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Published On : January 4, 2007

Last Updated : January 4, 2007

Execution Of Saddam Hussein, Theories Why Bush Attacked Iraq
Coming New World Order, An International Financial Crisis?
U.S. Dollar Is Fiat Money, Gold And Bretton Woods Agreements
The American - Saudi Arabia Deal, 9-11 And The Saudis Excused
Who Would Be The Losers?, Oil - Dollar Connection, Euro Rises
al-Qaeda's Goal, Iranian Oil Bourse, America Crushed By Euro
European SuperState, Beast Ten Horns, Euro-American Trade War
Kyoto Protocol, Prof Krassimir Petrov, America Demonizes Iran
WMD Wild Card, Fear & Paranoia Tactics, America Attacks Iraq
Gutless United Nations, Bush & America's Belligerent Attitude
George W. Bush Out Of Control, Will America Attack Iran Next?

Allow me to begin this article by sharing a profound truth
which you will hopefully begin to realize yourself, (if you
haven't already done so), by the time that you have finished
reading this commentary. Things are never what they seem;
especially when it comes to the machinations of the American
Government. Some of the things that I have discovered while
conducting research for this article, have left me awed and
dismayed. They have also left me feeling a bit angry; angry
at a manipulative government which has insulted both my and
your intelligence, by feeding us lies, because it obviously
feels that we are not worthy of the truth. It has not done
this one time, but many times, for many years. It is a
chronic condition.

As I pen these lines, it was only five days ago that former
Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, met his death in a hastily
arranged execution, by hanging, for horrible crimes against
his own people. While we could delve into the moral issues
related to this historic event, i.e., the morality of capital
punishment, and the questionable decisions which resulted in
his unexpected, sudden demise, that is not the main focus of
this article; thus, I will forego discussing it for now. At
the current time, the sovereign nation of Iraq finds itself
embroiled in a violent, extremely bloody, brutal conflict,
which many people, myself included, believe has deteriorated
into a full-scale civil war between the Shi'ite and Sunni
Muslims of that nation. This development is a tragic result
of the unfounded, illegal, poorly-conceived invasion and
war, planned and executed by President George W. Bush, and
his American co-conspirators.

For more than three years now, similar to other researchers
and writers, I have been offering my personal views on our
Christian mailing list, as well as in my articles, regarding
why the decision was made to attack and invade Iraq. Some of
my views can be found in my four-part series "The Capture Of
Saddam Hussein And The New Babylon". Some of you are already
familiar with some, most or perhaps all of the theories that
have been put forth by myself, and others. For those of you
who aren't familiar with them, allow me to list some of the
more popular positions which have been discussed to varying

1. George W. Bush wanted to remove Saddam Hussein's capacity
to further produce WMD, (Weapons of Mass Destruction), and
to destroy those which the Bush Administration alleged were
already in existence; thus, in Bush's words, preventing a
"nuclear mushroom" from ever occurring over America.

2. George W. Bush believed that Saddam Hussein had ties to,
and may have been secretly working with al-Qaeda terrorists;
thus, attacking Iraq was an extension of the so-called "war
against terrorism", which had begun in Afghanistan.

3. George W. Bush wanted to secure control of the Iraqi oil
fields which are vital to the American economy, and America's
supremacy as a superpower in the world.

4. George W. Bush wanted to avenge the threat that Saddam
Hussein had made against his father, George H. W. Bush, and
to finish the job that his father had begun during the Gulf
War of the early 1990's.

5. George W. Bush wanted to contain Saddam Hussein, as had
been done during the Gulf War, and prevent him from upsetting
the status quo which has existed in the Middle East.

6. George W. Bush wanted to establish an American military
presence in Iraq for a variety of reasons which would all be
advantageous to the United States; such as:

a. to exert pressure on Iran and keep it under control.
b. to exert more pressure on Russia and China.
c. to establish another listening post close to Russia.
d. to protect oil interests in the Gulf Cooperation Council
e. to better protect Israel.

