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About The American Tract Society Bible Dictionary :

This HTML version of the American Tract Society Bible Dictionary was created by the WordWeaver, using the data contained in the American Tract Society Bible Dictionary electronic Bible module made by Spillman, Ernie; Brandon; Mezera, Jeff; et al.

The original printed version of the American Tract Society Bible Dictionary is a dictionary of the Holy Bible, for general use in the study of the scriptures; with engravings, maps, and tables. Following is its copyright information:

New York, American Tract society [c1859]
Rand, W. W. (William Wilberforce), 1816-1909, ed.

NOTE : Being as this is an HTML version of the original printed version of the dictionary, it does not contain any engravings, maps or tables, but only the 2,288 word and phrase definitions themselves.

While converting this dictionary from module to HTML format, I encountered many mispellings and typographical errors. I do not know if these are found in the original ATS Bible Dictionary, or if they inadvertently crept in through the work of the module's creators. Whatever the case may be, I have corrected some of the errors, as my time has permitted, but many still remain. If you should encounter any serious errors which definitely should be corrected, please don't hesitate to contact me via email.

Please also note that for the sake of unity with the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, the spelling of all names, places, and other words and phrases has been adapted to the KJV. For example, in the listings, terms such as Beth-Abara, Padan-Aram, Baal-Hazor, etc., are displayed as Bethabara, Padanaram, Baalhazor, etc.

Finally, please be advised that this dictionary does espouse some of the doctrinal opinions of the authors of the dictionary. You may, or may not, agree with their views. Having said that, I advise you to use wisdom and spiritual discernment as you use this tool, and compare all things with the straight Word of God.

The WordWeaver
EPN Administrator

How To Use The ATS Dictionary :

1. Select the beginning letter of the word or phrase you wish to look up from the links below.

2. After you are taken to that letter's section, either scroll down until you find the word or phrase in which you are interested, or use the Find option found under your web browser's Edit menu and do the following:

a. Type your search word or phrase in CAPITAL letters, and make certain that both the Match Case and Start From Top options are selected in the search window.

b. Click on the search window's Find button.

3. Once you locate the word or phrase you want, simply click on it, and you will be taken to its definition.

Helpful Hint : Please note that while conducting your studies and looking up the meaning of words and phrases, if you encounter any words in capital letters, this means that there may be an entry in the dictionary for that word or phrase as well. However, please note that due to limitations on my time, it was not possible for me to link all of said words and phrases. In other words you will have to go to that particular section of the dictionary, and look it up yourself, using the above steps. I have made this easy for you by placing letter links at both the top and the bottom of each of the letter sections.

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