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Published On : October 12, 1998

Last Updated : January 3, 2009

Election Of Yevgeny Primakov, His Views And Background,
Russian And Arab Ties, Nationwide Communist Provocations,
Alexander Lebed Factor, Zyuganov - The Communist Factor,
Yeltsin's Shrewd Move, Clinton Yeltsin And The Invisible
Controllers, Dangerous Hungry Russian Bear, Medo-Persia, The
Bear's Nuclear Arsenal, The Communists And A Loaf Of Bread,
NATO And European Union Expansion Plans, The Subtlety Of
American Imperialism, The Kosovo Situation And NATO Air
Strikes, Will The Bear Protect Her Former Cubs?, Global
Meltdown And War Boom Bust Economy, Concluding Remarks

As you may recall, my article entitled 'Communism: Is The
Dead Beast Really Dead?' ended with the pending election of
a new Russian Prime Minister in light of the fact that the
government of Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko was abruptly
dismissed by President Yeltsin; a move which shocked the
world of political analysts. As it is now known, after two
failed attempts to get Victor Chernomyrdin re-elected as the
new Prime Minister, due primarily to extreme opposition from
Gennady Zyuganov and the Communist-controlled Duma, Russian
President Boris Yeltsin nominated sixty-eight year old
former Soviet spy chief Yevgeny Primakov, who has served as
Russia's foreign minister since early 1996. Being as he is
well-liked by both hard-liners and moderates in Russia, and
viewed as a compromise choice, Primakov was quickly accepted
by the Duma.

From everything I have read on this man thus far, I am given
the impression that in some ways, Yevgeny Primakov is very
much like General Alexander Lebed; the recently elected
governor of a Siberian industrial region to whom I dedicated
the article 'Alexander Lebed And The Year 2,000 Russian
Presidential Race'. Like Lebed, Primakov is extremely
patriotic. He is also very much opposed to NATO expansion
into Eastern Europe. As you may know, over a year ago, NATO,
under strong influence from the United States Of America,
invited three Central European nations to join the treaty
organization. This of course would isolate Russia even
further from the world. I will discuss this issue in more
detail in just a moment. In addition, like Lebed, Primakov,
who has been described as being 'poker-faced' due to his
ability to keep a straight face and not show his true
emotions, claims to b a 'former' Communist. Finally, in
solidarity with other important figures within the Russian
government, Primakov firmly believes that Russia should form
part of a 'multi-polar' political world, and not be shut out
from, or be controlled by, a uni-polar world in which the
United States of America and NATO are the only key players.

One other very interesting point regarding Primakov is that
he is considered by his peers to be an Arab specialist. In
fact, not only was Primakov very instrumental in trying to
create a respectable way for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein
to gracefully bow out of the 1990-91 Gulf War, but I believe
he has also been busy working towards easing United Nations
sanctions against Iraq. In short, Primakov is in large part
responsible for the close ties which currently exist between
the Russian government and some of the more radical Arab
nations such as Iran, Iraq and Syria, who are all friends of
the Palestinians, and sworn enemies of the state of Israel!

As a confirmation of the above fact, consider that while I
was writing this article, due to slow progress in the Middle
East peace negotiations which were completed the second week
of October by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, and U.S. Secretary of
State, Madeleleine Albright, the Palestinian leader went to
Russia in order to seek assistance before the summit in
Washington between President Clinton, Netanyahu and Arafat.
At this point, given the political and economic turmoil
which continues to escalate in Russia, I honestly don't know
how Russia will be able to assist Arafat at this time; but
then again, we could be in for some surprises in months
ahead. Again, I will explain this in more detail in just a

Finally, and perhaps the most interesting point of all, as I
had clearly foreseen in 'Communism: Is The Dead Beast Really
Dead?', the Communists are indeed taking advantage of Boris
Yeltsin's show of weakness during the recent selection of a
new Prime Minister. Aside from the fact that they are
continuing to call for Yeltsin's resignation, as well as for
some major changes in the Russian constitution in order to
limit the president's sweeping powers, all across Russia the
Communists are stirring up the coal miners and other people
who form a part of the Russian working class. Many of these
people go literally months without ever seeing a paycheck;
and even if they did have their pockets full of Russian
rubles, the price of basic commodities has risen to such an
extent, that the greatly devalued ruble doesn't buy much now
anyway. Because of these factors, thousands upon thousands
of Russian citizens have now gone on strike to protest Boris
Yeltsin's inability to solve the serious economic problems
which plague their nation. In fact, even the military is
very demoralized to the point that some of the soldiers are
said to be selling their uniform and weapons and joining the
side of the people.

