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Published On : October 9, 1998

Last Updated : January 3, 2009

Russian Electoral Surprise, Dedicated Soldier, Outspoken And
Unorthodox Approach, The Yeltsin Rescue, A Russian Patriot,
A Man of Principles, Moldova And War In Chechnya, No Russian
Retreat, His Failed Presidential Bid, Wants A Reduced But
Stronger Military, Western Concerns - No Arms Reductions,
Anti-Democratic, Communist Associations, Reduced Russian
Parliament, Presidential Accountability, Peace With Moscow,
Prime Minister Kiriyenko, A Lebed-Zyuganov 1998 Face-Off?

In May of 1998, against all odds, retired Lieutenant General
Alexander Ivanovich Lebed, Russian President Boris Yeltsin's
former National Security Adviser, was elected as the new
Governor of a large working class area of Siberia. What is
so amazing about this electoral victory is that Lebed was a
complete outsider in the gubernatorial race, and was not
even permitted to vote. In actuality, the recent election
was a two-pronged victory for Lebed. Not only has he secured
the governorship of the region, but he has also now managed
to strategically position himself for the upcoming Russian
presidential election in the year 2,000; a personal ambition
which he has done nothing to hide. So popular is this man
with the ethnic Russians, that even though he was earlier
sacked by President Yeltsin and the Moscow bureaucracy, many
of the common people have already marked Lebed as their man
for the year 2,000 presidential election.

As an obedient career soldier for two decades of his life,
Alexander Lebed was a political unknown prior to the early
1990's. This makes his quick rise to his current position of
power and popularity all the more amazing. Exactly what has
contributed to Lebed's success? For one thing, he is an
extremely bold, yet sincere, honest and dedicated man in
both word and action. Outspoken at times, the Russian people
respect his no-nonsense approach to politics, and his ability
to get things done, even in the face of odds. A brief look
at some of the past events in his life, as well as various
remarks he has made will clearly show how and why he has
endeared himself to the Russian common people. For example,
after receiving severe wounds to both of his legs during the
Afghanistan War of the early 1980's, Lebed began to acquire
a new perspective concerning the powerful elite which rules
from Moscow. In his autobiography entitled 'I Pity The Great
Power', he candidly wrote in part:

----- Begin Quote -----

"For politically unreasonable and unacceptable decisions,
soldiers always paid with their lives, their bones and their
blood...Those who start wars know in advance that neither
they nor any of their children will ever participate in
them. No, they stir up the flames of war for us, the

----- End Of Quote -----

Perhaps the most singular event which catapulted Lebed into
the limelight of Russian politics, was his involvement in
the Communist coup of 1991. Like a bold knight out of some
ancient tale of chivalry, Alexander Lebed led a group of
tanks through the streets of Moscow right up to the Russian
White House. It was this undaunted show of force which
prevented the overthrow of the Yeltsin government; an act
which Yeltsin later rewarded by naming Lebed the Secretary
of the Security Council. However, it is interesting to note
that Lebed later claimed that he had remained neutral during
the conflict, and was simply obeying orders; and that had he
been directed to take the White House, he would have done
so. It should come as no surprise then, that in 1994, his
fellow army officers named Lebed the most admired General of
the Russian Army. While Lebed has obviously bathed in the
light of his comrades, he has also not hid his desire to
reform the military. Several years ago he formed a group for
this very purpose, which he patriotically named ' Honor and

One point which has been in Lebed's favor all along, is the
fact that, just as in the Siberian election, the ethnic
Russians view him as an outsider to Kremlin politics, and
thus they do not hold him responsible for the unpopular
mandates coming out of Moscow; laws which make life for the
average Russian rather unbearable. Ever since his rise to
political stardom began, Lebed has shown time and time again
that he is his own man; and that he is not afraid to defy
even the Russian President. Several years ago during the
military confrontation in Moldova, Lebed made it clear that
his patriotic duty to his own people, that is, the ethnic
Russians, is his top priority. While Lebed was in favor of
the Russian army's active role there, he is such a man of
principles, that even after rising to popularity with the
Russians in Moldova, he eventually fell from grace after
throwing charges of corruption at Igor Smirnov, the
president of the pro-Russian Dniester Moldovan Republic.
When questioned in a press conference, Lebed simply said
that he was 'sick and tired of guarding the sleep and safety
of crooks.'

