perfection; my happiness; my peace

SHELEPH who draws out

SHELESH captain; prince

SHELOMI Shelomith, my peace; my happiness; my recompense

SHELUMIEL same as Shelemiah

SHEM name; renown

SHEMA hearing; obeying

SHEMAIAH that hears or obeys the Lord

SHEMARIAH God is my guard

SHEMEBER name of force; name of the strong

SHEMER guardian; thorn

SHEMIDA name of knowledge; that puts knowledge

SHEMINITH eighth (an eight-stringed instrument)

SHEMIRAMOTH the height of the heavens

SHEMUEL appointed by God

SHEN tooth; ivory; change

SHENAZAR treasurer of a tooth

SHENIR lantern; light that sleeps

SHEPHATIAH the Lord that judges

SHEPHI beholder; honeycomb; garment

SHEPHO desert


SHERAH flesh; relationship

SHEREBIAH singing with the Lord

SHESHACH bag of flax or linen

SHESHAI six; mercy; flax

SHESHAN lily; rose; joy; flax

SHESHBAZZAR joy in tribulation; joy of the vintage

SHETHAR-BOZNAI that makes to rot; that seeks those who despise me

SHETHAR putrefied; searching

SHEVA vanity; elevation; fame; tumult

SHIBBOLETH Sibboleth, ear of corn; stream or flood

SHIBMAH overmuch captivity, or sitting

SHICRON drunkenness; his gift; his wages

SHIGGAION a song of trouble or comfort

SHIHON sound; wall of strength

SHIHOR-LIBNAH blackness of Libnah

SHILHI Shilhim, bough; weapon; armor

SHILLEM peace; perfection; retribution

SHILOAH same as Siloah

SHILOH (NAME OF A CITY) peace; abundance


SHILOM tarrying; peace-maker

SHILSHAH three; chief; captain

SHIMEAH Shimeath, that hears, or obeys; perdition

SHIMEI Shimi, that hears or obeys; my reputation; my fame

SHIMEON same as Simeon

SHIMMA same as Shimeah

SHIMON providing well; fatness; oil

SHIMRATH hearing; obedient

SHIMRI thorn; dregs

SHIMRITH Shimron, same as Shimri


SHINAB father of changing

SHINAR watch of him that sleeps

SHIPHI multitude

SHIPHRAH handsome; trumpet; that does good

SHISHA of marble; pleasant

SHISHAK present of the bag; of the pot; of the thigh

SHITRAI gatherer of money

SHITTIM thorns

SHIZA this gift

SHOA kings; tyrants

SHOBAB returned; turned back; a spark

SHOBACH your bonds; your chains

SHOBAI turning captivity

SHOBAL path; ear of corn

SHOBEK made void; forsaken

SHOCHOH defense; a bough

SHOHAM keeping back

SHOMER keeper; dregs

SHOPHACH pouring out

SHOPHAN rabbit; hid

SHOSHANNIM those that shall be changed

SHUA crying; saving

SHUAH ditch; swimming; humiliation

SHUAL fox; path; first

SHUBAEL returning captivity; seat of God

SHUHAM talking; thinking; humiliation; budding

SHULAMITE peaceable; perfect; that recompenses

SHUNEM their change; their sleep

SHUNI changed; sleeping

SHUPHIM Shuppim, wearing them out; their shore

SHUR wall; ox; that beholds

SHUSHAN lily; rose; joy

SHUTHELAH plant; verdure; moist; pot

SIA moving; help

SIBBECHAI bough; cottage; of springs

SIBMAH conversion; captivity

SICHEM portion; shoulder

SIDDIM the tilled field

SIDON hunting; fishing; venison

SIGIONOTH according to variable songs or tunes,

SIHON rooting out; conclusion

SIHOR black; trouble (the river Nile)

SILAS three, or the third

SILLA exalting

SILOA Siloam, Siloe, same as Shilhi

SILVANUS who loves the forest

SIMEON that hears or obeys; that is heard

SIMON that hears; that obeys

SIN bush

SINAI a bush; enmity

SINIM south country,

SINON a breast-plate; deliverance

SION noise; tumult

SIPPAI threshold; silver cup

SISAMAI house; blindness

SISERA that sees a horse or a swallow

SITNAH hatred

SIVAN a bush or thorn

SMYRNA myrrh

SO a measure for grain; vail

SOCOH tents; tabernacles

SODI my secret

SODOM their secret; their cement

SOLOMON peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses

SOPATER Sosipater, who defends the father

SOPHERETH scribe, numbering

SOREK vine; hissing; a color inclining to yellow

SOSTHENES savior; strong; powerful

SOTAI conclusion in pleading; binding

SPAIN rare; precious

STACHYS spike or ear of corn

STEPHANAS crown; crowned

STEPHEN same as Stephanas

SUAH speaking; entreating; ditch

SUCCOTH-BENOTH the tents of daughters, or young women; or prostitutes

SUCCOTH tents; tabernacles

SUD my secret

SUR that withdraws or departs; rebellion

SUSANNA lily; rose; joy

SUSI horse; swallow; moth


SYENE a bush; enmity

SYNTYCHE that speaks or discourses

SYRACUSE that draws violently

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