Basically, as I mentioned in the aforementioned article,
what is occurring here is that the corrupt politicians and
bankers of Moscow are becoming more and more isolated from
the common people of Russia; most of whom live outside of
Moscow. Again, this is why Alexander Lebed's position and
recent victory in Siberia is so important to the overall
Russian political picture. The people love him. He is an
outsider to Moscow. He is viewed as being untainted and on
the side of the common people. I can very easily see how
someone like Lebed, a very popular former general himself,
could take advantage of this situation by rallying not only
the common people, but the demoralized military as well. The
question is, will he do it? If so, when will he do it? Will
he wait and do it by normal political means via the coming
year 2,000 election? Or will he take advantage of the
current political and economic turmoil facing his country to
seize upon a quicker victory?

This is precisely where the picture becomes rather murky. In
my view, it was a very shrewd move by Yeltsin to choose
Primakov to succeed Kiriyenko once his bid to elect Victor
Chernomyrdin as the new Prime Minister was twice rejected by
Gennady Zyuganov and the Communist-controlled Duma. If I am
correct in my assessment of the similarities between
Primakov and Lebed, then Yeltsin knew that he might be able
to block Lebed's possible election in the year 2,000, by
choosing someone who was very much like Lebed in certain
ways, but who was in his own camp. Lebed is not in Yeltsin's
camp, but Primakov is. But alas, this still isn't the whole
picture, because we have a very strong third contender who
doesn't appear to be interested in playing by the rules like
Primakov and Lebed. That of course is Gennady Zyuganov and
the Communists.

So exactly what is in store for Russia in the near and the
distant future? Personally, I find it rather ironic that at
this very moment, we simultaneously have what many people
view as the world's two most powerful leaders frantically
trying to save their political lives. Just like American
President Bill Clinton who is currently facing very serious
political problems which may possibly result in his demise
via impeachment, Boris Yeltsin's days as president of Russia
may also be very numbered; maybe even less than we, and he,
think. I just have this strange feeling that this is not by
mere coincidence. As I clearly point out in some of my other
articles such as the series 'The International Jew And The
Protocols Of Zion', there are invisible powers behind the
powers. There are invisible leaders and manipulators behind
the visible leaders; and their weapon is gold and money. At
their whim, they can make a country either prosper, or else
fall into utter economic turmoil as we now see occurring in
Russia, and in other countries around the world. The
International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are their
visible tools.

As I state in the as-of-yet unreleased updated version of
the aforementioned series, the Communists are bankrolled by
these invisible masters. The Communists are playing dirty.
They are this very minute stirring up the Russian masses,
just as they did in 1917. The Russian bear is hungry in a
very physical sense. The Russian people are slowly starving.
When a bear becomes hungry and can't find food, it becomes
very irritable and angry. Given enough time, the bear can
become extremely dangerous and unpredictable. In such a
state, it will do things which it might not do under normal
conditions when food is plentiful. It acquires a certain
boldness for finding food by invading places normally
frequented by humans; a boldness which it may not possess
under normal circumstances. It appears that the Russian
people are reaching this state this very moment. The
revolution appears to have already begun. Soldiers are
defecting; railroad tracks are being blocked; scientists are
selling government secrets and weapons for hard cash; etc.