Lebed's outspoken and unorthodox manner also became quite
evident during the war in Chechnya. He was diametrically
opposed to miltiary intervention there; and in the early
part of the campaign, it is claimed that he sarcastically
offered to lead a regiment into battle if it would be made
up of the children and grandchildren of 'our glorious
government and members of the parliament.' In a later remark
concerning the Chechnyan conflict, Lebed made a profound
statement which may be a foreshadow of what the Western
world may have to look forward to, should this man ascend to
the Russian presidencey in the year 2,000. Lebed said in

----- Begin Quote -----

"...doubts can exist only before the beginning of a war...
We are fighting not so much for a specific territory but for
Russia's national dignity. Russia must announce to the world
that it will never again retreat."

----- End Of Quote -----

By the middle of 1995, Lebed had become so popular within
Russian political circles, that he resigned his position as
the commander of the fourteenth Russian Army in Moldova, and
entered the 1996 presidential race. Following his failure to
achieve his goal at that time, Lebed took some time off to
re-evaluate the situation. The gamble he took in Siberia has
obviously paid off, and as a new Governor, Lebed has sought
to further strengthen his popularity with the common people
by saying that he intends to reduce regional taxes. Of
course, while this may have been just a political ploy to
help him win the election, if he holds to his promise, not
only will it put the pinch on the purse in Moscow, but it
will also give him the strong voter support he needs for the
year 2,000 election.

As we have already seen, Alexander Lebed is a man of
surprises. Whether this is due to political genius, or a
wavering in his own personal political philosophy is hard to
say. For example, upon reflecting on the success of Chilean
General Augusto Pinochet, Lebed remarked that 'preserving
the army is the basis for preserving the government'. He
went on to add that it was because General Pinochet had
given priority to 'putting the army in first place', that he
was able to revitalize his country. However, at a later
date, just prior to the 1996 presidential race, Lebed seemed
to totally contradict himself when he drew a lot of attention
by stating that if he won his bid for the presidency, he
would greatly reduce the size of Russian military forces. He
argued that smaller forces would be much more effective, as
well as less expensive to maintain. Perhaps it was this
remark which cost him the 1996 election.

While Alexander Lebed has been well accepted by the ethnic
Russians, he has also made a variety of statements which
indicate that, if elected to the Russian presidency in the
year 2,000, he may prove to be a thorn in the flesh for the
Western world. For example, Lebed once wrote an article in
which he voiced strong opposition to arms reductions. He
warned that if such practices were continued, within a
matter of a few years, Russia might find itself facing a
serious military threat to which it might not be able to
properly respond. Whether he was implying China or the
United States of America, or possibly even both, is a bit
difficult to determine. As I have stated before, let us not
forget that even though the Cold War has ended, the fact of
the matter is that the nuclear missles which were aimed at
American targets for several decades, still exist. While the
controlled mass media may not remind us of these things on a
regular basis, many conservative-minded Americans know this
to be true. If an anti-American despot were to rise to power
in Russia, this current period of 'plastic peace' could end
rather abruptly.

Alexander Lebed's views on democracy are equally alarming to
Westerners. To highlight the weaknesses of the democratic
system, and to show why such an ideology can only be harmful
to the Russian motherland, Lebed points to the political
confusion which has already taken root in his country due to
the various political factions which currently exist there.
Lebed argues that this political diversity 'has so clouded
the brains of the average citizen', that Russian addiction
to vodka pales by comparison. He further states that the
situation is now so 'out of control', that it is extremely
difficult to achieve social consensus on any given economic
or political issue. In short, the people are already so
divided ideologically speaking, that it has become next to
impossible to move forward in any given direction. What I
find particularly interesting regarding Lebed's remarks, is
that in the 'Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion', the
democratic vote is one of the very methods mentioned for
weakening a country's political structure. I also discuss
this in my series 'The International Jew And The Protocols
Of Zion'.

