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Published On : April 22, 1997

Last Updated : January 3, 2009

In Which Do You Put YOUR Faith?

Following is part of a conversation I had some time ago with
a friend on the InterNet regarding modern science & how
some, for one reason or another, have abandoned their Bibles
and God, and placed their faith instead in the doctrines &
theories of those who claim to be telling us the truth in
our modern day educational system. His remarks are marked
with '>' while my response to him follows. Perhaps you will
identify with some of what we are saying here:

> ...This carries on into all of my realms of thinking - I
> never EVER try to assume (being human, I occasionally
> slip), nor do I ever take anything as it is told to me
> unless I am sure the source is concrete enough to stand
> on. In my personal belief, the bible isn't sturdy enough.
> The mention of a deity is (not to mention miracles and the
> like), in my eyes, against many of the laws of matter and
> energy that so far have withstood the test of time and
> LOTS of potential debunking.

Well actually, I also tend to be a very analytical mental
type person, but I must admit that I am saddened that you
have made modern science your religion. People have to put
their faith in something. I've chosen to put mine in God and
the Bible...and whether you will admit it to yourself or
not, it does require a type of blind faith to believe many
of the theories accepted as fact today by scientists in the
different disciplines. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of
truth in the natural sciences which explain how things work,
like biology for example...but when they start spouting off
their theories like evolution (for which the missing links
have never been discovered), telling us the Earth is
millions & billions of years old, and other such things,
then that is where I have to draw the line.

The real purposes of some of these sciences (what the Bible
refers to as 'science falsely so called), is to totally
discredit God and the Bible. Sadly, many people have
swallowed these lies. I wonder if you personally have spent
as much time reading and studying the Bible as you have in
reading and accepting what you have been taught in school.
Why are folks so quick to accept without question what is
taught in our schools, yet they totally reject or have a
hard time accepting God's truth as written in the Bible?

You know, even if I had never read the Bible a single time,
just looking out across a beautiful landscape, or up at the
starry night sky, or at the wonders of ocean life, or human
life, or animal life, would be enough to convince me that
there is an intelligent Designer and Creator behind it all.
These things did not just happen by accident. They didn't
just come together on their own. The many intricate
biological systems, astromomical systems, the perfectly
balanced nature and harmony of all parts concerned had to be
guided into creation. Just look at that watch on your wrist.
It is a rather complicated piece of machinery, isn't it? It
didn't create itself. Look at that Mac on your table there.
It likewise had to be created by some intelligent being.
Your body, the Earth, the solar system, the galaxy, the
universe, all had a guiding intelligent force behind their

In my personal opinion, I feel it requires more faith to
believe the Big Bang & Evolution theories (which state that,
beginning billions of years ago, life started off with an
explosion & has slowly evolved into its current diversity of
forms), than it does to believe in the Bible. As a logical
thinking intelligent person which I believe you to be, you
must have considered at least one time, the tremendous odds
of things coming together & evolving in such a unique way.
In my opinion, to take God out of the picture is utter
madness and foolishness. It's for this very reason that in
the Bible it says: 'The fool hath said in his heart 'There
is no God!' The Bible also tells us that the carnal mind is
the enemy of God. This is because it rejects things it
cannot understand, or things which it fears. We cannot
possibly understand all of the things of God. In Isaiah 55
we are told that God's thoughts and ways are much higher
than our own. Simply put, we need to believe with our hearts
before we can understand with our minds. You need to listen
to that still small voice within your heart and not ignore

> Told you, I spoil lots & lots of movies this way - even
> good movies! Basically, I just live my life using the
> scientific method - test EVERYTHING, and if it doesn't
> hold up, toss it aside. I never EVER totally 100% say
> there is NO chance of anything (even Christianity), which
> means I'm an agnostic & not an atheist. Many atheists are
> as pig headed as the church goers I know...

Well, in my view, the problem here is that you have your
standards reversed. I agree with you that we must base our
lives upon some norm, some standard. What I am saying is, in
my case, the Bible is the standard by which I judge all
things...including science. If it challenges the Bible, then
I have problems with it...after all, God was here first way
before modern science. He made the universe, and He
certainly knows how it operates and how to keep it

In your case, you use modern scientific thought to judge all
things, including your view of the Bible. It is difficult
for me to understand how you can give the wisdom of man
more eminence than the inspired Word of God & the wisdom
of God.

So this causes me to ask you: Exactly what caused you to
change your standard from God & the Bible to science?
Considering your background, I imagine your family did all
in their power to teach you the way in which you should go
as a child. What turned you off to God? Surely you must have
believed at some time. Was there something you were taught
which you didn't understand, like or agree with, so you
decided to chuck it all out the window? When people reject
God after having known Him, or at least having gone to
church or read the Bible, it is usually for a strong reason.
What is yours? I am just trying to understand you here.

> This is not to say that I don't like Christians. There is
> good and bad to everything, I suppose. I just see it as a
> case of ignorance (please don't take offense, a lot of
> people don't really understand the meaning of ignorance
> it's not an insult) on the part of society, the same thing
> that the Greeks suffered from, as well as the Sumerians,
> Egyptians, Romans, etc. etc. Mythology to satisfy a human
> urge to explain that which he does not know, while
> neglecting the hard evidence.

Again, it saddens me that you consider God & Christianity
mythology based upon ignorance. Many believers would say the
same thing of you. But in your case, I don't think it is
ignorance. At one time, I believe when your heart was still
open, you accepted and believed the Word of God. I can only
wonder what changed that. We cannot use people's failures,
or Christianity's failure, or the churches' failure as a
valid excuse for rejecting God & the Bible altogether.

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