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Published On : April 23, 2007

Last Updated : January 3, 2009

South Pole Telescope, East West Or South?, Three Months Years
Or Decades To Arrive?, No May 27 Polar Shift, Damage Control,
Flimsy Pseudo-Scientific Explanations, Size Of Major Planets,
Gravitational Forces And Orbits, Inertia, Momentum, Planet X
Stranded On The Fringes?, Fake Nibiru Sky Charts, Elongated
Orbits, Nameless Planetary Scientists, Is Nibiru Here Or Not?
Did You See Two Suns High In The Sky?, Where Are The Photos?
Nibiru Is Not Wormwood, Armageddon And Deep Impact Strategies
Deceived By New Age Psycho-Babble, Letters To Seven Churches

But let's return now to the subject of Nibiru, or Planet X.
As further evidence of the existence of Planet X, Nibiru
believers also point to the South Pole Telescope, or "SPT",
which the U.S. Government has gone to great lengths to build
at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station in Antarctica. This
huge, specialized ten-meter optical telescope went online in
February of this year. "Why there?" some may ask. The answer
one will receive to this question depends on who you ask. In
typical conspiratorial fashion, Nibiru promoters point to the
fact that constructing the South Pole Telescope in a place so
inaccessible to the rest of the world offers less opportunity
for undesirables to discover what the US Government is doing
down there. They also add that due to the angle of its orbit
and approach to the Earth, the South Pole is the best place
for making observations of Nibiru, as the mysterious planet
arrives at our locale in Space.

So is there any truth to their so-called "evidence"? I hardly
think so. This assertion, like many of their other claims, is
nothing more than an assumption that's based on circumstantial
evidence and wishful thinking. These Planet X adherents have
made this association with the South Pole Telescope because,
in their eyes at least, it adds weight to their argument that
Nibiru is real. However, the truth is that there is no valid,
logical reason, or even physical proof, to connect the South
Pole Telescope with Nibiru. In short, they're simply grabbing
at straws in order to support their questionable theory. Does
this mean that they are completely wrong? As far as Nibiru is
concerned, I would say "yes"; yet at the same time, as many
of us already know, the governments of the world rarely state
all of the real reasons why they do certain things. They only
tell us what they want us to know.

So exactly what is the U.S. Government saying about the South
Pole Telescope? If you take the time to visit the South Pole
Telescope website that's hosted at the University of Chicago,
you will see that they clearly explain that one of the main
reasons why the South Pole was chosen as the location for the
SPT, is because of the pristine atmospheric conditions which
exist there. In other words, Antarctica offers an excellent
observational environment. In their own words, they state:

----- Begin Quote -----

To observe the CMB [Cosmic Microwave Background] light,
we need a very clear atmosphere, without much water vapor
which absorbs this light. This is the primary reason the
telescope is situated at the South Pole.

----- End Quote -----

Their explanation sounds quite logical to me. However, on the
other hand, to suggest that the site was chosen primarily to
secretly observe Nibiru's southerly approach to the Earth, is
quite far-stretched by comparison. The South Pole Telescope
web site offers quite a bit of additional technical data with
regards to the telescope's purpose and function. Following
are some simplified excerpts for the layman:

----- Begin Quote -----

. . . the telescope will give astronomers a powerful new
tool to explore dark energy, the mysterious force that may
be causing the universe to accelerate.

The South Pole Telescope (SPT) is being built to try to
answer big questions about the universe as a whole, rather
than questions about the stars, galaxies, or other objects
that make up the universe.

* How old is the Universe?

* What kinds of things are in the Universe?

* How has it changed as it aged?

* Can we understand or make "pictures" that describe how
the Universe as a whole works?

* Can we say anything about how the Universe will look
in the future?

. . . One of the first goals of the SPT is to try to confirm
the existence of the Dark Energy and find out something
about its properties.

----- End Quote -----

While these Nibiru promoters may not even realize it, their
insistence that the main purpose of the South Pole Telescope
is to observe Nibiru, has raised further doubts in my mind
regarding the many photographs, supposedly of Nibiru, which
we discussed in part two. Allow me to explain. Not being any
kind of an astronomer, planetary scientist, physicist, or
any other form of scientist, perhaps I just don't understand
all of the mechanics involved in the alleged orbit of Nibiru.

