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Published On : September 14, 1998

Last Updated : January 3, 2009

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American Dollar And The Jewish Trap, Russian Popular Or
Electoral Revolution?, The Jews And Communism, Conclusion

While I am by no means a prophet, and have never claimed,
and would never claim, to be a prophet, I must admit that
recent events in Russia have inspired my personal faith by
confirming that the Lord can and will indeed reveal things
to us if we are in tune to His Spirit. Such is the case with
the recent dismissal of Sergei Kiriyenko as the Prime
Minister of Russia. In the article entitled 'Alexander Lebed
And The Year 2,000 Russian Presidential Race', which I last
updated on June 8, 1998, I wrote in part:

----- Begin Quote -----

"While I am by no means a political analyst, as I have
stated on previous occasions, my personal impression is that
Sergei Kiriyenko, the current Prime Minister hand-picked by
Boris Yeltsin himself, doesn't stand a chance in the coming
year 2,000 presidential election. Not only did Yeltsin have
to resort to rough politics in order to force Parliament to
finally elect him into office, but Kiriyenko simply does not
impress me as being strong enough to thwart the political
advances of either an extremely popular Alexander Lebed, or
the agreesive moves of Gennady Zyuganov and the Communist
hard-liners. In my view, Boris Yeltsin would be wise to
switch horses before the race proceeds in earnest."

----- End Of Quote -----

It is now quite apparent to me that when I wrote the above
words several months ago, the Lord was indeed inspiring my
thoughts, and impressing upon me what was going to happen in
Russia, because Sergei Kiriyenko is now officially out of
office. In fact, he barely lasted for four months as Prime
Minister due to Russia's worsening economic situation under
his short-lived leadership. To the surprise of the West, for
the second time this year, during the third week of August,
Boris Yeltsin dismissed the entire cabinet, including
Kiriyenko himself. Following are several excerpts taken from
a CNN, (Cable News Network), news report issued on August 23,

----- Begin Quotes -----

"Yeltsin Fires Kiriyenko And Cabinet - Chernomyrdin Back
During Economic Crisis"

"MOSCOW (CNN) -- In a surprise move Sunday, President Boris
Yeltsin sacked Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko and the rest
of the Cabinet and re-named former premier Viktor
Chernomyrdin as the acting prime minister, the Kremlin

"The announcement came as the 35-year-old Kiriyenko, who
served only four months in office, was struggling to
overcome one of Russia's worst economic crises since the
collapse of Communism."

"During an emergency session on Friday, the lower house of
parliament had blasted the government's handling of the
crisis and called for a government of national trust to be
formed. The Duma also passed a resolution urging Yeltsin to

"It was the second time this year that Yeltsin had sacked his
entire government. He dismissed Chernomyrdin, 60, and his
cabinet in March, saying he needed a new prime minister to
inject new life into market reforms."

----- End Of Quotes -----

Exactly as I had foreseen through what I can only conclude
was the guidance of the Lord's Spirit, Boris Yeltsin finally
realized that Kiriyenko was simply too weak, and not the man
for the job. To be quite honest, I was rather hesitant about
even making the statement regarding Kiriyenko, because I do
not consider myself to be a very knowledgeable person in a
political sense. If I know little about American politics, I
know even less about Russian politics. Despite this fact, I
decided to go ahead and place myself, and my reputation, on
the limb so-to-speak, by including the previous thoughts in
the aforementioned article. It is for this reason that I was
greatly encouraged to see my very words fulfilled only a few
short months after I wrote them.

As I stated above, what is most important about this
development is that, being the politically astute leader
that he is, President Yeltsin also realized that he needed
to change horses before the year 2,000 Russian presidential
race draws any closer, if he expects to be succeeded by
someone whom he supports. The following excerpts taken from
another CNN news report released a day later on August 24,
1998, confirm this very point. Notice that Yeltsin clearly
defines his main motivation for dismissing Kiriyenko; and
that is his concerns for the year 2,000 election, precisely
as I said a few months ago:

----- Begin Quotes -----

"Yeltsin Says Chernomyrdin Recalled To Restore Stability"

"MOSCOW (AP) -- Russian President Boris Yeltsin said Monday
he recalled Viktor Chernomyrdin to head the government
because an experienced leader was needed to tackle Russia's
burgeoning crisis and restore political and economic

"A day after he dismissed the government of Prime Minister
Sergei Kiriyenko on Sunday and named Chernomyrdin acting
premier, Yeltsin spoke to the nation in a televised address.
He suggested Chernomyrdin might be the best candidate to
succeed him when his term expires in 2000."