There is another interesting aspect about bears as well;
they will ferociously protect their young! As I was writing
this article, I was reminded of some ancient Biblical
prophecies which I explain in some of my Endtime articles.
It is commonly agreed amongst students of eschatology, that
in the prophecies of Daniel, the ancient dual empire of
Medo-Persia is represented by a bear lifted up on one side
having three ribs in its mouth. I discuss this in the first
of a two-part article entitled 'The Kings Of The North And
The South', as well as in 'The Seven Heads' series. In the
former, I state in part:

----- Begin Quote -----

"And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it
raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the
mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto
it, Arise, devour much flesh." (Daniel 7:5)

"Cyrus the Great was the founder of the united Medo-Persian
Empire. He was known to the Jews as Kowresh or Koresh,
pronounced ko'-resh, which means 'posses thou the furnace'.
In his native Persian tongue, Cyrus was known as Koorush, or
Korrush II. He was the son of Cambyses I. Notice that the
bear is raised up on one side. This is probably because
Persia was the stronger half of this dual empire. While
Darius the Mede actually took control of Babylon at first,
he was under the authority of Cyrus the Great. As I will
explain in a moment, the three ribs in the bear's mouth may
represent the three kings who ruled prior to Xerxes I, the
richest of the Medo-Persian kings."

----- End Of Quote -----

There is an old saying which states that if there is one
thing we learn from history, it is that we never learn from
history. Within prophetic circles, there is also the belief
amongst some students of the Bible, that sometimes ancient
prophecies have a partial fulfillment, and then a final
fulfillment. While I am not saying that this is the case
with the above prophecy regarding Medo-Persia, it has struck
me as being rather interesting that, just as the ancient
bear had three ribs in its mouth, we might have a modern
Russian bear which, if stirred up enough, and provoked
enough, might also take three ribs into its mouth; not to
devour them, but rather to protect them. As I have pointed
out before, despite all of this plastic talk of nuclear
non-proliferation, the Cold War being over, etc., the fact
of the matter remains that Russia still has thousands upon
thousands of nuclear warheads in her possession. Given her
current state of turmoil, this presents a very dangerous
situation insofar as her nuclear armaments are concerned.

Let us assume for a moment, that sometime in the
not-too-distant future, Russia will return to full-fledged
Communism. While some of my readers may disagree with this
view, and find the idea difficult to accept, personally, I
see the proverbial handwriting on the wall. Russia is ripe
for another revolution. Gennady Zyuganov and the Communists
are continually growing in power and popularity with the
common people as the widespread demoralization and suffering
continue. The bear is already hungry, and its tamer is not
paying attention; but the Communists are. If your stomach is
empty and hungry, who are you going to listen to; a person
who tells you how to properly obtain the ingredients and
then make the bread; or the person who saves you the time
and the energy by directly giving you the bread? Obviously,
if you are desperate enough, and hungry enough, you will
forget the formalities and choose the latter; because you
want to eat now, and not after you buy the ingredients, mix
it together, wait for the bread to rise, and then wait for
the bread to bake. You might not even have the rubles to buy
the ingredients anyway.

So the point is, the Communists are quickly winning points
with the Russian common people as the crisis continues. The
older generation, in particular, misses the former days of
stability under the old Communist regime. The hungry bear
has already begun to do unpredictable things as I mentioned
earlier in the form of massive protests, defections, selling
government secrets, blocking railroad tracks, bartering to
survive, etc. As proof of this, consider the following news
clip extracted from a Cable News Network, (CNN), news

----- Begin Quote -----


Thousands of Russians staged protests in the Pacific port
Vladivostok on Wednesday against unpaid wages and President
Boris Yeltsin's seven-year rule at the start of a day of
nationwide strikes, rallies and marches. Hundreds of
thousands, if not millions, of Russians were expected to
take part in marches and other demonstrations across the
country organized by trade unions, the Communist Party and
other Yeltsin critics. Organizers expect it to be the
largest protest of the post-Soviet era.

----- End Of Quote -----

In addition to all of these growing problems, Alexander
Lebed and Yevgeny Primakov both claim to be ex-Communists;
and Primakov has already taken certain steps to return to a
more Soviet style form of government in order to bring the
current economic turmoil under control. It may take some
time, but at this point, it seems to me that a return to
Communism is almost inevitable; no matter who is in charge;
be it Lebed, Zyuganov or Primakov. They all have or have had
Communist links. They may deceive the world at large, but
the marks of Communism are already there for those who
recognize them.