If, as they claim, Nibiru is approaching the Earth from a
more or less hidden position from the South Pole, how is it
then that since 2003, people have been taking photographs of
it, or at least what they claim are photos of Nibiru, as the
Sun rises or sets in the East or in the West? If Planet X is
behind the Sun in these images, doesn't that imply that it's
being seen over the eastern or western horizon, and not from
the south? How can this be then? If Nibiru is arriving from
the South Pole, then I would expect to have to look directly
south in order to see it, and not to the east or to the west.
It seems to me that there is a clear contradiction in what
these people are saying.

I am also having a difficult time understanding how Nibiru,
which supposedly returns every 3,600 years, has been hovering
around the outer fringes of our Solar System since the early
1900's; at least according to what Sitchin's followers claim.
Shouldn't it have arrived here by now? According to a writer
on the "Details Here" web site, this is exactly what Nibiru
supporters expected to happen. Once Planet X reached the area
where Pluto is located, they anticipated that it would reach
the Earth in a matter of three months. Consider the following
quote taken from that site:

----- Begin Quote -----

Seven years ago Planet X was at the midpoint in it's orbit,
between our sun and our sun's burned out twin. It is now
picking up great speed. After it passes Pluto's orbit it
will will only take another 90 days to reach its closest
distance to earth. You will be able to see Planet X in the
sky 7 weeks before the pole shift.

----- End Quote -----

As you can see, in addition to their 90-day prediction, the
person who wrote the above comment makes a few other claims
which leave even more room to doubt their words. Whether or
not we live in a binary star system is clearly an issue left
for another time. So let's concentrate on the latter claims;
that is, the polar shift and the seven-week viewing period.

According to Nibiru supporters, once Planet X arrived in our
area, the Earth was supposedly going to come to a standstill
for a period of three days; after which time a ninety degree
polar shift would occur, resulting in tremendous earthquakes,
widespread volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, and a great loss
of life. Nancy Leider, or should I say, the Zetas speaking
through her, specifically stated that this polar shift would
occur on May 27th, 2003. Of course, as we all know, contrary
to their claims, no one saw Nibiru arriving for seven weeks;
the Earth certainly didn't stop spinning for three days; the
predicted polar shift didn't occur, and we're all still here
safe and sound, living and surviving in this crazy world.

Nibiru supporters obviously had to implement damage control
as soon as possible. Some of the arguments and excuses which
they presented in order to try to explain away these failed
predictions are both questionable and scientifically flimsy.
For example, on the "Details Here" website that this person
brought to my attention, we find the following explanation
by one Pastor F. M. Riley, written in an email message:

----- Begin Quote -----

The reason Planet X has not already arrived is because of
it's own gigantic magnetic core. According to planetary
scientists, it's magnetic field causes it to slow down when
clashing with the magnetic fields of other heavenly bodies,
and then when free from their influence it speeds up. This
is similar to the same slingshot effect currently used by
NASA scientists when launching space probes deep into space.
They use the magnetic fields of various planets to give a
boost to the space probes. Anyway, planetary scientists are
still expecting Planet X to show up this year, and maybe
within the next few weeks.

----- End Quote -----

To add perspective to the above quote, according to a variety
of sources on the web, Planet X is approximately four or five
times larger than Planet Earth, with a density that's twenty-
three to one hundred times that of Earth. I don't understand
why there is such a discrepancy regarding Nibiru's density;
but then again, these Planet X promoters do seem to be rather
contradictory. At any rate, it means that the gravitational
field of Nibiru is considerably stronger than our own. While
at first that may appear to be a lot, in contrast, various
online sources state that the giant planet Jupiter is eleven
times the size of the Earth, with a crushing gravitational
field. Other online data reveals that Jupiter is 1.21 times
the size of Saturn, 2.78 times the size of Uranus, and 2.9
times the size of the planet Neptune.

Adding to our comparisons, Neptune is about 3.78 times the
size of the Earth, and Uranus is about 3.95 times the size
of the Earth. In short, if it really exists, Nibiru is, at
most, approximately twenty-five per cent larger than Uranus
and Neptune, but substantially smaller than Jupiter. So the
question is, if it is really out there, and given its size
and gravitational field, exactly how would it interact with
the outer four major planets; that is, with Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus and Neptune? Obviously, it would depend a lot on the
precise orbital path of Planet X, and how physically close
these celestial bodies came to each other.