"Today we need those whom we call heavy-weights. I consider
Chernomyrdin's experience and weight essential," he said."

"There is another important reason for that proposal, that
is, to ensure continuity of the government in the year
2000," Yeltsin said. "(His) main advantages are decency,
honesty, and thoroughness. I think these qualities will be
the decisive argument in the presidential elections."

----- End Of Quotes -----

As I write this today, the serious economic and political
problems in Russia continue unabated with no relief in
sight. In fact, as you will see shortly, the Russian
situation has deteriorated to such a degree, that a G-7
meeting has been called which will be attended by members of
the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the
European Union. More on this in a moment. To make matters
worse, in contradiction to Boris Yeltsin's wishes, the lower
house of the Russian Parliament, known as the Duma, which is
controlled by Gennady Zyuganov and the Communist extremists,
has refused for three weeks now to approve Yeltsin's
nomination of Viktor Chernomyrdin as the new Russian Prime
Minister. Not only that, but they are demanding Yeltsin's
resignation as well. The situation has clearly reached a
critical point between Yeltsin's reformative forces, and the
Communist hard-liners who wish to return to the old ways
prior to the supposed fall of Communism and the break-up of
the U.S.S.R.

What I find particularly alarming about these current
developments in Russia, is the fact that many of the older
generation Russians who have suffered because of all of the
economic reforms, clearly support the Communists. These
people have grown up with and worked under the seventy-two
year Communist regime. That is basically all they have ever
known. They have also seen the negative effects that Western
influences, such as hard rock music and carnal materialism,
have had on their youth, and they don't like it. In short,
these older generation Russians would quickly embrace
Gennady Zyuganov and the Communist hard-liners were they to
suddenly make some significant political gains. Given the
current state in Russia, this is quite possible, and it
could happen rather quickly. In like manner, Russia's
elderly generation would gladly welcome the ultra-patriotic
Alexander Lebed with his past Communist leanings as well.

The Duma's staunch refusal to approve Chernomyrdin is not
something which should be taken lightly. These people
represent a very powerful force, and I believe that they
have very strong economic backing from both within and
outside of Russia. One question which was undoubtedly on
everyone's mind until a few days ago was: Is Boris Yeltsin
once again going to demonstrate his political savvy by
surviving yet another attack from his political enemies? Is
he going to discover a way to force the Duma to approve his
nomination of Chernomyrdin as the new Prime Minister, just
as he did with Kiriyenko? Or is the current economic and
political confusion going to force Yeltsin to resign? Well,
as we now know, Zyuganov and the Communist-controlled Duma
have forced Yeltsin's hand. While they finally approved
Yeltsin's nomination of Sergei Kiriyenko as the new Prime
Minister following a week of stiff protest, this time they
have pushed Yeltsin to the limit, and they have won. About a
week ago, on September 5, 1998, CNN reported the following
concerning the continued Communist opposition to Viktor
Chernomyrdin's election:

----- Begin Quote -----


"Acting Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin called Friday for
"economic dictatorship" to end Russia's crisis and preserve
market reforms as the hard-line opposition said it would
again block his confirmation as prime minister. Outlining
plans to stem the country's economic crisis, Chernomyrdin
said the government would allow the ruble to float freely,
allowing market forces to determine its value. He also said
the government would press ahead with market reforms as soon
as the situation was stabilized."

----- End Of Quote -----

This is precisely what the Russian government has done too.
The ruble has been floating freely against other currencies,
including against the American dollar, for several weeks
now, and it is faring very poorly. In fact, as the following
CNN news clip reveals, as of about a week ago, the ruble had
lost sixty-three per cent of its previous value in less than
three weeks! For my American readers who don't understand
how serious this is, imagine if every dollar in your pocket
lost its value so fast, that in less than three-weeks from
now, it was only worth thirty-seven cents. Roughly speaking,
that means that what costs you one dollar today, would cost
you three dollars in a few weeks! That is the current
situation with the Russian ruble. The Russian people's money
is losing value before their very eyes! The cost of living
is skyrocketing dramatically! On September 6, 1998, CNN

----- Begin Quote -----


"The Russian ruble continued its sharp decline Friday as
acting Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin outlined plans for
an "economic dictatorship" and struggled to convince the
opposition party in parliament that he's the right man for
the job. The ruble fell 21 percent in Moscow Friday to 16.99
to the dollar. The beleaguered currency has dropped 63
percent since Aug. 17. The free-falling ruble has boosted
prices on food products and other commodities."

