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Published On : June 29, 2001

Last Updated : January 3, 2009

Prince Of The Covenant Destroyed By The Beast, Jewish
False Messiah Destroyed By Brightness Of Lord's Coming,
King Of The North And The Beast, Antichrist Synonymous
With The Beast?, Romano Prodi And European Union, Jews
Won't Allow A Non-Jewish Messiah To Sit In Their Temple

In some of my Endtime articles, such as in part two of
'The Kings Of The North And The South', I suggest that the
mysterious 'Prince of the Covenant', who is destroyed by
the foreign invader known as the King of the North, may
possibly be the Jewish false messiah, Moshiach ben David.
Consider the following verse from the Book of Daniel:

"And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from
before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of
the covenant." Daniel 11:22, KJV

Since writing that article several years ago, I have had
some second thoughts concerning this possibility. One thing
which casts doubt upon Moshiach ben David being the 'Prince
of the Covenant', is the fact that, in his second Epistle
to the brethren at Thessalonica, the Apostle Paul tells us
that the Jewish false messiah, that is, Moshiach ben David,
is destroyed by the brightness of the Lord's Coming:

"And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord
shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall
destroy with the brightness of his coming:"
2 Thessalonians 2:8, KJV

Obviously, if this Wicked One who sits in the soon-to-be-
built temple, claiming to be 'God', is Moshiach ben David,
the false Jewish messiah, and if he is destroyed at the
Lord's Coming as Paul tells us, then it is rather difficult
to equate him with the 'Prince of the Covenant', who is
broken earlier by the King of the North. If Moshiach ben
David is not the 'Prince of the Covenant' spoken of by the
Prophet Daniel, as now seems to be the case, then I suspect
that Daniel's 'prince' might be another architect who is
behind the creation of, and possibly even the signing of,
the Holy Covenant.

In the aforementioned article, I also mention that the King
of the North may possibly be synonymous with the first Beast
described by John in the thirteenth chapter of the Book of
Revelation, because both appear to be political, as well as
military leaders, who invade Israel. Sadly, quite a number
of modern Christians, and theologians, have become confused
in their doctrines, and have thus erroneously equated the
Antichrist with this first Beast of the Endtime. In other
words, they seem to think that John's first Beast, and the
Antichrist, are one and the same person. Many people are
also convinced that he will arise out of Europe, from the
resurrected ruins of the ancient Roman Empire; meaning the
European Union. If that were true, at this current time, I
would have to say that power-hungry Romano Prodi would make
an excellent candidate. Together with the Germans and the
French, this individual is intent on creating what has been
referred to as a European SuperState, with its continental
capital in Brussels, Belgium. Of course, Prodi envisions
himself as the head of this new political entity, being as
he is already the president of the European Commission.

But returning to my main point, as I explain in my article
'Who Is Who?: Defining Important Endtime Terms', the idea
of the Antichrist and the Beast being one and the same
person doesn't make sense in my view. One of the strongest
arguments against this possibility, is the fact that the
Jews will never allow a non-Jew to sit in their newly-built
temple, and pretend to be their long-awaited messiah. Any-
one who understands the mentality of the Ultra-Orthodox Jew,
knows that this simply is not going to happen. If my under-
standing concerning the Beast and the Ten Horns being of
Arab descent is correct, this makes it even less possible,
and less likely, that the Beast and the Antichrist can be
one and the same person. The false messiah, or Antichrist,
will definitely be of Jewish origin, if my understanding of
the Scriptures is correct, while the military Beast, who
invades the nation of Israel, will be of foreign descent,
and quite possibly a Muslim. If the Beast and the Antichrist
are one and the same person as some people believe, then in
essence, they are saying that a Jew is going to invade his
own country. Now do you see how silly that sounds?

I hope that this short commentary has cleared up a few
things for you, or at the very least, caused you to stop
and seriously ponder your current beliefs. Please read my
full-length Endtime articles for more details concerning
these important events.

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