7. George W. Bush wanted to free the Iraqis from Saddam
Hussein's cruel grip, and to establish an Arab democracy
the Middle East, which would serve as an example to other
Arab nations, and hopefully, bring about positive social
changes in those nations as well.

With the exception of the WMD argument, which has now been
proven to be false in many people's minds, I think that most
of the aforementioned theories have merit to some degree or
another; but I don't think it would be wise to try to assign
a specific value to each of the arguments. As one wise man
once said, "A man convinced against his will, is of the same
opinion still". Perhaps what we need to ask ourselves, is if
these are truly all of the possible reasons why George Bush
and his staff made the decision to invade and attack Iraq. As
a result of our own preconceived ideas, is it possible that
we might be overlooking something? Speaking for myself, I can
now say, to my own dismay, that I did in fact miss something.
The reason why I overlooked it, is because I was not aware of
certain facts, which have now been brought to my attention.

Having said that, allow me to share with you exactly how I
arrived at this new understanding regarding the war in Iraq,
the Iranian threat, and related issues. I believe that you
will find it rather interesting.

For quite some time now, many months in fact, I've been busy,
quietly working on a much-expanded, updated version of my old
article "Nature Of The Alien". It is far from finished, but I
can tell you that it is turning into a very informative and
in-depth series, which you'll find to be a major improvement
over the original version written about ten years ago. One of
the topics which I discuss in the new and improved "Nature Of
The Alien" series, is the coming "New World Order", (or "One
World Government", if you prefer), and the possible events
which may spawn and herald its arrival. To many of you, this
topic is nothing new; and it is something which I amply talk
about in a number of my other articles.

One idea which I, and many other writers have considered, is
that the coming "New World Order" may be precipitated by an
international crisis. One kind of crisis which has a lot of
potential for creating the necessary conditions to usher in
a New World Order, is a worldwide financial meltdown. It is
a well-known fact, at least with those who study such topics,
that a number of national and international financial crashes
have been barely averted over the years, as a result of the
implementation of certain stop-gap measures. While some of
you may not be aware of it, the financial state of the world
today is like a house built upon stilts. One of these days,
a great flood is going to arrive, which that house simply
will not be able to withstand, no matter how many stilts, or
stop-gap measures, are used to try to prop it up.

Part of the problem, is that currently, and for a long time
now, the full weight of the international financial system
has been standing upon one stilt; and that stilt is already
weakening, and is in danger of collapsing, as many financial
experts already know. I am referring to the American dollar.
For over three decades now, as a result of crafty financial
manipulation by the U.S. Government, the countries of the
world have been pressured into purchasing their much-needed
oil reserves in U.S. dollars. This, of course, is extremely
advantageous to America, as it props up, or inflates, the
value of the American dollar, even though, in reality, the
dollar is just about worthless now as a currency.

As I have explained before, the American dollar is what is
referred to as "fiat money". It has no real value other than
the faith that people place in it, and in the word of their
government; because there aren't any actual silver or gold
reserves to back it up. It is only worth something because
the U.S. Government has declared it, or decreed it, (a fiat),
legal tender. Unlike decades ago, you cannot go down to your
local bank and demand a pile of gold for your stack of money.
They'll look at you oddly; believe me.

This development came about as a result of conditions which
existed following the 1930 Great Depression. With so much
money in circulation, the U.S. Government couldn't possibly
back it all with actual gold reserves; it was non-existent.
So, in 1932, U.S. President Roosevelt took the dollar off of
the gold standard, at least as far as the national economy
was concerned. However, the governments of foreign countries
could still have their dollars converted back into gold by
the US Government, if they so demanded it. This arrangement
was a result of the Bretton Woods Agreements, which were
agreed upon and signed by forty-four Allied nations at the
United Nations Monetary And Financial Conference, which was
held at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944. Known as the
Bretton Woods System, it helped to establish the dollar as
the currency reserve of the world, and gave it tremendous
purchasing power. What also occurred at that time, was the
creation of the World Bank, and the International Monetary
Fund, which just so happen to be U.S. controlled.