----- End Of Quote -----

As I stated earlier, I do not consider myself to be a
prophet, or a political analyst by any means; but as I am
writing this current article, I must tell you that I am
feeling something very heavy in the Spirit concerning this
entire situation in Russia. I never imagined that I would
get inspired writing a politically-oriented article, but I
am. You may recall that in my article on Alexander Lebed, I
stated that due to my Christian beliefs, I normally do not
take much of an interest in worldly political affairs;
however, I have this strong impression that it was the
Lord's gentle leading which led me to take an interest in
Alexander Lebed, and the Russian situation in general.

If what I am now sensing, if the impression I am now getting
is correct and of the Lord, then as I briefly mention at the
end of my article on Alexander Lebed, the world may soon
receive a major shock. Exactly how soon, I cannot say; but
if this impression is correct, then the semi-freedom which
missionaries and evangelists have enjoyed in Russia may soon
come to an end if the current situation continues for much
longer. The door of opportunity which the Lord opened for
the evangelization of Russia may soon close, just as quickly
as it opened. It seems that the more the economic situation
has deteriorated in Russia, the more the Communists have
adamantly held to their position of rejecting Chernomyrdin
as the new Prime Minister, and demanding Yeltsin's
resignation. On September 7, 1998, CNN reported the

----- Begin Quotes -----


"Faced with one of the most serious political and economic
crises since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian President
Boris Yeltsin began emergency talks Monday with
parliamentary leaders in a bid to approve his candidate for
prime minister. The closed-door talks with key members of
each house of parliament came as the lower house, or State
Duma, was preparing to vote later Monday on whether to
nominate acting Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin as
premier. The leaders of two major parliamentary factions --
the Communists and the Social Democrats -- indicated on
Sunday they remained adamantly opposed to Chernomyrdin."


"The free falling Russian ruble showed no signs of a turn
around Monday, as President Russian President Boris Yeltsin
told parliament Monday he would defend his choice for prime
minister and added a note of optimism about the country's
ability to weather its financial storm. Meanwhile, Russian
Central Bank Chairman Sergei Dubinin submitted a letter of
resignation to Yeltsin, Itar-Tass news agency reported on

----- End Of Quotes -----

Here we witness a classical example of the rats jumping out
of a sinking ship, except this is an economic ship. Sergei
Dubinin, the chairman of Russia's Central Bank has clearly
seen the handwriting on the wall, and he apparently wants
out while he can still hopefully save his own neck. It will
be interesting to see how many others will follow suit. This
would be similar to Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the
Federal Reserve Board, resigning in the United States of
America. He would never do such a thing unless the economy
was in very serious trouble. Oddly enough, the American
economy IS in very serious trouble, but they don't want you
to know about it; at least not yet. At any rate, that is how
serious the situation is in Russia. The very next day, CNN
reported the following:

----- Begin Quote -----


"Russia's central bank suspended trading of the ruble
Tuesday and Russia shares remained relatively unchanged, as
the political and economic turmoil that has rocked the
country in recent weeks continued. The ravaged currency
continued its sharp decent at the street trading level. As
of Tuesday morning, the U.S. dollar was buying 20 rubles at
the currency exchange booths."

----- End Of Quote -----

As I stated above, despite all of his political rhetoric,
and his false show of strength, Boris Yeltsin was finally
forced to give in to the Communists' demands. Just two days
ago, at Chernomyrdin's own insistence, Yeltsin nominated
Yevgeny Primakov to replace Chernomyrdin as his candidate
for the office of Prime Minister. CNN reported the

----- Begin Quote -----


"Boris Yeltsin on Thursday nominated Foreign Minister
Yevgeny Primakov to be prime minister in a bid to end a
bitter dispute with the parliament that has stalled efforts
to stem the economic crisis. Government officials said
Yeltsin nominated Primakov after Viktor Chernomyrdin asked
the president not to nominate him as prime minister for a
third time. 'I cannot harm Russia. Russia has had enough
upheavals this century. This is my choice,' said
Chernomyrdin, who had been acting prime minister."