As I said before, I am not a scientist by any means, so I
won't even attempt to answer this question in any qualified
manner. However, I'll offer my thoughts as a simple person
with a basic understanding of science, and the Bible. To my
knowledge, planets which are in a specific orbit simply do
not stop and start again as a result of other gravitational
forces. God put all things in the Universe in motion at the
beginning of time, and they remain in motion. I'm convinced
from my studies of the Bible, that it's the Will of God that
holds the Universe together, and that maintains everything
in its proper place and orbit.

Yes, I can accept that the gravitational fields of heavenly
bodies can and do affect each other to varying degrees, and
more so if they are close neighbors which have tight orbits
that may intersect with each other. Sir Isaac Newton's first
law of physics regarding inertia states that an object will
tend to keep moving at a certain speed and direction, unless
some outside force acts upon it and changes it. You'll recall
how earlier, I mentioned that scientists believe that it may
have been Neptune's gravitational field interacting with some
of the KBO's, which resulted in many of them being scattered
into the region known as the Scattered Disc beyond the Kuiper

Nibiru believers seem to be trying to base their ideas upon
this principle. However, in my view, their position is both
faulty and short-sighted, because they have failed to take
into consideration another key factor; that is, momentum. We
learn in Physics that momentum is the product of an object's
mass, as well as its velocity. The greater the velocity and
mass of an object are, the greater the momentum will also be.

Heavenly bodies which have been in a continual orbit for at
least millennia, or longer, have obviously attained a very
high degree of momentum. While the gravitational fields of
planets may affect each other to some degree, as I've already
stated, I have never heard of any planet coming to a complete
standstill in rotation, or revolution, as a result of these
principles of physics. While I could be wrong, in the case of
the orbit of individual planets, it seems to me that momentum
has minimized the effects of gravitational forces from other
planets, to the degree that a planet simply cannot stop and
start again in its orbit, as these Nibiru promoters propose.
A planet will always remain in motion.

It is for reasons such as these, that I remain unconvinced
that any inbound planet, such as Nibiru, can somehow remain
stranded on the fringes of our Solar System since the early
1900's, as Planet X adherents foolishly propose. It's simply
nonsense, and they undoubtedly know it, or at least I hope

While this may seem like a simplified example, if we can send
a small probe into space, and that craft can reach the outer
fringes of our Solar System within a matter of a few decades,
or less, (such as the Voyager crafts of the 1970's), in spite
of the many dangers it may face, such as gravitational forces,
meteors, asteroids, mechanical failure, etc., it seems to me
that a planet with such mass, density, momentum, inertia and
velocity, such as Nibiru, could have easily made it through
the very same spacial gauntlet, into the inner regions of our
Solar System by now, if it really was where they said it was
in the 1900's. Do you see my point?

Comets provide a similar example. Once an inbound comet has
been discovered in the outer regions of our Solar System, it
does not take it decades, and much less a century, to reach
the neighborhood of our Planet Earth. Yet, as I said, Nibiru
supporters are asking us to believe that Planet X just can't
seem to make it in due to the gravitational forces slowing it
down. How much more momentum must Nibiru have than a comet,
or a space probe, and yet it is stranded in deep space just
waiting for its opportunity to make its grandiose appearance?

As we have already seen, followers of Zecharia Sitchin tell
us that Nibiru's long disappearances from our skies of 3,600
years, are due to its greatly elongated orbital path, and an
oddly-angled entry into our Solar System. If that is truly
the case, then I must wonder what the actual trajectory of
this space nomad might be. Can they show us a graph which
pinpoints exactly when and where it will pass through our
Solar System? Can they also show us the precise objects in
Space which are hindering its arrival due to their obviously
over-powering gravitational force? I believe that these are
fair questions to ask; don't you? After all, the scientific
method is supposed to be about acquiring the truth; right?