In light of Lebed's unsympathetic views towards democracy,
his association with hard-line Communists becomes even more
magnified. Almost eight years ago, following his nomination
by the Communist Initiative Movement, Lebed joined the
Central Committee of the Communist Party in September of
1990. This was followed several years later by his failed
attempt to form an alliance with Gennady Zyuganov, the
current leader of the Communist Party which controls the
Duma, that is, the lower house of the Russian Parliament. If
Lebed is successfully elected to the Russian presidency in
the year 2,000, based upon his past remarks, the Russian
Parliament may face some tough times ahead. The reason for
this is that Lebed maintains that Russia does not need an
elected Parliament. Lebed's vision is for a 'small, highly
professional Duma that would be named by the president.' In
my view, this sounds too much like a complete dictatorship.
To add a degree of balance to this statement, Lebed has also
suggested that in order to keep the Russian president in
check, he should agree to submit to a yearly referendum. If
he fails to garner enough votes, it is Lebed's view that the
President should willingly resign from his position.

In light of Alexander Lebed's glaring political success in
Siberia, the government in Moscow has had no choice now but
to acknowledge that he is now officially a serious contender
for the year 2,000 presidential election; thus, it appears
that Boris Yeltsin has begun making peace overtures with the
outspoken young general who once saved his political career.
Exactly how has Lebed reacted to this possible thawing of
relations with the old guard at the Kremlin? Considering his
forthright manner, it is not surprising that he would say,
'What else can they do? Success is coming. Wise people start
thinking how to build relationships, not about fussing and
fighting.' While Lebed may appear to be overly confident,
his confidence is well-founded, because the Russian people
are clearly behind him. It is apparent that Boris Yeltsin
sees the proverbial handwriting on the wall; and so do
Lebed's hard-line Communist adversaries.

While I am by no means a political analyst, as I have stated
on previous occasions, my personal impression is that Sergei
Kiriyenko, the current Prime Minister hand-picked by Boris
Yeltsin himself, doesn't stand a chance in the coming year
2,000 presidential election. Not only did Yeltsin have to
resort to rough politics in order to force Parliament to
finally elect him into office, but Kiriyenko simply does not
impress me as being strong enough to thwart the political
advances of either an extremely popular Alexander Lebed, or
the agreesive moves of Gennady Zyuganov and the Communist
hard-liners. In my view, Boris Yeltsin would be wise to
switch horses before the race proceeds in earnest. Based
upon past comments by Lebed, I suspect that he and Gennady
Zyuganov may have a face-off in the year 2,000 presidential
race; but this is only speculation on my part. A lot of
things could still happen between now and then. If Lebed
doesn't deliver the goods in his current post as Governor,
he could very easily fall from grace with the Russian people
who put him into office.

In the past, in his attempt to show himself as a bird of
another color, Alexander Lebed has characterized Gennady
Zyuganov and his fellow Communist comrades as the 'younger,
unsuccessful but voracious brothers of the current
authorities'. In Lebed's view, the Communist leaders have
alienated themselves from true Communist ideology of the
pre-1989 years; and are currently only interested in gaining
additional power in the Kremlin. Of course, if we consider
everything I have presented in this article, it can easily
be seen that this may only be political rhetoric on the part
of an equally ambitious Alexander Lebed. In the game of cat
and mouse known as politics, one can never be sure of the
real game plan of each of the players until all turns have
been taken, and the winner has been declared. In this case,
the game has only begun; and it will be some time until we
know with any degree of certainty who will make it to the
final round, and who will fall out earlier. If he continues
to play his cards right, Alexander Lebed just might be the
first one to the finish line in the year 2,000.

NOTE 10/9/98:

For an updated commentary on my views concerning on-going
political developments in Russia, please refer to the
article 'Communism: Is The Dead Beast Really Dead?'. As
noted there, for the second time this year, Boris Yeltsin
did in fact disband the government led by Sergei Kiriyenko,
only four months after Kiriyenko took office, exactly as I felt
that he should! It is quite possible that we may be about to
witness a political event which may shock the world! I pray
that this current article has been informative, and a
blessing in your life.

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