----- End Of Quote -----

As of this writing, I do not know if the Duma has accepted
Yeltsin's nomination of Primakov; however, this Communist
victory may be a dark foreshadow of things to come. Yeltsin
has now shown weakness, and I suspect that the Communists
will continue to exploit this show of weakness until the
year 2,000 election. These recent events in Russia highlight
a very important lesson. While a substantial number of
Americans have erroneously been led to believe that Russian
Communism is dead, and that it has collapsed under the
weight of its own corruption, there are others like myself
who feel that this is the furthest thing from the truth. If
anything, Communism may simply be a sleeping giant, or a
temporarily tamed beast which is just waiting for the right
moment to once again rear its ugly head; and surprise those
who have not seen the handwriting on the wall.

Scripturally-speaking, some Bible students point to the
prophecies of Gog and Magog found in the thirty-eighth and
the thirty-ninth chapters of the Book of Ezekiel, and
suggest that they are referring to an Endtime Communist
confederation with Russia at the head. According to this
theory, Russia will lead ten nations of the European Union,
which are said to be symbolized by the Ten Toes and the Ten
Horns as described by the Prophet Daniel, as well as by John
the Revelator in the Book of Revelation. While I too
embraced this doctrine for a number of years, as I reveal in
some of my Endtime articles such as the series 'The Seven
Heads', after conducting a closer study of the Scriptures, I
have concluded that the Beast and the Ten Horns may be more
correctly associated with an Arab/Islamic nation, which will
lead ten other Islamic nations in a military assault against
Israel. However, this does not leave Russia out of the
picture entirely by any means.

It is common knowledge that for decades now, both the United
States of America and Russia have cultivated friendships and
forged political and military alliances in the Middle East.
It is these very alliances which keep the Arab world
divided; and this may possibly be by intentional design. I
seriously doubt that any of these alliances would even exist
were it not for the world's dependence upon Arab oil. As
long as these Arab nations are divided in their loyalties
between Russia and the United States of America, and as long
as they mistrust each other, they are in effect neutralized,
and unable to bring about the Arab unity which resulted in
the oil embargo of the early 1970's. In other words, Arab
disunity is advantageous to Western survival and interests.

However, there is a very real danger lurking here. If the
West continues to isolate Russia, such as through the
eastward expansion of the NATO countries, which both Russia
and China have strongly opposed, or through cutting off
Russia's access to her Arab allies, this could result in
some very dire consequences. If in months and years ahead,
Russia were to return to full-fledged Communism, and if her
newly-blossoming relationship with some of the Arab nations
were to be placed in jeopardy, I can very well imagine a
desperate Communist Russia, which still possesses its
nuclear arms by the way, trying to make a move on the Middle
East in order to protect her interests there. To add to this
dangerous scenario, there is also the explosive issue of the
Israeli-Palestinian peace talks; which as I point out in
other articles, I believe is eventually going to result in a
full-fledged war. Naturally, both the United States and
Russia will become involved in this war as they side with
their allies. Whether this will be openly, or only through
supplying weapons, advisers and military information,
remains to be seen.

While the American Zionist-controlled mass media has tried
to convince us that Communism is dead and a threat of the
past, the following CNN excerpt released on September 4,
1998 clearly shows that the leadership in Washington is
indeed concerned about the political strength possessed by
the Communist-controlled Duma under the leadership of
Gennady Zyuganov. I have no doubt that while they outwardly
tell us that Communism is a past threat to world peace, they
fully realize that now, more than ever, Boris Yeltsin's
government is extremely vulnerable, and could fall to a
Communist victory, unless something is done quickly to avert
it. If this were not the case, why would President Clinton
even make the following remark about staying 'on a
democratic track'?:

----- Begin Quote -----


"Concluding his two-day summit with President Clinton,
Russia's Boris Yeltsin said Russia has "a lot of tears and
sweat" to expend on its struggle to a free market and
democracy. Clinton was encouraging but emphasized "there is
no short cut." The world stands ready to provide financial
help so long as Russia stays on a democratic track, he said.
Both presidents described their meetings as successful."

----- End Of Quote -----

What we have here is a clear case of government doublespeak,
reminiscent of George Orwell's '1984'. Yes, Communism is
dead they tell us, but we still need to watch out for it.
Tell me my friends, what danger is there in a dead beast
along the side of the road? Absolutely none; unless the
beast is not really dead of course.

