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HABAIAH the hiding of the Lord

HABAKKUK he that embraces; a wrestler

HABAZINAIAH a hiding of the shield of the Lord

HABOR a partaker; a companion

HACHALIAH who waits for the Lord

HACHILAH my hope is in her

HACHMONI a wise man

HADAD joy; noise; clamor

HADADEZER beauty of assistance

HADADRIMMON invocation to the god Rimmon

HADAR power; greatness

HADAREZER same as Hadadezer

HADASHAH news; a month

HADASSAH a myrtle; joy

HADID rejoicing; sharp

HADLAI loitering; hindering

HADORAM their beauty; their power

HADRACH point; joy of tenderness

HAGAB Hagabah, a grasshopper

HAGAR a stranger; one that fears

HAGGAI feast; solemnity

HAGGERI Haggi, a stranger

HAGGIAH the Lord's feast

HAGGITH rejoicing


HAKKOZ a thorn; summer; an end

HAKUPHA a commandment of the mouth

HALAH a moist table

HALAK part

HALHUL grief; looking for grief

HALI sickness; a beginning; a precious stone

HALLELUJAH praise the Lord

HALLOESH saying nothing; an enchanter

HAM hot; heat; brown

HAMAN noise; tumult

HAMATH-ZOBAH the heat, or the wall, of an army

HAMATH anger; heat; a wall

HAMMEDATHA he that troubles the law

HAMMELECH a king; a counselor

HAMMON heat; the sun

HAMON-GOG the multitude of Gog

HAMONAH his multitude; his uproar

HAMOR an ass; clay; dirt

HAMOTH indignation

HAMUL godly; merciful

HAMUTAL the shadow of his heat

HANAMEEL the grace that comes from God; gift of God

HANAN full of grace

HANANEEL grace, or gift, of God

HANANI my grace; my mercy

HANANIAH grace; mercy; gift of the Lord

HANES banishment of grace

HANIEL the gift of God

HANNAH gracious; merciful; he that gives

HANNATHON the gift of grace

HANNIEL grace or mercy of God

HANOCH dedicated

HANUN gracious; merciful

HAPHARAIM searching; digging

HARA a hill; showing forth

HARADAH well of great fear

HARAN mountainous country

HARBONAH his destruction; his sword

HAREPH winter; reproach

HARHAIAH heat, or anger, of the Lord

HARHAS anger; heat of confidence

HARHUR made warm

HARIM destroyed; dedicated to God

HARNEPHER the anger of a bull; increasing heat

HAROD astonishment; fear

HAROSHETH a forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; silence

HARRAN see "Charran"

HARSHA workmanship; a wood

HARUM high; throwing down

HARUMAPH destruction

HARUPHITE slender; sharp

HARUZ careful

HASADIAH the mercy of the Lord

HASHABIAH the estimation of the Lord

HASHABNAH Hashabniah, the silence of the Lord

HASHEM named; a putting to

HASHUB esteemed; numbered

HASHUBAH estimation; thought

HASHUM silence; their hasting

HASHUPHA spent; made base

HASRAH wanting

HATACH he that strikes


HATITA a bending of sin

HATTIL howling for sin

HATTIPHA robbery

HATTUSH forsaking sin

HAURAN a hole; liberty; whiteness

HAVILAH that suffers pain; that brings forth

HAVOTH-JAIR the villages that enlighten

HAZAEL that sees God

HAZAIAH seeing the Lord

HAZAR-ADDAR an imprisoned generation

HAZAR-HATTICON middle village; preparation

HAZAR-SHUAL a wolf's house

HAZAR-SUSAH or susim, the hay-paunch of a horse

HAZARENAN imprisoned cloud

HAZARGADDAH imprisoned band

HAZARMAVETH dwelling of death

HAZELELPONI sorrow of countenance

HAZEROTH villages; palaces

HAZEZON-TAMAR drawing near to bitterness

HAZO seeing; prophesying

HAZOR court; hay

HEBER one that passes; anger

HEBREWS descendants of Heber

HEBRON society; friendship

HEGAI or Hege, meditation; word; groaning; separation

HELAM their army; their trouble

HELBAH Helbon, milk, fatness

HELDAI Heleb, Heled, the world; rustiness

HELEK part; portion

HELEM dreaming; healing

HELEPH changing; passing over

HELEZ armed; set free

HELI ascending; climbing up

HELKAI same as Helek

HELKATH-HAZZURIM the field of strong men, or of rocks

HELON window; grief

HEMAN their trouble; tumult; much; in great number

HEN grace; quiet; rest

HENA troubling

HENADAD grace of the beloved

HENOCH same as Enoch

HEPHER a digger

HEPHZIBAH my delight is in her

HERES the son; an earthen pot

HERESH a carpenter

HERMAS Hermes, Mercury; gain; refuge

HERMOGENES begotten of Mercury

HERMON anathema; devoted to destruction

HEROD son of a hero

HERODION the song of Juno

HESHBON invention; industry

HESHMON a hasty messenger

HETH trembling; fear

HETHLON a fearful dwelling

HEZEKIAH strength of the Lord

HEZER Hezir, a bog; converted

HEZRAI an entry or vestibule

HEZRON the dart of joy; the division of the song

HIDDAI a praise; a cry

HIDDEKEL sharp voice; sound

HIEL God lives; the life of God

HIERAPOLIS holy city

HIGGAION meditation; consideration

HILEN a window; grief

HILKIAH God is my portion

HILLEL he that praises

HINNOM there they are; their riches

HIRAH liberty; anger

HIRAM exaltation of life; a destroyer

HITTITE one who is broken; who fears

HIVITES wicked; wickedness

HIZKIJAH the strength of the Lord

HOBAB favored; beloved

HOBAH love; friendship; secrecy

HOD praise; confession

HODAIAH the praise of the Lord

HODAVIAH Hodiah, Hodijah, same as Hodaiah

HODESH a table; news

HOGLAH his festival or dance

HOHAM woe to them

HOLON a window; grief

HOMAM making an uproar

HOPHIN he that covers; my fist

HOR-HAGIDGAD the hill of felicity

HOR who conceives, or shows; a hill

HORAM their hill

HOREB desert; solitude; destruction

HOREM an offering dedicated to God

HORI a prince; freeborn

HORIMS princes; being angry

HORMAH devoted or consecrated to God; utter destruction

HORONAIM angers; ragings

HORONITES men of anger, or of fury, or of liberty

HOSAH trusting

HOSANNA save I pray thee; keep; preserve

HOSEA Hoshea, savior; safety

HOSHAIAH the salvation of the Lord

HOSHAMA heard; he obeys

HOTHAM a seal

HOTHIR excelling; remaining

HUKKOK engraver; scribe; lawyer

HUL pain; infirmity

HULDAH the world

HUPHAM their chamber; their bank

HUPPIM a chamber covered; the sea-shore

HUR liberty; whiteness; hole

HURAM their liberty; their whiteness; their hole

HURI being angry; or same as Huram

HUSHAH hasting; holding peace

HUSHAI their haste; their sensuality; their silence

HUSHATHITE Hushim, man of haste, or of silence

HUZ counsel; woods; fastened

HUZOTH streets; populous

HUZZAB molten

HYMENEUS nuptial; the god of marriage

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