This brings us to the final point concerning the angry bear
who protects its young. What is one of Russia's, and even
China's, chief concerns right now? It is the expansion of
the sixteen-member NATO alliance into three former Soviet
Bloc nations. Because of the significant political and
economic reforms they have made since the supposed fall of
Communism in 1989, the Central European countries of Poland,
Hungary and the Czech Republic were officially invited to
join the NATO alliance during a summit held in Madrid, Spain
in July of 1997. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported
the following at that time:

----- Begin Quote -----

"Political leaders in Poland and Hungary are expressing
pleasure at news from Madrid that NATO leaders reached a
consensus today on inviting their nations, along with the
Czech Republic, to begin accession talks. News reports say
members of Hungary's Parliament broke into cheers when the
news came during question time. In Warsaw, Polish Prime
Minister Wlodzimierz Cimoszewicz told reporters that today
"has a good chance of going down in history as the end of
the order established at Yalta." The World War II allied
powers, including the Soviet Union, divided Europe into
spheres of influence in 1945 at a meeting at Yalta. In
Prague, Czech Foreign Minister Josef Zieleniec also
mentioned the passing of Yalta as well the 1938 Munich
agreement after which Czechoslovakia first lost borderlands
and then was absorbed by Nazi Germany. Zieleniec called the
invitation from NATO one of the most important developments
in the Czech Republic since the fall of communism."

----- End Of Quote -----

If additional reforms continue on schedule, these three
nations are expected to become regular members of the NATO
alliance by April of 1999 when NATO will celebrate its
fiftieth anniversary. However, this is only the tip of the
iceberg; as the United States of America and her NATO
partners have not tried to hide the fact that this is only
the first wave of invitations. Others are eventually
expected to be be extended to the Baltic countries, to
Romania, as well as to other Central and East European
nations as they continue to strive to meet the various
requirements set by the NATO alliance. For good reason then,
Russia and China both are quite concerned about this issue
of NATO expansion.

However, this is still not the end of the story of Western
expansionism. It is much more complicated than that. As if
this action by NATO wasn't already enough to provoke and
anger the Russian bear, consider that barely one week after
the NATO invitation was extended, the European Union
Commission also began its negotiations for the inclusion of
these same three countries, as well as Estonia and Slovenia
into the fifteen-member European Union. While this process
will certainly involve overcoming some serious problems,
this integration would eventually result in a stronger more
unified Europe, and a weaker and more isolated Russia. Radio
Free Europe/ Radio Liberty also reported the following in
July of 1997:

----- Begin Quote -----

"After months of study and political debate, the European
Commission called today for opening negotiations to admit
five Central and East European countries: Poland, the Czech
Republic, Hungary, Estonia and Slovenia. But, it turned back
applications from five other countries, Latvia, Lithuania,
Romania, Bulgaria, and in the harshest words of all,
Slovakia. Jacques Santer, Commission President, presented
the decision to the European Parliament today in Strasbourg
in a report titled: "Agenda 2000."...'

----- End of Quote -----

If all goes well, it is expected that these five countries
will become a part of the European Union by the year 2002;
and as with the NATO expansion plans, other currently
non-participating nations are expected to follow. Thus we
see that the Russian bear is indeed being provoked in a very
real sense. It is because of all of these factors that I
can't help but wonder if the current heated situation in
Kosovo might not involve much more than what appears on the
surface. Let me ask you; if you had a life-long opponent,
who suddenly grew ill, or who became distracted by personal
problems, wouldn't you try to take advantage of his weakened
condition in order to try to gain some victory over that
opponent? Now, let us be honest for a moment. If you were a
shrewd, battle-savvy opponent, you most certainly would;
however, due to political correctness and world opinion, you
would have to make sure that you did it in such a way that
it was acceptable to the majority of your friends. You would
have to transform your subtle plans to conquer and to expand
into a noble venture, such as in the defense of human rights
for example; and there we have the Kosovo situation!