However, in less than thirty years, the American economy had
reached a critical stage, as the American Government was no
longer able to convert U.S. dollars back into actual gold
for the foreign nations that demanded it. In other words, it
defaulted on its payments, and was essentially bankrupt. As
a result, the Bretton Woods System collapsed. Maybe the US
economy itself would have collapsed as well, except for one
thing. In 1972-1973, during the Nixon Administration, the
U.S. Government took a decisive step which would ensure that
the U.S. dollar would remain the world's currency reserve;
even though foreign nations realized that they were being
forced to accept bogus "fiat money". Exactly what was that
step? America made an economically-shrewd deal with Saudi
Arabia, whereby Saudi Arabia would only accept American
dollars for its oil. In exchange, the U.S. Government would
support the al-Saud dynasty, which it has been doing ever

As a side note, for those of you who may not be students of
history, it may interest you to know that Saudi Arabia hasn't
always been called Saudi Arabia. For literally thousands of
years, the peninsula was simply known as Arabia. It was only
in recent times, (1932), when the al-Saud family came into
power there, by joining the regions of Najd and Hejaz, that
it acquired the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But the
point is, it has been this mutual deal between the United
States of America and the al-Saud family, which has directly
resulted in the U.S.A. maintaining its financial dominance
in the world, has kept wasteful America supplied with most
of the oil products that she requires, and has also kept the
al-Saud family in power for so many decades, in spite of its
corruption. In fact, it is because of the corruption within
the Royal Family, that Osama bin Laden gained a following.

There is a lot more to this intriguing story, such as the
ties which are said to exist between the oil-oriented Bush
family, the al-Saud clan, and the bin Laden construction
empire; but I'll leave it up to you to do some research of
your own. You may be rather surprised by some of the things
that you discover. You may even form some theories of your
own concerning why, after more than five years, the Bush
administration has still been unable to find or capture its
number one enemy, Osama bin Laden. Do they really want to?

Are you starting to get the full picture? Is it possible
that this US-Saudi deal, forged back in the early 70's, is
the primary reason why the United States of America has
never really pursued the Saudis since the tragic events of
September 11, 2001, even though fifteen of the nineteen
alleged hijackers were in possession of Saudi passports?
This burning question remains to be answered. Exactly who
was sending a message to who? It may not be what we think.

Perhaps the answer to these questions can be found by asking
another related question. For example, if the Americans went
after the Saudis, and the Saudis withdrew their support for
the American dollar, who would be the real losers, and who
would suffer the most if the world lost faith in the dollar
and no longer supported it? At any rate, once Saudi Arabia
accepted the American deal, other OPEC nations began to do
the same, thus strengthening the American dollar even more.
With each passing year, the world's need for oil has only
grown greater. At the same time, the price of oil has also
continued to increase to record levels. What is the result
of this? The need for more oil equates to the need to keep
more American dollars in reserve, in order to purchase it.

So it is all about supply and demand. Because there is such a
great demand for American dollars, because everyone must buy
their oil in dollars, the value of the dollar is artificially
inflated and sustained. Even though the U.S.A. is essentially
bankrupt, and also the greatest debtor nation on the face of
the Earth, the financial game continues, because everyone is
forced to buy their oil with dollars. But what if that were
to suddenly change, and the U.S. dollar lost its purchasing
power? That is precisely what has begun to happen. Although
it had a shaky start, the Euro has been gradually gaining
in power and financial strength; and it now offers a viable
alternative to the U.S. dollar; and you can bet that this
development has officials in the USA worried. What is also
worrisome to American financiers, is that some OPEC nations
have begun to accept Euros for oil purchases.

As you may already know, several years ago, al-Qaeda, and
its Arab/Muslim supporters adopted the strategy to destroy
the United States by bringing about its financial collapse.
Blowing up people and buildings is not going to make this
happen, no matter how valuable they may be. Such terrorist
activities, regardless of who is really behind them, will
cause hiccups in the financial system, and they may reduce
national morale, (or do the exact opposite), but bombing
buildings will not result in the collapse of the American
financial empire. However, if these Muslim/Arab conspirators
can reduce the worldwide need, as well as the demand, for US
dollars, with time, that most certainly could have a drastic
effect on the American economy.