Well, it may interest you to know that back during 2002 and
early 2003, a few individuals were bold enough to actually
produce such sky charts, which allegedly plotted Planet X's
journey through the constellations, as it made its way to
Planet Earth. These charts were obviously the products of
someone's vivid imagination, because as it is now apparent,
Nibiru never made a show in May of 2003. Oops . . . did the
deceitful Zetas give false information again? Please notice
that the issue I am challenging is not whether or not long
orbital cycles are real. As we saw in part one, astronomers
believe that Comet 2000 CR/105 has a cycle of 3,300 years.
The difference is that they have actually seen 2000 CR/105,
and can prove its existence. This is not the case with the
ever-elusive Nibiru which seems to like to play peek-a-boo
with humanity.

Going back to the quote I shared earlier regarding why the
Mystery Planet hasn't made its appearance yet, it seems to
me that it is nothing more than a pseudo-scientific endeavor
to muddle the glaringly obvious fact that these people were
just plain wrong. Not only did Nibiru not appear on May 15,
2003, as they had all predicted; but neither has it made an
appearance since then. Their pseudo-scientific attempt to
explain away Planet X's no-show may seem convincing on the
surface to their gullible, naive followers, but deeper
examination reveals its flaws.

What also bothers me about that quote, is the fact that the
author of the comment doesn't even bother to inform us who
these planetary scientists are, or exactly what they had to
say. Doing so would have certainly given the comment a lot
more validity; plus it would have given each of us a chance
to do some research of our own. We aren't given any factual
details with which to work. So we must ask ourselves: Was
the omission of the names of the planetary scientists meant
to protect them from ridicule; or is it possible that the
author of the comment felt that a more noncommittal, generic
comment was a safer route to take? Is it even possible that
there really weren't any comments from planetary scientists?
We have no way of knowing.

All I can say is, if any planetary scientists actually made
this prediction regarding Nibiru's imminent arrival a few
years ago, I seriously doubt that they still have their jobs
now; because they've discredited themselves, and done some
rather sloppy work, which is not a hallmark of real-quality,
bona fide, scientific inquiry.

We've now seen how Nancy Leider of ZetaTalk, and Pastor F. M.
Riley, have dismissed Nibiru's failure to appear on May 15th
of 2003 in different ways. We have also seen how the Planet X
supporters are now suggesting that the construction of the
South Pole Telescope is additional proof that Nibiru is still
on its way. But wait just a minute! Didn't you people tell us
a few years ago that Nibiru was already here? If it's already
here, how can it still be on its way then? If you, my readers,
don't understand what I am talking about, and if you want to
really see how contradictory and confusing these Nibiru folks
can be, consider the following.

While making a cursory review of the ZetaTalk web site as I
researched for this series, I found a page entitled "Pole
Shift in 2003 Date". At the very bottom of this page, in the
final line, I discovered this defiant-sounding statement:

----- Begin Quote -----

"A review of 2003 shows that whereas the Passage did not
happen in 2003, Planet X certainly arrived in 2003!"

----- End Quote -----

Now, I don't know about you, but when somebody announces to
me that someone or something has arrived, to me, that means
that they, or it, is here and now. It is a rather definitive
statement. There is no guessing about it. So I see no other
way to interpret the above statement than to mean that the
Mystery Planet X arrived in May of 2003. So again I ask: If
that is the case, why are they now saying that scientists
have set up the South Pole Telescope in anticipation of the
arrival of the ever-evasive Nibiru? Confusing, isn't it?

I clicked on the "review of 2003" link included in the above
quote, in order to see exactly what kind of proof they were
offering that Nibiru had indeed arrived. At the top of the
page, there was a comment which stated in part "Second Sun
visible worldwide, rising and setting independently from the
Sun"; and then a long list of events filled the page, which
was obviously meant to convince the viewer that, in Nancy's
words, there is "a magnetic interloper in the solar system."
A lot of the events listed on the page can be explained by
causes other than a mysterious Planet X entering our Solar
System. I did find the astronomical events listed rather
interesting; but again, there was no detailed information
or links to back up the stated claims, so they're worthless.

At the top of the page, next to the comment about a second
Sun being seen around the world, there was an image which is
supposed to support that claim. As you can see by the copy
shown below, if you're reading this article on the graphical
version of our website, the idea is to convey the impression
that there are two Suns in the sky; but is that really what
we are seeing here? I think not.

