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Published On : October 17, 1999

Last Updated : January 3, 2009

As requested by some of our EDGE, (Endtime Discussion Group
Exchange), members, I have compiled the following list of
survival items for your consideration, which is basically
the same as the items I mention in 'Y2K Preparation: Are You
A Procrastinator?'. The primary difference is that I am also
including precise amounts, size per piece where applicable,
and pieces per case where applicable. As I explain in the
companion article 'Y2K: How Bad Will It Get?', after some
prayer and study of the Word, I have chosen to prepare our
family for a possible period of trouble of seven months,
during which time, food and other basic human necessities
may be limited on store shelves. Thus, this list serves as
an example survival list for two people for a period of
seven months, based upon a thirty-day month, or two hundred
and ten days.

Please note that this list is based upon personal preference
regarding food items. You can alter this list as much as you
want, based upon your family's personal food tastes. You may
want to add a large quantity of canned and dried fruits to
this list for example. In short, the following survival list
is only meant to serve as the framework for your Y2K crisis
preparations. Depending upon the size, age and gender of
your particular family's structure, it may not be complete.

Allow me to also stress that this items list is geared more
towards urban and suburban dwellers; many of whom live in
densely-populated apartment complexes. As such, due to the
possible infestation by rats, cockroaches, beetles, and
other pests, you will not find listed here many food items
which are sold in either paper or plastic bags, cardboard
boxes, or burlap sacks, such as rice, beans, flour, powdered
milk, and so forth. This list consists primarily of canned
goods which are readily available on the store shelves of
many cities around the world. The product brand and size may
be a little different depending upon your locale, but the
basic contents will be about the same. Of course, if you
have sufficient space, it is possible to store the afore-
mentioned items in tightly sealed metal cans, such as those
large galvanized garbage cans. As anyone can tell you, large
city rats have no problem chewing through plastic, or even
through thin metal, so watch out! Please don't waste your
money on items which may not survive the duration of the Y2K

Allow me to also state that unlike the American culture,
which stresses three wholesome meals a day, while many of
the poor people of the world are starving, this list offers
one or two good meals a day for two people, plus sufficient
liquid per day, and a few snacks. Believe me, if the degree
of the Y2K breakdown is nearly as severe as some people have
suggested, you will probably be out of a job. If this is the
case, your body may be a lot less active; which means that
it will also require less food, being as you will not be
expending as much physical energy. Please remember that the
main objective of this list, is to survive, and not to live
'high off the hog' as they say in the United States. If we
are indeed hit with a major crisis from Y2K, you may be
surprised to find out how little one can survive on when he
needs to. Finally, I feel that it is also wise to mention
that at this late date, I consider it foolish to even place
large orders with survival companies which offer dehydrated
and freeze-dried food stuffs, as most, if not all of them,
are literally months behind in their orders already.

Survival Items List For Two People For A Seven-Month Period:

Unless otherwise stated, the size of the cans is about 13-16
ounces per can, depending upon the brand name you choose.

Liquids :

210 gallons of commercial drinking water in one gallon
..... jugs. We purchased this in cases of six jugs per case.
..... This amount allows one half gallon per person per day.

210 cans of 'Seven Up' softdrink/soda. We purchased this
..... item in cases of twenty-four cans each. While most
..... soft drinks are loaded with sugar, for those of you
..... with sensitive stomachs like myself, this item, or
..... perhaps 'Sprite', may prove to be very beneficial. Not
..... only that, but being as you may be using some of your
..... drinking water for cooking purposes, the canned soda
..... will contribute to your getting a half gallon of
..... liquid per day.

210 cans of canned milk. Personally, I do not like the
..... taste of canned milk; however, you might; and if you
..... have children in your family, this is also a wise
..... item to have on hand.

Canned Goods :

210 cans of whole kernel corn. We purchased this in cases
..... of twenty-four cans per case with six left over.

210 cans of cut green beans. We are purchasing this in
..... cases of twenty-four cans per case with six left over.

210 cans of chili with beans. We purchased this in cases
..... of twenty-four cans per case with six left over.

210 cans of pink salmon. We are purchasing this in cases
..... of twelve cans per case with six left over. The pink
..... salmon is cheaper than the red salmon.

210 cans of 'Chef Boyardee Beefaroni' in 26 oz. cans. I am
..... not sure how many cans come in a case, as it is out of
..... stock at the moment, and we have thus far only
..... purchased a few single cans.

210 cans of 'Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli' in 40 oz. cans. I
..... am not sure how many cans come in a case, as it is out
..... of stock at the moment, and we have thus far only
..... purchased a few single cans.

7... cans of natural, raw, unfiltered mountain honey in
..... five pound cans. If there is no electricity, there
..... will obviously be no bread being made; however, you
..... can still use honey in your tea or coffee, or even
..... eat a teaspoon or tablespoon of it to boost your
..... energy. Honey is much better for you than white
..... sugar; and being as it is in cans, it is much better
..... protected from pests, than sugar which is normally
..... sold in a bag or a cardboard box.

Energy Snacks :

The following items are good energy sources, and contain
significant levels of fiber, iron, and other important

70.. six-packs of raisins in 1.5 oz. boxes, or a total of
..... 420 1.5 oz. boxes of raisins. This is sufficient for a
..... two-person team to have one box per day. If you get
..... these, make sure you store them in a metal container
..... if you can. This applies to any dried fruits you may
..... choose to purchase. Rats would go straight for these!

210 8 ounce boxes of 'Fig Newtons'. While you can purchase
..... these in larger sizes, remember, the idea is to only
..... open what you need, as you need it, so that it doesn't
..... go bad or get moldy, or attract varmints. As with the
..... raisins, keep these in a metal container if necessary.

