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Endtime Bible prophecy is being fulfilled! These are the End Times! Is the end of the world near?

Endtime Prophecy Net is devoted to sharing the Message of Salvation, Bible prophecy and Bible studies from God's Word with the world. It has been active in one form or another -- street witnessing, foreign missionary fields, house-to-house ministry, online evangelism -- since 1971. As our name implies, Endtime Prophecy Net is dedicated to the study of the End Times and Endtime prophecies, as they are described within the pages of the Bible. With an emphasis on Bible prophecy and events surrounding the end of the world, we watch for the fulfillment of such Endtime -- or End Times -- prophecies as the appearance of the Antichrist; the Battle of Armageddon; the 666, (a.k.a. Mark of the Beast); the Great Tribulation; the Rapture; the destruction of Babylon the Great; the rise of the Beast and the False Prophet; the Second Coming of Christ; the Rapture of the Saints; the 7-year Holy Covenant; the construction of the Jewish temple; the renewal of the Daily Sacrifice; the Abomination of Desolation; the rise of the two Sackcloth Witnesses; the coming Millennium and other events described in the Book of Revelation -- or Apocalypse -- and other books of the Holy Bible. Bible prophecy is real, the End Times is now, and the prophecies of the End Time are coming to pass right before our very eyes, if we will only see and understand.

In addition to the aforementioned topics, in our hundreds of Bible studies, Endtime Prophecy Net also delves into many other issues which are of interest and concern to modern Christians, such as the quatrains of Nostradamus, the alien and UFO phenomenon, 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, the Nephilim or giants of the Old Testament, Nibiru, the Islamic Mahdi and the Jewish messiah Moshiach ben David. And, of course, many of our Bible studies are dedicated to the discussion of Christian spiritual growth and discipleship, witnessing and our Christian walk of faith in general.

Again, do not doubt; because Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, and we are indeed living in the period known as the Endtime -- or End Times -- as described in the pages of the Holy Bible! The end of the world as we know it may be closer than you think! In fact, the Beast -- who some people refer to as the Antichrist -- may be alive today; and so may the False Prophet who will cause the world to worship the Beast! The Battle of Armageddon is drawing closer in the Middle East, as attempts to bridge the gap between the Jews and the Palestinians fail again and again. According to Bible prophecy, it is only a matter of time before the Beast implements his Mark of the Beast / 666 credit system with help from the False Prophet, and many people will then experience Great Tribulation before the Rapture event occurs! Babylon the Great -- that great city which reigns over the kings and rulers of the Earth -- will likewise burn! Even now the Jews wait to rebuild their third and final temple so that they can resume their cherished Daily Sacrifice. The Holy Covenant -- which is possibly a temporary peace agreement between the Jews and the Palestinians -- may make these events possible.

This is not fiction. Bible prophecy is real, the End Times are now, and the events of the End Time that are described in the pages of the Book of Revelation -- and in other books of the Bible -- are fact! Jesus Christ is coming for His children, despite what End Times scoffers and naysayers may think and say, and He will lead us into the Golden Age of the Millennium, exactly as Bible prophecy predicts! Are you ready for these Endtime prophecies of the Apocalypse? Are you prepared for the end of the world as you now know it? Or will you remain skeptical of the signs of the End Times and foolishly be left behind? The choice is yours.

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Message To The World Our Message To The World: Salvation

While Endtime Prophecy Net delves into many issues which are related to our Christian walk of faith -- including Bible prophecy -- for forty years now, the Message of Salvation has remained the central theme of the Endtime Prophecy Net public ministry. Our article, Message To The World, offers an in-depth explanation of the Christian concept of Salvation. It is currently available in PDF format in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Afrikaans. Please download a copy of Message To The World today, and share it with your friends.

Holy Qur'an And Islam - A Doctrine Of Devils? The Truth About Islam And The Qur'an

What do Muslims really believe regarding the nature of Jesus Christ? Is Islam truly the violent religion that is promoted by some Muslim extremists, certain politicians and the profit-hungry mass media? Is it possible that Islam is even directly related to Endtime Bible Prophecy? Holy Qur'an And Islam : A Doctrine Of Devils? -- a six-part series -- will answer these questions for you. Educate yourself, and don't just accept hearsay and political correctness. Learn the truth, both from the Qur'an itself, as well as from the Bible. Read this six-part series Holy Qur'an And Islam : A Doctrine Of Devils? today!

Nature Of The Alien Nature Of The Alien -- ET's, Demons Or Gov't Plot?

Nature of The Alien is an in-depth, thought-provoking, twenty-part series which explores the true nature of the alien and UFO phenomenon. Are UFOs truly navigated by extraterrestrial beings who hail from technologically-advanced civilizations that exist on distant worlds in the Universe? Or are they in fact charlatans and deceivers who originate from the Dark Side of the Spiritual Realm? Could it be that there is an even more mundane explanation for the many sightings over the years, such as secret government "black projects"? Read Nature of The Alien and then make your own determination.