Click Here To See Image

I propose that what we are really seeing in this photograph,
is kind of an optical illusion created by the cloud masses
which are cutting into what is the glow of a single Sun. The
top cloud mass is cutting into the glow from above, creating
the impression that there are actually two distinct glowing
bodies. The elongated cloud mass on the bottom is cutting
right across the glow, and the real Sun, blocking out the
lower right half of the horizon. Being as this lower cloud
mass is thin on the left side, it is easy to see the real
partially-obscured Sun, and its glow, both above and below
the cloud. I suspect that if these two cloud masses were not
there, we would discover that, in reality, this is just one
continuous glow from a single Sun.

There is another hint which strongly suggests that there are
not really two orbs in the sky. Compare the glowing areas. It
is easy to determine by the intensity of the glow on the left
side, that this is the actual location of the concealed Sun.
The right side of the glow is clearly more opaque, and does
not give the impression, (at least not to me), that it has a
real source of light behind it, or below it. Similar to the
images I shared in part two, I suspect that the glow on the
right is merely an extension of the glow on the left; and if
not that, then perhaps some kind of distortion or projection
resulting from water vapor and/or pollution in the Earth's
atmosphere. As I mentioned before, we need to remember that
when we are viewing a sunrise, or a sunset, we are looking
through the thickest part of the atmosphere; and water vapor
and contaminants can do strange things with light rays.

Now, let's be honest here. If there were really two Suns in
the sky, don't you think it would be on every single radio
and television station, and in every newspaper and magazine
around the world? It would make the headlines like nothing
ever has before. No matter how powerful, or how manipulative
some of the world's governments may be, there is no possible
way that they could conceal such an event, because everyone
in the world would see it, and not just these Nibiru people.

That brings us to another point. On the sites that I visited,
most of the supposed images of Nibiru show Planet X near the
Sun at sunrise and sunset. Even Nancy Leider claimed "Second
Sun visible worldwide, rising and setting independently from
the Sun". Now, using a little common sense, this implies that
Planet X must have an orbit which closely follows the orbit
of the Sun. There is no other way to explain how the alleged
Nibiru can appear in both the morning and the evening shots.
This also implies that if these two bodies have very similar
orbits, then we should not only be able to view Planet X at
sunrise and sunset, it should also be visible throughout the
day; even as it rises high in the sky, in the vicinity of
the Sun. Did you happen to observe this? Please let me know
if you have; and please email me some clear photos to prove
your claim. Photoshop touch-ups are excluded. Sorry! :)

Seriously; where are the late morning or afternoon images of
two bright orbs high in the sky? Nibiru adherents argue that
Planet X's albedo, (the degree at which a body reflects the
light of the Sun), as well as its proximity to the Sun, make
it difficult to see. However, it seems to me that there must
surely be some locations in all the world, where photographs
can be taken from just the right angle, which clearly show
two distinct Suns high in the sky; and yet, I wasn't able to
find even one of them.

Along the same lines, why are there no photographs of these
alleged two Suns in a cloudless sky? Why are the images hazy,
cloudy, or taken either at sunrise or at sunset? The answer
seems quite obvious to me. It is only under these conditions,
when a lot of water vapor is present in the atmosphere, or
when we are looking horizontally through the pollutants that
are present in the atmosphere, that these distortion effects
occur. As I mentioned earlier, such effects can also be the
result of camera flares, photographic equipment anomalies,
or in some cases, intentional photographic trickery.

Returning to the person who wrote to me, as I pointed out in
part one, it seems from their correspondence to me, as well
as from their posts on our Endtime Prophecy Net Messageboard,
that they have erroneously become convinced that the alleged
Nibiru may be the prophetic Wormwood spoken of in the Book
of Revelation. As I already mentioned, I offer my own views
regarding Wormwood in my article "Comet Hale-Bopp, Chernobyl
and the DeathStar Wormwood". I encourage you to read it if
you haven't already done so. You may find it interesting.

Personally, based upon the information that is found on the
web regarding the alleged nature of Nibiru, i.e., its size,
mass, density, etc., I don't see how it could possibly be
Wormwood, even if Nibiru really does exist. Revelation tells
us clearly that Wormwood ". . . fell upon the third part of
the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters . . . and the
third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died
of the waters, because they were made bitter".

