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Published On : July 18, 1997

Last Updated : January 3, 2009

Aliens, UFO's, UFOs, UFOlogy, New Age Thought, Deception,
Strong Delusion, Billy Meier, Semjase, Switzerland, Pleiades,
Pleiadian, Book Of Enoch, Watchers, Fallen Angels, Nephilim,
Giants, Shemyaza, Semjaza, Azazel

Within UFOlogy circles, a number of UFO sightings, close
encounters & stories have gained notoriety over the years.
These include, but are not limited to Kenneth Arnold,
Roswell, Montell, KRILL, MJ-12, Bentwaters, Dulce, Carp
Case, Lesotho Affair, Gulf Breeze, Kirtland AFB, Linda
Napolitano, and a host of others too many to mention here.
One prominent controversial case from Europe is that of
Billy Meier, a 'farmer' from Switzerland. For those unaware
of the story, over the years, Mr. Meier has purportedly had
many encounters and conversations with a species of humanoid
aliens who claim to originate from a small star cluster
called the Pleiades, located in the vicinity of the
constellations of Taurus and Orion. According to the
accounts I have read, Mr. Meier's contact with these aliens
has been so intimate, that on some occasions he has been
permitted to take photographs of their starships, one of
which has been dubbed the 'sports model,' similar to claims
also made by Bob Lazar in his Area 51 accounts. In fact, if
memory serves me correctly, Mr. Meier is on record as having
said that he has even been permitted to take trips with
these aliens in their fantastic vehicles! According to the
story, the primary alien contact agent between Meier and the
Pleiadians is supposed to have been a beautiful woman by the
name of 'Semjase.' As some of you who have been involved
with UFOlogy for a while will know, the general consensus
seems to be that the whole episode with Meier, including the
many splendid photos, was a well-thought-out hoax...similar
to what some also believe about Mr. Ed Walters and the Gulf
Breeze UFO.

Being the cautious skeptic that I tend to be, upon becoming
aware of the Meier case, my first inclination was to think
that perhaps the name Meier gave to his beautiful female
alien companion, 'Semjase,' was just a play on the English
word 'message'...after all, she was purportedly a messenger
from the stars. I don't know how you say 'message' in Swiss
German, or whatever language Mr. Meier speaks, but if you
unscramble the letters forming the name 'Semjase,' it is
definitely close to 'message' in English. Perhaps it is just
a coincidence, perhaps not. I will leave that to the reader
to decide.

Recently, however, while reading the highly controversial
apocryphal work, the Book of Enoch, I came across something
which might point to an even more sinister scheme in naming
the Pleiadian female 'Semjase.' For those who have never
read this text, one of the key parts of the Book of Enoch is
the discussion of the fallen angels, referred to as 'ir' or
'The Watchers.' According to the text, these celestial
beings had sexual intercourse with human women prior to the
Great Deluge (Noah's Flood), which resulted in a race of
giants commonly referred to as the Nephilim, Anakim, and
also by other names. According to the story, The Watchers
numbered some 200 angels who rebelled against God and broke
Universal Law by not only having sexual relations with human
women, but also by teaching humanity many things they were
not supposed to know. As a result of their wicked deeds, God
sent his loyal angels to bind these rebellious angels,
now-turned-demons, in chains in darkness until the final Day
of Judgment. Likewise, He sent the Flood some 120 years
later to destroy their half-human giant evil offspring. For
more on this topic, please refer to my companion article,
'The Giants Of Genesis.'

Now here is the key point of this commentary to show the
connection between The Watchers and Meier's Pleidians.
Besides Mastema and Azazel, one of the other chief leaders
of these fallen angels was named Shemyaza. Consider these
two names side by side:

Semjase <and> Shemyaza

The first syllable is close indeed as in some languages, the
letter 's' and double consonant 'sh' are reversible. In
fact, the second syllable is also close if you are aware of
the fact that in some cultures, (such as where I live), the
letter 'y' is actually pronounced like the letter 'j'.
Likewise, in some languages, such as Spanish, the letter 'z'
is pronounced like the letter 's'...there is no 'zzz' sound.
Thus, we now see that 'Semjase' and 'Shemyaza' are very
close in deed in their pronounciation. Is the similarity
between these two names just a coincidence, or are they
referring to the same evil being? I really cannot say with
any degree of certainty, but it is indeed an interesting
speculation worth considering. If the Meier case is indeed a
carefully orchestrated hoax, could it be that Mr. Meier is
aware of the contents of the Book of Enoch, and thus chose
'Semjase' as the name for his female Pleiadian companion? Or
worse yet, could it be that Billy Meier has had multiple
encounters, not with a beautiful being from outer space, but
rather with a deceptive being from inner space?

In going through my files on the Meier case, I just came
across another interesting detail which seems to add weight
to the possibility that Billy Meier may not only be aware
of, but may have also read the Book Of Enoch thus confirming
his knowledge of the name of the fallen angel 'Shemyaza.' In
one of my files there is quite a bit of information on how
Mr. Meier came into contact with a former Lebanonese priest
who, before his death (purportedly by assassination),
presented Meier with a copy of his translation of part of
the also highly controversial text known as the Talmud
Jmmanuel. It seems to me that if Meier was interested in
this work, he more than likely had an interest in similar
works like the Book of Enoch. Again, I cannot prove any of
this beyond a shadow of a doubt, but the trail of evidence
does seem to indicate a connection between the 'Pleiadian'
ambassador 'Semjase' and the fallen Watcher named

As I have stated in other articles such as 'Age Of
Deception,' there are many evil deceptive forces at work in
the world right now. From all angles it appears that we are
being prepared and conditioned for some kind of a revelation
in the near future. In the Bible we are warned about Satan
and his minions appearing as angels of light. Could it be
that the beautiful Pleiadian woman 'Semjase' is one such
appearance? Again, I leave you the reader to decide for
yourself. I do recall reading one comment on the Internet
some time ago where a photo of 'Semjase' was proven to be
that of a popular Swiss model. I really don't know if there
is any truth to the story. At any rate, the Semjase/Shemyaza
connection appears to be a plausible and interesting one.
What do YOU think? Send us some feedback.

5/21/97 ADDENDUM:

I just made an interesting discovery which further confirms
my suspicions made in the above article: While sending the
Book Of Enoch text to one of our web page visitors, I
discovered that the name is actually spelled 'Semjaza'! This
makes it even closer to the 'Semjase' of Billy Meier's
Pleiadian UFO stories. It is in another file entitled
'Ashes Of Angels written by another author seeking the truth
behind the Book of Enoch, that the name of the leader of
'The Watchers' is spelled 'Shemyaza' as per the above
article. It is looking more and more to me like Billy Meier
either read the Book of Enoch and then borrowed the name for
his UFO stories, or else what he believes have been alien
visitations are actually demonic manifestations...which
would go along more with my personal beliefs at this time.
Perhaps this is some clear proof to blow the lid on Meier's
wild claims. What do YOU think?

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