To this end, in 2005, Iran began an initiative which, if
successful, would ultimately convert the global economy from
its current dollar base, to a Euro base. Referred to as the
IOB, or Iranian Oil Bourse, it's essentially an oil exchange,
or oil stock market, which will be based upon the Euro, and
not on the American dollar. The proposed location for this
exchange is the island of Kish, located in the Persian Gulf.
The Iranian Oil Bourse had been projected to open sometime
in 2006, but certain bureaucratic issues within the Iranian
Government have caused it to be delayed. However, these
delays don't mean that it isn't going to happen. In fact, a
news article posted on the Bloomberg website in December of
2006 makes it very plain that Iran has full intentions of
going ahead with the bourse, and plans to cut the American
dollar out of the picture. That article states in part:

----- Begin Quotes -----

"Iran, the world's fourth-largest oil exporter, plans to
reduce its use of the U.S. dollar in world trade and
increase use of the euro, two Tehran-based newspapers

"The Tehran Times said today Iran has started substituting
euros for dollars in oil sales, citing an unidentified
person at the Oil Ministry. Iran Daily reported Iran wants
to cut its dollar-based transactions to a minimum, citing
Minister of Economy Davoud Danesh-Ja'fari."

". . . The dollar touched a 20-month low against the euro
this week, and central banks in the Middle East including
the United Arab Emirates have plans to convert some of their
dollar reserves into euros."

"Exporting nations 'are only holding so many dollars because
of all the trade in the currency, but if the trend begins to
move out of it, then it's going to be a positive for the
euro and add to the negative sentiment on the dollar,' said
David Mann, a foreign-exchange strategist at Standard
Chartered Bank Plc in Hong Kong."

"Iran has repeatedly said it would limit dollar-based
transactions following the U.S. decision in September to
block one of Iran's biggest state-owned lenders from doing
business with the U.S."

----- End Quotes -----

Please notice, that as of last month, (December, 2006), the
U.S. dollar had already reached a twenty-month low against
the Euro. What is going to happen once the Iranian Oil Bourse
is moving at full speed ahead, and more countries begin to
exchange their dollars for Euros, in order to purchase their
oil from OPEC nations who join the Iranian Oil Bourse?

My friends, if Iran succeeds at this, and other oil-producing
Arab/Muslim nations follow suit, and the Euro becomes the new
currency reserve of the world, because oil-consuming nations
will be forced to purchase their oil reserves in Euros, this
development is going to be considerably more explosive, and
much more damaging in a political and economic sense, to the
United States of America, than the airliners that flew into
the World Trade Center over five years ago. Please understand
that I'm by no means attempting to belittle the tragic events
that befell America that day in September; I am simply trying
to help you to understand that the success of the Iranian Oil
Bourse could have profound effects on the life of every single
American citizen, and could even be the catalyst that reduces
the United States of America to a minor power in the world.
It probably won't happen overnight, but it could happen. Once
a financial slide begins to occur, it is difficult to stop.
It is just like a row of dominoes, with each country that
rejects the U.S. dollar, being represented by one of those

I don't think I need to go into detail regarding what would
happen within the United States itself if the dollar were to
suddenly lose its purchasing power. I'm sure you can imagine
how such a development would affect the American financial
system, how it would affect the job market, or how it would
affect the average American's ability to place food on their
table, pay their rent and utilities, or take care of other
financial responsibilities. Law and order could quickly be
replaced by chaos and anarchy. Remember the L.A. riots? Many
Americans are used to a life of ease and comfort; at least
when compared to the rest of the people in the world. Even
some of America's poor people are considered middle class in
some other countries. But the point is, when Americans lose
their comfort items, they have a propensity for becoming
rather irritable; and sometimes irrational and violent. Of
course, if this were to happen, it would give the American
Government justification to declare martial law and call out
the troops. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

But this is not all. If a Euro-based economy were to evolve
from the Iranian initiative, resulting in the collapse of
the American Empire, what would it mean for the rest of the
world, particularly Europe? To me, the answer seems obvious.
The European Union might indeed become a SuperState, and the
next world superpower, as a result of the impetus it would
receive from the sudden strengthening of the Euro. In short,
it would become the new master of the house, with Arab help.
For a number of years now, certain Bible scholars have been
promoting the belief that the European SuperState will be the
"womb" from which the Endtime Beast and Ten Horns will arise,
as prophesied in the Bible. While I personally do not fully
embrace this view, at least not yet, the arrival of such a
SuperState would certainly give their view more credibility.