How many times before have we seen the United States of
America intervene militarily in a certain country for the
stated purpose of protecting the human rights of that
country's citizens? The problem is, once they go in, it
seems that they have a very hard time leaving after that!
Once they get their foot in the door, next come all of the
fancy little trinkets and the nice gifts, the military bases
and the arms sales, and the trade agreements of Western
industrialized society in order to entice and to appease the
natives so that the 'visitors' can stay permanently in one
way or another. Thus begins the control, and the gradual
deterioration of a society to Western standards; including
the name brand tennis shoes, the famous American sodas, and
the hard rock music to pollute the minds of the youth, and
to cause them to rebel against their parents. A simple life
is traded for a selfish, materialistic, and quite often,
anti-God lifestyle.

The mass media has once again done their job well as they
normally do. The suffering of the ethnic Albanians in Kosovo
has been brought to the attention of the world. They have
been presented as the innocent victims of unjustifiable
suffering and slaughter, while Yugoslav President Slobodan
Milosevic and the Serbs have been painted as the tyrants
behind the crimes. The psychological manipulation has now
been accomplished so that the next move will appear totally
justified to the zombified masses who blindly, patriotically
and ignorantly follow their leaders. Now the war drums are
beating as these CNN news reports confirm:

----- Begin Quotes -----


Warning that the "decisive moment" was approaching, a senior
U.S. envoy has scheduled more talks on Wednesday with
Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic in a bid to persuade
him to withdraw from Kosovo and avoid NATO airstrikes.
Milosevic has remained defiant through two meetings, during
which Richard Holbrooke attempted to convince him Washington
was equally firm in demanding that he comply with U.N.
resolutions or face military action.


"U.S. ground troops will not be used if NATO decides to
attack the Serbs over Kosovo, the Clinton administration
says. As Secretary of State Madeleine Albright flew to
Belgrade from the Middle East to rally a united front
against Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, Russia
remains strongly opposed to any U.N.-sanctioned strike
against Yugoslavia. U.S. officials said the attack would be
carried out solely by air."

----- End Of Quotes -----

As stated above, Russia is strongly opposed to military
intervention by the United States and her NATO allies, and
for good reason. This would be similar to Russia intervening
militarily in Mexico in order to quell problems there. Would
the government of the United States just idly stand by while
this happened? Most certainly not! She would feel greatly
threatened; and she would undoubtedly do something about it;
probably declare war! It is ludicrous then to expect Russia
to remain quiet while the NATO forces plan air strikes on
one of her neighbors not far from her western doorstep. It
is equally ridiculous to expect Russia to remain quiet while
three of her other neighbors are integrated into the NATO
alliance and the European Union, with others to follow after
that. If you look on a map of Eastern Europe, you will
quickly see that some of the five aforementioned countries
are right up against Belarus and the Ukraine, while others
are only separated from Russia by a country or two. That is
how great this threat is to Russian security. In short,
these moves by NATO and the European Union are very strong
provocations; and I seriously doubt that they would have
been made when Russia was a lot stronger.

But you see, Russia is in such internal turmoil right now,
that as with the Palestinian issue, one can only wonder if
she can really do more than offer verbal protest; and the
NATO alliance knows this. But what if they are surprised?
What if Mother Russia does something unexpected? What if the
Communists come to full power even sooner than I personally
expect? And even if they don't, what if some of the renegade
Russian forces decide to use some of their nuclear stockpile
to enter the fray in Eastern Europe? This is the present
danger; that either the Communists, or someone else inside
of Russia, might do something to either try to stop the NATO
countries from performing air strikes in Kosovo, or to keep
a strongly American-influenced NATO from grabbing three more
of Russia's western neighbors, who are all overjoyed at the
prospect of becoming members of the NATO alliance.

Even if Mother Russia does nothing to stop the integration
of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic into the NATO
alliance and the European Union, which I personally would
find hard to believe, it is even more difficult for me to
accept that she would continue to idly stand by while the
remaining countries of Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria
and Slovakia are integrated into the Western sphere of
influence. Look again at a map. Just as Mexico is right
across the border from the United States Of America, this
would place American power and influence right across the
Russian border! Who would have ever dreamed of such a thing
happening even ten years ago?

