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PAARAI opening

PADAN-ARAM cultivated field or table-land

PADON his redemption; ox-yoke

PAGIEL prevention, or prayer, of God

PAHATH-MOAB ruler of Moab

PAI Pau, howling; sighing

PALAL thinking

PALESTINA which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin

PALLU marvelous; hidden

PALTI deliverance; flight

PALTIEL deliverance; or banishment, of God

PAMPHYLIA a nation made up of every tribe

PAPHOS which boils, or is very hot

PARAH a cow; increasing

PARAN beauty; glory; ornament

PARBAR a suburb

PARMASHTA a yearling bull

PARMENAS that abides, or is permanent

PARNACH a bull striking, or struck

PAROSH a flea; the fruit of a moth

PARSHANDATHA given by prayer

PARUAH flourishing; that flies away

PASACH thy broken piece

PASDAMMIN portion or diminishing of blood

PASEAH passing over; halting

PASHUR that extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness

PATARA trodden under foot

PATHROS Pathrusim, mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin

PATMOS mortal

PATROBAS paternal; that pursues the steps of his father

PAU same as Pai

PAUL small; little

PAULUS same as Paul

PEDAHZUR strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption

PEDAIAH redemption of the Lord

PEKAH he that opens; that is at liberty

PEKAHIAH it is the Lord that opens

PEKOD noble; rulers

PELAIAH the Lord's secret or miracle

PELALIAH entreating the Lord

PELATIAH let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord

PELEG division

PELETHITES judges; destroyers

PELONITE falling; secret

PENIEL face or vision of God; that sees God

PENINNAH pearl; precious stone; the face

PENTAPOLIS five cities

PENTATEUCH the five books of Moses

PENTECOST fiftieth

PENUEL same as Peniel

PEOR hole; opening

PERAZIM divisions

PERESH horseman

PEREZ-UZZA division of Uzza, or of strength

PEREZ divided

PERGA very earthy

PERGAMOS height; elevation

PERIDA separation; division

PERIZZITES dwelling in villages

PERSIA that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman

PERSIS same as Persia

PERUDA same as Perida

PETER a rock or stone

PETHAHIAH the Lord opening; gate of the Lord

PETHUEL mouth of God; persuasion of God

PEULTHAI my works

PHALEC same as Peleg

PHALLU Pallu, admirable; hidden

PHALTI PALTI deliverance, flight

PHANUEL face or vision of God

PHARAOH that disperses; that spoils

PHAREZ division; rupture

PHARISEES set apart

PHARPAR that produces fruit

PHEBE shining; pure

PHENICE Phoenicia, red; purple

PHICHOL the mouth of all, or every tongue

PHILADELPHIA love of a brother

PHILEMON who kisses

PHILETUS amiable; beloved

PHILIP warlike; a lover of horses

PHILIPPI same as Philip, in the plural

PHILISTINES those who dwell in villages

PHILOLOGUS a lover of letters, or of the word

PHINEHAS bold aspect; face of trust or protection

PHLEGON zealous; burning

PHRYGIA dry; barren

PHURAH that bears fruit, or grows

PHYGELLUS fugitive

PHYLACTERIES things to be especially observed

PI-BESETH abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast

PI-HAHIROTH the mouth; the pass of Hiroth

PILATE armed with a dart

PINON pearl; gem; that beholds

PIRAM a wild ass of them

PIRATHON his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture

PISGAH hill; eminence; fortress

PISIDIA pitch; pitchy

PISON changing; extension of the mouth

PITHOM their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth

PITHON mouthful; persuasion

POCHERETH cutting of the mouth of warfare

PONTIUS marine; belonging to the sea

PONTUS the sea

PORATHA fruitful

POTIPHAR bull of Africa; a fat bull

POTIPHERAH that scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat

PRISCA ancient

PRISCILLA same as Prisca

PROCHORUS he that presides over the choirs

PUAH mouth; corner; bush of hair

PUBLIUS common

PUDENS shamefaced

PUL bean; destruction

PUNITES beholding; my face

PUNON precious stone; that beholds

PUR Purim, lot

PUTEOLI sulphureous wells

PUTIEL God is my fatness

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