As you may already know, particularly if you've participated
on our Christian mailing list in recent years, for some time
now, I've been pointing out the friction that exists between
the United States and the European Union. Contrary to what
some people may think, the situation is not exactly cordial
and rosy. America and Europe have had a considerable number
of spats in recent years. Some of these disagreements have
been financially oriented. These are the most dangerous kind,
since wars are quite often started over trade disagreements.
Other Euro-American disputes have been a result of the pushy,
belligerent, adamant attitude which has been adopted by the
Bush Administration. A case in point is the Kyoto Protocol.
It is common knowledge that the failure of this initiative
to fully materialize in a timely manner, was in large part a
result of the fact that the U.S. Congress has never ratified
it. Ironically, the United States happens to be the largest
polluter in the entire world, as well as the most wasteful

But returning to our central issue, as I was conducting some
online research for the "Nature Of The Alien" series, I came
across a very enlightening article that provided a new piece
of the puzzle for me. In fact, it also helped me to connect
together certain events which we have all witnessed over the
past six years. Authored by one Professor Krassimir Petrov
in January 2006, the article is called "The Proposed Iranian
Oil Bourse". According to online sources, Professor Petrov is
an Austrian-born Macro Economist/Investment Strategist. He
received his Ph. D. in Economics from Ohio State University
in the U.S.A., and now resides in Bulgaria, where he teaches
Macroeconomics, International Finance, and Econometrics at
the American University.

Before I share with you the piece of information which helped
me to better understand what is happening in the Middle East,
and why it is happening, allow me to backtrack just a bit and
impart some other information, which is directly related to
our discussion; and which in fact will help to confirm what I
am about to tell you. As my regular readers know, for quite
a few months now, even before it became such a large issue
with so many writers, I have been telling my small audience
that the U.S.A. was laying plans, in a psychological sense,
as well as in a military sense, for a potential war against
Iran. I have stated a number of times before that a country
cannot legitimately go to war, until it has psychologically
prepared its citizens for that war, and won their support.

The minute that Bush began demonizing Iran in his State Of
the Union Address in January of 2002, with his talk of the
so-called "Axis of Evil", comprised, according to Bush, of
Iraq, Iran and North Korea, I began to suspect where he was
headed. You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to see the
proverbial writing on the wall. Month after month, as Bush
and his war gang continued to psychologically manipulate the
American public, and began to employ their ever-so-faithful
wild card, (the WMD issue), I became even more convinced of
what Bush was up to.

In fact, as some of you may recall, I sat here dismayed, and
couldn't believe that Bush had the audacity to play the very
same card again, in order to pull the wool over the eyes of
the American people once more. But, it really shouldn't come
as a surprise to any of us. As I explain in my "Capture Of
Saddam Hussein" series, that tactic certainly worked in the
case of the war in Iraq. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and
company repeatedly hit the American citizenry so hard with
their fear and paranoia tactics, (such as with the infamous
"mushroom cloud" over America speech), that eventually, a
substantial portion of American citizens were seeing things
Bush's way, and lent their support for his illegal war in
Iraq. With Powell as a spokesman, the Bush Administration
tried to sell the same WMD ticket to the United Nations, but
they saw through the smoke, and were very reluctant to hop
onto the "Let's-Get-Saddam-Hussein" bandwagon.

