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EBAL ancient heaps

EBED-MELECH the king's servant

EBED a servant; laborer

EBEN-EZER the stone of help

EBER one that passes; anger

EBIASAPH a father that gathers or adds

EBRONAH passage over; being angry


ED witness

EDEN pleasure; delight

EDER a flock

EDOM red, earthy; of blood

EDREI a very great mass, or cloud

EGLAH heifer; chariot; round

EGLAIM drops of the sea

EGLON same as Eglah

EGYPT that troubles or oppresses; anguish

EHUD he that praises

EKER barren, feeble

EKRON barrenness; torn away

EL-BETH-EL the God of Bethel

EL-ELOHE-ISRAEL God, the God of Israel

ELADAH the eternity of God

ELAH an oak; a curse; perjury

ELAM a young man; a virgin; a secret

ELASAH the doings of God

ELATH a hind; strength; an oak

ELDAAH knowledge of God

ELDAD favored of God; love of God

ELEAD witness of God

ELEALEH burnt-offering of God

ELEAZAR help of God, court of God

ELEPH learning

ELHANAN grace, or gift, or mercy of God

ELI Eli, my God, my God

ELI the offering or lifting up

ELIAB God is my father; God is the father

ELIADA knowledge of God

ELIAH God the Lord

ELIAHBA my God the Father

ELIAKIM resurrection of God

ELIAM the people of God

ELIAS same as Elijah

ELIASAPH the Lord increaseth

ELIASHIB the God of conversion

ELIATHAH thou art my God

ELIDAD beloved of God

ELIEL God, my God

ELIENAI the God of my eyes

ELIEZER help, or court, of my God

ELIHOREPH god of winter, or of youth

ELIHU he is my God himself

ELIJAH God the Lord, the strong Lord

ELIKA pelican of God

ELIM the rams; the strong; stags

ELIMELECH my God is king

ELIOENAI toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountains

ELIPHAL a miracle of God

ELIPHALET the God of deliverance

ELIPHAZ the endeavor of God

ELISABETH Elizabeth, the oath, or fullness, of God

ELISHA salvation of God

ELISHAH it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives help

ELISHAMA God hearing

ELISHAPHAT my God judgeth

ELISHEBA same as Elisabeth

ELISHUA God is my salvation

ELIUD God is my praise

ELIZUR God is my strength; my rock; rock of God

ELKANAH God the zealous; the zeal of God

ELKESHAI hardiness or rigor of God

ELKOSHITE a man of Elkeshai

ELLASAR revolting from God

ELMODAM the God of measure, or of the garment

ELNAAM God's fairness

ELNATHAN God hath given; the gift of God

ELOHI Elohim, God

ELON-BETH-HANAN the house of grace or mercy

ELON oak; grove; strong

ELPAAL God's work

ELPALET same as Eliphalet

ELTEKEH of grace or mercy

ELTEKETH the case of God

ELTOLAD the generation of God

ELUL cry or outcry

ELUZAI God is my strength

ELYMAS a magician, a corrupter

ELZABAD the dowry of God

ELZAPHAN God of the northeast wind

EMIMS fears; terrors; formidable; people

EMMANUEL God with us

EMMAUS people despised or obscure

EMMOR an ass

EN-DOR fountain, eye of generation, or of habitation

EN-EGLAIM eye, or fountain, of calves

EN-GANNIM eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens

EN-GEDI eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness

EN-HADDAH quick sight; well of gladness

EN-HAKKORE fountain of him that called or prayed

EN-HAZOR the grass of the well

EN-MISHPAT fountain of judgment

EN-RIMMON well of weight

EN-ROGEL the fuller's fountain; the well of searching

EN-SHEMESH fountain, or eye, of the sun

EN-TAPPUAH fountain of an apple, or of inflation

ENAM fountain, open place

ENAN cloud

ENEAS laudable

ENOCH dedicated; disciplined

ENON cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye

ENOS mortal man; sick; despaired of; forgetful

EPAPHRAS covered with foam

EPAPHRODITUS agreeable; handsome

EPENETUS laudable; worthy of praise

EPH-LAL judging; praying

EPHAH weary; tired

EPHER dust; lead

EPHES-DAMMIM effusion of blood

EPHESUS desirable

EPHPHATHA be opened

EPHRAIM fruitful; increasing

EPHRATAH Ephrath, abundance; bearing fruit


EPICUREAN follower of Epicurus, i.e., of one who gives assistance

ER watchman

ERAN follower

ERASTUS lovely, amiable

ERECH length; health; physic

ERI my city

ESAIAS same as Isaiah

ESAR-HADDON that closes the point; joy; cheerfulness

ESAU he that acts or finishes

ESEK contention

ESH-BAAL the fire of the idol, or of the ruler

ESH-BAN fire of the sun

ESHCOL bunch of grapes

ESHEAN held up

ESHEK violence, force

ESHKALON same as Askelon

ESHTAOL a strong woman

ESHTEMOA the bosom of a woman

ESLI near me; he who separates

ESMACHIAH joined to the Lord

ESROM dart of joy; division of a song

ESTHER secret; hidden

ETAM their bird, their covering

ETHAM their strength; their sign

ETHAN strong; the gift of the island

ETHANIM strong; valiant

ETHBAAL toward the idol, or with Baal

ETHER talk

ETHIOPIA blackness; heat


ETHNI strong

EUBULUS prudent; good counselor

EUNICE good victory

EUODIAS sweet scent

EUPHRATES that makes fruitful

EUTYCHUS happy; fortunate

EVE living; enlivening

EVI unjust

EVIL-MERODACH the fool of Merodach; the fool grinds bitterly

EXODUS going out, departure

EZBON hastening to understand

EZEKIEL the strength of God

EZEL going abroad; walk

EZEM a bone

EZER a help

EZION-GEBER the wood of the man

EZRA help; court

EZRI my help

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