Now please stop and think about this for a moment. Planet X
supporters tell us that Planet X is four or five times the
size of the Earth. That being the case, if it were truly on
a straight course with the Earth, given its tremendous size,
it would not fall into anything; that would be physically
impossible. If it were a head-on collision, it would in fact
totally obliterate the Earth. If it were a side-swipe, then
it would at least partially destroy the Earth, and I would
think, knock it out of orbit. In any of these scenarios, it
would not just poison a third of the Earth's rivers, seas,
oceans, etc., as the Book of Revelation appears to describe.

In an attempt to be a little open-minded about this Nibiru
issue, I'll offer two remote possibilities which might make
a little sense. First, assuming that Planet X is real, (and
this is just an assumption for the sake of argument), let us
suppose that scientists discover that they've erred in their
initial calculations, and to their horror, they realize that,
in reality, this deep space intruder isn't going to pass us
by at some x number of millions of miles, but rather, it is
on a direct collision course with the Earth. What might the
governments of the world decide to do in such a case?

As I said, this is just a wild speculation, in order to show
Nibiru supporters that I'm trying to be open-minded here; so
please take my comments with a grain of salt. What comes to
my mind is scenarios similar to what we see in popular movies
such as "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon". In other words, in
order to try to lessen the damage to the Earth, and assuming
that there is even enough time to take evasive action, the
world's governments decide to try to break up the incoming
invader by using nuclear devices, or some other mechanism.
In such a theoretical scenario, there exists the possibility
that some of the debris from the destroyed planet, (meaning
Nibiru), would still fall to the Earth. This might possibly
result in a scenario similar to what is described in the
Book of Revelation concerning Wormwood.

Please understand, however, that I do not believe this for
a minute. Movies are just that . . . movies. They are meant
to entertain us and serve as temporary mechanisms of escape.
More often than not, their level of real science is shallow
at best. If the fabled Twelfth Planet is really four or five
times the size of the Earth, I seriously doubt that nuclear
weapons, space lasers or any other technology, would be able
to deter it, or even inflict any serious damage upon it.

The second possibility, again assuming that Nibiru is real,
is that, (as some Planet X promoters have been saying), this
massive planet is not going to strike the Earth, but rather,
will pass "close" by us at x millions of miles. In this case,
Nibiru supporters suggest that some of the space debris that
is currently being dragged along by Planet X's gravitational
field, will be cast down to the Earth. Such a scenario might
also fit into the events concerning Wormwood, as described
in the Book of Revelation.

As I already stated, these two possibilities are based upon
the actual existence of Nibiru; and to date, I have not seen
any overwhelming evidence to support this claim whatsoever.
All I've seen are a lot of questionable photographs, failed
predictions, contradictory statements, and pseudo-scientific
explanations to persuade the naive and gullible masses.

As I pointed out in part two, unless one has a background in
the study of the Scriptures, it is very easy to become drawn
into some of this New Age psycho-babble. It's easy to become
enticed by it, awed by it, and even deceived by it. I know
this for a fact, because it almost happened to me about ten
years ago when I first started looking into all of this New
Age stuff. The danger is that if we are not careful, we can
reach a point where, instead of understanding the Scriptures
with the help of God's Holy Spirit, we begin to view God's
Word from a New Age perspective, and we try to force God's
Word to fit into our New Age perspective.

This appears to be exactly what is happening with the person
who wrote to me. They've become so convinced that Nibiru is
real, that now they are trying to insert its existence into
other parts of the Bible as well. In their last message on
our Endtime Prophecy Net Messageboard, they now claim that
in the opening chapters of the Book of Revelation, where we
find the letters to the Seven Churches which the Angel tells
John are in Asia, (i.e., in Asia Minor), the seven Spirits,
churches and candlesticks are all related to the seven times
that Nibiru has, or will, visit the Earth.

This person's assertion is totally baseless. The Scriptures
make it rather clear that these were literal congregations
which existed during John's time in the area then known as
Asia, or Asia Minor. Today, it is a part of Turkey. St. John
wrote these letters of admonition and encouragement to these
churches, as directed by God. They have absolutely nothing
to do with Nibiru. The only way that this person can arrive
at such erroneous conclusions, is by ignoring what is plainly
written in the Scriptures, and by taking out of context what
is written in these particular verses.

I wish this was the end of it, but it is not. As we conclude
this series in part four, we will examine some other New Age
views embraced by the person in question. I'll also be making
some final comparisons between what Sitchin and his followers
believe, and what God's Word teaches us. I trust that you
will join me.

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