Nephilim - The Giants Of Genesis Nephilim : The Giants Of Genesis

Nephilim : The Giants Of Genesis is an in-depth, nine-part series which examines the legend of the Nephilim; that is, the giants of Genesis, the Fallen Angels -- or Watchers -- who spawned them, and other giants which are mentioned in the pages of the Bible, as well as in other ancient texts and mythologies. Nephilim : The Giants Of Genesis is sure to compel you to think about the giant issue in a way in which you have never thought about it before.

2012 - New Age Deception And Psychobabble 2012 : New Age Deception And Psychobabble

2012 : New Age Deception And Psychobabble is a three-part series which discusses the current hype surrounding the year 2012 and the New Age deception and psychobabble that has become associated with 2012. Will December 21, 2012 mark the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it, or will it even herald the end of the world as some writers propose? What do the actual descendants of the Mayans -- who created the Mayan Calendar -- think about the current 2012 hype? Read 2012 : New Age Deception And Psychobabble and find out. You may be very surprised to learn what they have to say.

Age Of Deception, Age Of Delusion Age Of Deception, Age Of Delusion

Age Of Deception, Age Of Delusion is a four-part series which examines the deception and strong delusion which has pervaded our modern society as a result of the creeping influences of the New Age Movement, Eastern Religions, the alien and UFO culture, and other powerful forces. Is there any truth to predicted mass UFO landings, the so-called Photon Belt and the "Ascension Point"? Is reincarnation real? Is there a Globalist conspiracy to control the world? Read Age Of Deception, Age Of Delusion to find answers to these questions and more!

Nostradamus - Prophet Of God, Or Messenger Of Satan? Nostradamus - Prophet Of God, Or Messenger Of Satan?

Nostradamus - Prophet Of God, Or Messenger Of Satan? is a two-part article which examines the life, prophecies and practices of noted sixteenth century French physician and seer/psychic, Michel de Nostredame, who most people recognize by his Latinized name of Nostradamus. Many books have been written, and movies made, concerning the four-line Quatrains which are found in the Centuries of Nostradamus, and everyone has tried to properly interpret them. But one big question remains: Was Nostradamus inspired by God, or wasn't he? Nostradamus - Prophet Of God, Or Messenger Of Satan? seeks to answer this question. In addition to this article, you may also want to read its companion article Is Nostradamus Found In The Bible?.

Abortion : The Slaughter Of The Innocent Abortion : The Slaughter Of The Innocent

Abortion : The Slaughter Of The Innocent is an in-depth eight-part series which exposes the horrible truth regarding the controversial and murderous practice of abortion, and the yearly slaughter of millions of unborn innocent children around the world. Abortion : The Slaughter Of The Innocent provides facts and figures, the history of Roe vs Wade, the status of current American abortion laws, all of the current excuses which are often used to try to justify and legitimize this horrible crime, and much more. If you are contemplating obtaining an abortion, or know someone who is, you owe it to yourself to read Abortion : The Slaughter Of The Innocent.

In Defense Of The KJV In Defense Of The KJV Bible

In Defense Of The KJV Bible is a four-part series which explains in detail why, for the past four decades, the Authorized King James Version -- also referred to as the AKJV or KJV -- has been our Bible of preference. In Defense Of The KJV Bible exposes how Satan -- via modern-day greedy publishers -- has filled Christian bookstores, churches, etc., with so many different versions of the Bible, that it has resulted in doctrinal confusion and disunity amongst the Body of Christ. If there is only one true Word of God, then why are there so many Bible versions? If you are not certain which is the best Bible for you to use, please consider reading In Defense Of The KJV Bible. It may give you some new insights, and help you in your decision-making.

Money-Making Bible Hucksters And Mammon Money-Making Bible Hucksters And Mammon

Money-Making Bible Hucksters And Mammon is a three-part series and stinging rebuke which exposes money-making Bible hucksters, their love for mammon, and the worldly spirit of commercialism which has corrupted so much of modern Christianity. It seems that everywhere that one turns nowadays, online and offline, unscrupulous individuals are selling books, DVD's, CD's, magazines, etc., while those hungry sheep who cannot afford to purchase such items are left out in the cold. Is Jesus happy with these developments? Please read Money-Making Bible Hucksters And Mammon and find out.