So again, the Kosovo situation might only be the tip of the
ice berg. It could explode into something much greater which
could affect the plan for NATO and European Union expansion.
It is a common practice that once a war or local conflict
has begun, countries will take advantage of the confusion,
the communication blackouts, and the general mayhem which
follows, in order to grab a little more than their share of
the pie. If you ask me, it appears that a greater war is
inevitable sooner or later; whether it is a result of the
current Kosovo situation, or whether it is a result of
Russia feeling so threatened, that she finally decides that
she must do something in order to stop further Western
expansionism. No matter how you look at it, having NATO
forces entrenched in Kosovo, to protect human rights of
course, would be a smart move for the West. Perhaps they are
just talking about air strikes now, but it could very well
evolve into ground troops in the near future. In other
words, as NATO and the EU continue to push Eastward, a war
with Russia becomes more likely; so being positioned in
Kosovo would be a good move strategically-speaking.

Again, I just can't see the Russian bear sitting idly by
while all of her former cubs are stolen from her one by one.
A bear just doesn't act that way. It becomes very upset, and
very dangerous, and it protects its young. I suspect that
Russia will try to come to the aid of her bear cubs, whether
it be under Yeltsin's leadership, or under the Communist's
leadership, or under whoever is in power once all of the
current confusion and turmoil has passed and the political
dust has settled.

Before concluding this article, allow me to mention one more
important point. As some of you are aware, a major part of
the world is currently facing economic turmoil. News reports
of late have been filled with talk of an inevitable global
meltdown. We see the Asian economy in turmoil. We see the
island nation of Japan reeling economically like a drunkard.
We see many poor nations of the world unable to meet their
debt obligations to the IMF and the World Bank. We see the
Russian masses revolting because of economic hardship.
Strangely, despite all of this, the American mass media
continues to dupe the American populace into believing that
the economy of the United States Of America is just fine;
that they have somehow remained immune to the economic
problems of the world at large. Well, I am sorry to have to
shake you out of your delusion, but this is the furthest
thing from the truth! The American economy is about to
crash! The economy of the world is about to crash!

Now, history has clearly proven that when times get rough;
when the economy fails; when people become dissatisfied and
start revolting against their government; one of the best
cures is simply to start a war. It is called a war, boom
bust economy. Not only do wars inspire deep patriotism, but
they also stimulate industry because people must be employed
to work in the war factories building bombs, air craft, and
other 'toys' of destruction. Right now, Russia could use a
good war to unite her people. The leadership in Moscow needs
something to stop the growing tide of dissatisfaction which
is a result of the unpopular politics being foisted upon the
Russian people. For me personally, it is easy to see how the
growing threat of Western expansionism into Eastern Europe
could very well be the battle cry. Maybe Boris Yeltsin might
be too weak to do such a thing but the Communist hard-liners
surely aren't! They have already accused Yeltsin of being
responsible for Russia's fall from greatness. They could
just as easily accuse him of allowing Mother Russia to
become isolated from the world because of his inability to
take the necessary agressive steps to stop NATO and European
Union expansion to their very doorstep! But will they?

If the Communists do return to power as I highly suspect;
and if Russia does return to her former position of strength
and military power; and if she does involve herself in a war
in Eastern Europe; I can also see how this could be linked
to other events which I discuss in some of my Endtime
articles. I am referring of course to the war in the Middle
East in which certain Islamic nations will form a military
alliance in order to fight against and invade Israel; more
than likely with the direct or the indirect assistance of
Mother Russia. No matter how we choose to look at current
developments in Eastern Europe, it seems that they could
result in some very dire consequences.

In conclusion, allow me to state that I am not a prophet,
and I am not even a professional political analyst. I
honestly do not know with one hundred per cent certainty
what is going to happen in Russia; or as a result of the
Kosovo situation; or as a result of NATO and European Union
expansion. As in my previous articles concerning Russia, I
have merely expressed my personal opinions concerning these
matters; and the impressions I have of what might happen.
Whether or not I am right, or even close to being accurate,
time will certainly tell; however, considering that I was
right on the mark with Sergei Kiriyenko's fall from grace,
as well as with the current Communist-inspired nationwide
revolts, you just might want to give my words some of your
consideration. I trust that you have found this article
interesting and thought-provoking.

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