210 6 ounce cans of cashews, or other type of nuts. We
..... prefer the cashews ourselves. They are more expensive,
..... but their mineral content is good.

Other Food Items :

7... jars of Garlic Salt in 19 oz. jars. Not only is garlic
..... good for you, but you can use it to spice up your
..... corn, green beans, salmon or tuna, etc.

7... cartons of iodized salt in 26 oz. containers. If you
..... don't like garlic, then you may prefer regular salt to
..... add some flavor to your canned foods. Not only that,
..... but if you live in a tropical climate, unlike those
..... living in the cold north who may be freezing when Y2K
..... hits full force, you may be doing a lot of sweating
..... without your air-conditioner. You are going to need to
..... replace all of that salt that your body is losing.

7....bottles of soy sauce. As an alternative to garlic salt
..... and regular salt, you may prefer to use soy sauce. I
..... have found that it tastes great on some of the canned
..... food items mentioned above. We purchased this item in
..... two-quart bottles.

7... boxes of 'Lipton Tea Bags'. Each box contains 48 tea
..... bags. For a number of years, I stayed away from both
..... coffee and tea; however, during this year, a dear
..... friend presented us with a gift which included a large
..... tea cup and a cute porcelain tea steeper. Needless-to-
..... say, I am hooked again. Tea with honey is a nice hot
..... beverage; particularly for those of you who may be
..... freezing up in the cold north when Y2K hits. Not only
..... that, but it is much lower in caffeine than coffee; so
..... it doesn't give you the jitters.

Toiletries And Cleaners :

Some of the following items may, or may not, be useable,
depending upon whether or not you have water in your home,
or if your city or town has a water supply station near you.
Remember, you may not have any motorized transportation,
since gasoline may be rationed, or gasoline pumps may not
even be working due to a lack of power; so you may be forced
to carry limited amounts of water to your home every day.

12.. four-roll packages of toilet paper. We purchased the
..... 1000-sheet one-ply rolls. That's enough for two people
..... to wipe their bottom, blow their nose, or whatever
..... else they need to do with it.

12.. 15 oz. bottles of shampoo.

7... 8 oz. tubes of toothpaste.

28.. 5 oz. bars of bath soap.

14... 7.5 pump bottles of liquid hand soap.

12.. 1 1/2 gallon bottles of regular bleach. We purchased
..... this item in cases of six bottles each. Not only can
..... you use it to purify water if it is available, but if
..... you are careful with the fumes, you can use it to
..... sterilize the toilet bowl as well.

7... 42 oz. bottles of liquid dish soap.

14.. plastic containers of 'wet ones', or 'baby wipes'.
..... Each container holds eighty tissues. Let us assume
..... that you have no running water whatsoever, and the
..... nearest water station is not within a reasonable
..... distance of your home. While you have enough drinking
..... water, what are you going to do to keep your body
..... clean? You certainly don't want to waste your precious
..... drinking water. Baby wipes can be very handy in such a
..... case. It might not be nearly as good as taking a bath
..... or shower, but at least you can clean up after meals
..... with them and refresh yourself.

Other Survival Items :

2... butane stoves. Originally, we just had one stove, but
..... wisdom dictates that it is a good idea to have a spare
..... available in case the first one breaks in some way. If
..... the kids are real hungry, you might even consider
..... using both stoves at the same time to prepare the
..... meal; although I think it is wiser to teach them to
..... have patience, and keep that second stove as a spare.

224 cans of butane fuel. We purchased eight cases, which
..... each contains seven four-packs, or twenty-eight cans
..... per case. This is enough for one can of fuel per day.
..... If you have a large family, you may need to get much
..... more than this.

210 boxes of candles. Each box contains six candles. That
..... will give you six candles for about a twelve hour
..... period from 6 pm to 6 am. You may want more, depending
..... upon how many rooms you wish to light.

48.. four-packs of AA batteries. We purchased these to
..... use with our am/fm/shortwave radio, as well as with
..... our little emergency flashlight; and we may use them
..... sparingly with our little tape recorder to play our
..... KJV Bible tapes.

??? boxes of stick matches. I didn't bother to calculate
..... this one. You will need them to light your candles,
..... perhaps to start your butane stove, and maybe to burn
..... your paper trash if you are able to and permitted to
..... by your local authorities. All I can say is, being as
..... match heads sometimes become unusable due to moisture
..... I would get a lot of these.

??? plastic garbage bags. Again, I didn't bother to
..... calculate this one. We haven't purchased any of these
..... yet being as we always save our plastic grocery bags
..... and recycle them by using them as garbage bags.

As noted above, this list is not meant to be all-inclusive.
I am sure that you will think of other items that you would
like to have on hand should the Y2K computer glitch wreak
havoc in our lives for an undetermined amount of time. No
matter how we choose to look at it, even if nothing, or very
little, goes wrong when January 1, 2000 arrives, having
these survival supplies on hand certainly doesn't hurt. As
Christians, we all know that sooner or later, man's systems
are going to collapse. In addition to this, many of us live
in areas of the world where other things, such as volcanoes,
earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, heavy monsoon rains,
heavy snow storms, floods, etc., threaten our lives on a
periodic basis. If you weren't prepared for such things
before, perhaps the wise counsel I have shared in these
various Y2K-related articles will help you to be prepared
now. As King Solomon wrote:

"A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but
the simple pass on, and are punished." Proverbs 22:3, KJV

I pray that this counsel and list has been a blessing and a
help in your life.

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