At this point, I wish to draw your attention to several
important facts. The first one is this: It is my personal
observation that local television stations in the United
States of America do not report nearly as much world news as
they did in the past. This is now primarily reserved for
cable stations like CNN. Over the past several decades,
local stations have been shifting more to national news and
local news with only a casual mention of world events. This
shift in their news reporting seems to go hand in hand with
the fact that Americans have enjoyed a lot of prosperity
compared to other countries of the world. The awful truth of
the matter is that as long as our needs are met, and as long
as we are living in physical comfort without any threat to
our well-being, most of us do not take much of an interest
in world affairs and things happening far from our shores.
'We are safe and secure, so why bother?' seems to be the
prevalent attitude.

Many of us don't even pay attention to what is happening
across the state line, or in the next city, or even down the
street from where we live. This is a very self-centered
attitude which has been adopted by many Americans. Most of
us are, or have been, guilty of it. It is the combined
result of egotism, apathy, and fear of retribution for
becoming involved. Since the supposed collapse of communism
and the breakup of the Soviet Union, this attitude of
invincibility, apathy and not caring has become even more
entrenched in the American psyche. In short, many Americans
have their heads in the ground just like the proverbial
ostrich. In a political sense, and in a worldly sense, a lot
of ignorance is being bred within the American population. I
do not say this in a condemnatory or a critical way, but
merely to make a point. To be quite honest, even the
information released by cable stations is questionable. I am
not saying that they are outright lying, but what I am
saying is that they do not tell you the things that you
really need to know. They release harmless innocent news,
and keep you in the dark concerning what is really going on
in the world, and who is behind it all.

If one were to pay close attention to the economic news
during the past several months, he would quickly realize
that what is currently happening in Russia is just the tip
of the ice berg. The Russian people are not the only ones
who are facing economic hardship. This problem is global in
scope, and news agencies like CNN have not been afraid to
describe it as such. We have clearly been told that this is
a full-fledged global crisis which is affecting many nations
of the world. The economies of many smaller nations have
already failed as of this time, and it is only the fact that
the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, have
bailed them out at a high price to their personal freedom,
that these countries have appeared to continue to operate as
sovereign entities, which is really not the case whatsoever.
From Indonesia to Japan to Southeast Asia to Russia to Latin
America, everyone is feeling the economic crisis, and no one
has been left unscathed by it.

What is extremely interesting about this situation, is that
the American dollar is always at the heart of the matter.
When the economies of these different countries collapse, it
is always based upon the value of their local currency
against the American dollar. Why is this? What is going on?
If every nation is a sovereign nation with a sovereign
economy, why does it matter how much their currency is worth
compared to the American dollar? Part of the reason is
because we are being pushed more and more towards a global
economy; and that economy requires that there be a standard
economic unit against which all others are compared. By
intentional design, that unit is the American dollar.

In addition to this, as I point out in my new expanded
version of 'The International Jew And The Protocols Of
Zion', it is also because the American dollar, and the
desire to emulate the extravagant, materialistic American
way of life, is the bait which has been used to entice these
countries into deep debt through overspending, and then into
economic submission when they fail to meet their financial
obligations. As you will clearly see when you read the
aforementioned series, he who controls a nation's economy,
controls that nation. Under whose submission have all of
these poor third world countries fallen? Under none other
than that of the Internationl Monetary Fund and the World
Bank! And who controls these entities? The International
Jewish Bankers! They may not all look like physical Jews,
and they may no longer all have Jewish surnames, but from
all I have read and researched, most of them are most
certainly Jews, beginning with people like the Rothschilds
and the Loebs. Without going into a lot of detail, that is
it in a nutshell. Please read the aforementioned series for
more details when it is released.

This brings us back to the situation in Russia. Earlier I
stated that the world may soon face a great shock as a
result of developments in that beleaguered country. Exactly
what was I referring to? Quite simply, if the current
situation continues without a remedy, Russia may soon be
ripe for another revolution. The Russian people can only
endure so much hardship. In less than three weeks, they have
already watched as their hard-earned money has dramatically
shrunk in value. They are now being forced to pay exorbitant
amounts for their daily necessities. Does anyone seriously
believe that they are happy with this sitution? Would you be
happy if your life's savings suddenly vanished before your
very eyes because of government-enforced economic measures
of austerity? Would you be happy if a loaf of bread cost you
a dollar and fifty cents today, and then four dollars and
fifty cents not even three weeks from now? I seriously doubt
it. If you were a Russian, wouldn't you begin to think back
to the days when the Communists were in control, before all
of these economic reforms began, and when things seemed a
little more stable?