Sadly, as history will record, in the end, the United Nations
proved what a powerless, gutless, ineffective body it really
is, and turned a blind eye, as the bully U.S.A., along with
ever-so-faithful Great Britain, led by Tony Blair, magically
created their "coalition of the willing", and then attacked
Iraq. As I told our readers in April of 2003, even though the
United States was unable to muster up enough support in the
U.N. to get the required nine Security Council votes that was
needed in order to get the second resolution on Iraq passed,
and even though U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan begged the
U.S. to give the U.N. inspectors more time, they still chose
to attack Iraq, based upon mere speculations, and unproven

For its part, the United Nations went through the motions of
pretending to have done all that it could to stop the United
States from attacking Iraq, and then it stood helplessly by,
wringing its hands, as the invasion and war began. The U.S.
knew that the second resolution was doomed; and that is why
in a March 4, 2003 CNN news report, Ari Fleischer, who was
at that time the White House's Press Secretary, shared the
following comments, in which he let it be known, that the
U.N. resolution was now a moot point, and that the U.S.A.
was going to do what it wanted to do, regardless of what
anyone else thought about it:

----- Begin Quote -----

"The president has said he believes that a vote is
desirable. It is not mandatory . . . The president has made
clear the outcome, whether the United Nations votes or does
not vote, [is] that we will disarm Saddam Hussein with a
coalition of the willing."

----- End Quote -----

So to reiterate my point, the truth of the matter is that the
United States knew beforehand that it hadn't garnered enough
support to secure the vote. Russia's Foreign Minister, Igor
Ivanov, had already informed the mass media that Moscow would
oppose the new resolution, and that it would use its veto
power as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, if
it became necessary. In the aforementioned CNN news article,
Ivanov states:

----- Begin Quote -----

"Russia has this right, and if the situation so demands,
Russia will of course use its right of veto -- as an extreme
measure -- to avoid the worst development of the situation,"

----- End Quote -----

So as you can see, in reality, the Bush Administration has no
respect whatsoever for the opinion of the United Nations. It
has displayed this same arrogant attitude many times; while
at the same time, it ceaselessly promotes the importance of
respecting the rule of law. However, when those laws are in
conflict with what the United States wants to do, it chooses
to ignore them, proving that it hypocritically lives by a
double standard.

The rest, as they say, is history; a very tragic history, as
we continue to witness the ugly events transpiring in Iraq
to this very day. Well, we know how a lot of Americans must
feel now, over three years later, with over three thousand
American soldiers dead, and no certain victory in sight in
Iraq. They let their voices be heard in the recent November
2006 elections; not that it will have much bearing on what
George W. Bush will do during his final two years in office.
Rather than disengage from Iraq, as so many Americans have
desired, it appears that Mr. Bush has stomped on their vote,
worked his "magic" once more, bullied his way through, and
convinced the necessary people that close to 20,000, if not
more, additional American troops need to be deployed to that
war-torn nation. Short of impeachment, it seems that George
Bush has become immune to the will of the American people.

But the main point I which to emphasize here, is that Bush is
doing it again; but this time with Iran. For months now, we
have watched as the verbal battle has heated up to a fevered
pitch. Over and over, American citizens have been told what a
dangerous threat Iran will become, if it is permitted to join
the nuclear club. Conservative Christians have particularly
been the target of Bush's strategy, and are reminded of the
serious dangers that Israel would face from a nuclear-armed
Iran. Doesn't that sales pitch sound familiar? Wasn't Saddam
Hussein painted in the very same light? And how did that WMD
fairy-tale turn out? While it is indeed true that Iran hasn't
been exactly transparent in its dealings with the U.N. and
the International Atomic Energy Agency, the fact is, that to
this day, no one has been able to conclusively prove that
Iran is determined to manufacture nuclear weapons.

I honestly don't know what Iran's intentions are. Publicly,
Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, has denied that his
country has any nuclear ambitions whatsoever. He has also
made it clear that, based upon the tenets of the Nuclear
Non-Proliferation Treaty, his nation has every right in the
world to enrich uranium, in order to meet its electricity
needs. At the same time, I do know that it is both immoral
and unethical, and in contradiction of international norms
of behavior, to base a war on mere speculations alone, as
occurred when the U.S.A. attacked Iraq. Will Americans allow
it to happen again with Iran?

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