As I said earlier, the elderly Russians are not happy with
the current situation. They liked things the way they were.
They would like to see Gennady Zyuganov or Alexander Lebed
return things to the way they were before the so-called
collapse of Communism. Now, if I realize these things, don't
you think that Boris Yeltsin realizes this too? Don't you
think that his Communist enemies realize this as well? If
you ask me, I feel that this may possibly be the very reason
why they are being so adamant with Yeltsin and giving him
such a hard time regarding the election of a new Prime
Minister. I think this may be why they are demanding
Yeltsin's resignation, even as the country falls apart
around their ears. The longer they stall and prevent the
formation of a new government which can begin to deal with
the economic crisis, the more the people will suffer, and
think of former days under Communism.

In short, my feeling is that the Communists might be taking
a serious gamble with the current political and economic
chaos, and hoping that this might lead to popular revolt
which will sweep them back into power; if not an actual
popular revolution, then at least it will swing voter
support to their favor in time for the year 2,000 election.
In other words, whether it be through actual popular revolt,
or through the upcoming election in a year and a half, the
Communists, led by Gennady Zyuganov, may be planning to take
back complete control of the Russian government.

Let me again say that the Communist beast may not be nearly
as dead as we have erroneously been lead to believe by the
false prophets of the Western mass media! The beast may be
laying slightly wounded on the side of the political road,
but it is only temporarily stunned, and may soon return to
power and shock the world! If you accept my perspective, or
my speculation regarding this issue, however you wish to
view it, then President Clinton's remarks about Russia
staying on the track to democracy makes a lot of sense. He
obviously sees and knows the danger which currently exists
should Yeltsin fall, as do all of the other major economic
powers of the world, who have come to be referred to as the
G-7. This brings us to the final CNN news clip I will be
sharing in this article. This was released September 8,
1998. Notice again that this report is not just referring to
the 'economic meltdown' of Russia alone, but rather to the
global economic meltdown of many countries:

----- Begin Quote -----


"An emergency meeting of mid-level G-7 officials will take
place in London on Saturday to discuss the Russian economic
crisis and try to hammer out ways to help countries facing
economic meltdown. The special meeting of senior finance and
foreign-ministry officials from the world's industrialized
nations was scheduled after the Duma, Russia's lower house,
Monday rejected for a second time the nomination of Victor
Chernomyrdin as prime minister, leaving Russia without a

----- End Of Quote -----

To conclude this article, allow me to put forth a few more
sobering speculations. As I explain in the series 'The
International Jew And The Protocols Of Zion', there is
strong documented evidence which suggests that the Bolshevik
Revolution of 1917 was encouraged by, financed by, and even
led by Zionist Jews both from within and without Russia.
Names like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Vladimir I. Lenin
quickly come to mind. If we believe outward appearances,
these Zionist-led Communists lost their power during the
historic events of 1989. If we accept this as truth, then it
seems that with their loss of absolute political power
inside of Russia, the International Jews decided to bring
Russia to her knees through economic means, just as they
have done with many other nations of the world.

If I am correct, they are now working from both within the
country, as well as from without. The Communist-controlled
Duma is applying political and economic pressure from
within, while the International Jewish bankers are applying
pressure from without. All Boris Yeltsin has to do is yield
to their demands, and the IMF and the World Bank will
provide the financial relief which Russia so desperately
needs. Of course, if Yeltsin does this, he will be betraying
his own country by placing it in even deeper debt to the
Jews by accepting their trojan horse; that is, their
international currency, the American dollar. In short, the
Zionist Jews may be on the verge of scoring a major victory
towards their goal of complete world domination. No matter
how you look at it, the next year and a half promises to
yield some interesting surprises in Russian politics.

As a closing remark, while I cannot prove it, I wouldn't be
the least bit surprised if American President Bill Clinton's
recent trip to Russia was for the specific purpose of giving
Boris Yeltsin an ultimatum. Like others presidents before
him, I tend to believe that Clinton is merely a puppet, a
delivery boy who has bowed to Jewish financial and political
pressure. In light of recent events surrounding the American
president, one can only wonder what Clinton has done so that
the Jewish-controlled press is now building up evidence for
his possible impeachment. Obviously, Clinton has been a
rebellious child who has displeased his Jewish masters in
some way.

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