Fulfilled Prophecy: The Beginning of Sorrows Fulfilled Prophecy: The Beginning of Sorrows

Fulfilled Prophecy: The Beginning of Sorrows is a fourteen-part series which closely examines historical, scientific facts and figures, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that what Jesus stated in Matthew 24:6-8 is indeed coming to pass before our very eyes. The past century has witnessed a dramatic increase -- in both frequency and intensity -- in prolonged wars, destructive earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons, tsunamis and flooding, life-threatening, resistant super-bug diseases, etc. Now, to top it all off, there is a growing consensus that we are being threatened by Global Warming. Before you naively accept the misguided claims of certain government spokespersons, and other doubters and naysayers who reject the truth of God's Word, please read Fulfilled Prophecy: The Beginning of Sorrows and learn the facts. If these things be true, what does it mean for you?

Our Pagan World: The Easter (Ishtar Goddess) Myth Exposed! Pagan World: Easter (Ishtar Goddess) Myth Exposed!

Our Pagan World: The Easter (Ishtar Goddess) Myth Exposed! is a seven-part series which exposes the pagan traditions behind the annual Easter observance, and reveals how Easter is actually a celebration of the ancient sex and fertility goddesses Ostara, Ishtar, Ashtoreth and Isis. If you have erroneously been led to believe that Easter is derived from God's Word, or that it is based upon ancient Christian traditions, then you need to read Our Pagan World: The Easter (Ishtar Goddess) Myth Exposed! in order to find out the truth!

Where Are The First Century Churches? Where Are The First Century Churches?

Have you ever wondered what the First Century Church was actually like? Who its leaders were? How it operated? How it survived financially? Where those thousands of new converts lived? Equally important, have you ever questioned how much Christianity today actually follows the Original Blueprint of the First Century Church? Where Are The First Century Churches? is an in-depth eight-part series which will answer all of these questions and much more. Not only that, but some of its contents may cause you to question your own beliefs, motivate you to examine your own walk with the Lord, and perhaps even challenge you to share your Christian faith in a way in which you may have never considered before. Please consider reading Where Are The First Century Churches? today!

Endtime Prophecy Net Blog Endtime Prophecy Net Blog

The Endtime Prophecy Net Blog is a companion to our Endtime Prophecy Net Messageboard, where we share our latest comments concerning world politics, scientific developments, religion, and other issues which are important to modern Christians. In addition to this, the Endtime Prophecy Net Blog also has information regarding the latest changes to our website, as well as new article and series announcements, plus King James Version Bible verse lists. Please stop by and post a comment on the Endtime Prophecy Net blog today. Registration is required to post on our blog. Thanks!

Endtime Prophecy Net International Messageboard Endtime Prophecy Net Messageboard

For our very latest comments regarding world politics, scientific developments, religion, and other issues which are important to modern Christians -- and which may be related to Endtime Bible Prophecy -- please consider visiting the Endtime Prophecy Net International Messageboard. Please note that a simple registration -- name and password only -- is necessary in order to post messages in our forums; however, you may read all messages freely on the Endtime Prophecy Net International Messageboard.

Endtime Prophecy Net Chatroom The Endtime Prophecy Net Chatroom

Endtime Prophecy Net offers a live International Chatroom where you can text message with other Christians who visit our site, regarding Endtime Bible Prophecy and other topics. Please display proper Christian etiquette while using the Endtime Prophecy Net International Chatroom. Thanks!

Endtime Prophecy Net Articles In PDF Format Download EPN Articles In PDF Format

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Endtime Prophecy Net KJV Bible Study Tools King James Version Bible Study Tools

In addition to the many articles and series which are available on our site -- see the full list below -- the Endtime Prophecy Net website also offers a variety of other KJV Bible Study Tools. These include public domain Bible dictionaries, Bible encyclopedias, maps, Hebrew and Greek lexicons and other resources which you will find useful. Please click here in order to be taken to these helpful KJV Bible study resources.

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Endtime Prophecy Net Copyright Notice

Disclaimer : Please note that everything that you read in the articles and series that are listed below -- aside from the central message of Salvation through faith in the atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ -- is subject to change. The reason for this is quite simple. I -- the WordWeaver -- am an imperfect human. I do not understand -- and have never claimed to understand -- everything that is contained in God's Holy Word, the Bible. Like most other Christians, I am in a constant state of spiritual growth. I embrace what I refer to as an "evolving theology". What this means is that as my understanding of God's Word continues to expand, through diligent study of the Scriptures, the doctrines and beliefs which I embrace must adapt to any new truths which the Lord may choose to reveal to me. As a result, it is quite possible that you may find certain ideas and beliefs expressed in some of my older articles, which differ to some degree -- and perhaps entirely -- from beliefs that are expressed in newer articles. Do not let this confuse you. Simply accept the newer information as my current theological position regarding any given issue. As my time and health permit, I will eventually update all older articles and series, so that they are in harmony with the newer ones, God willing.

New Or Updated Article Denotes new or updated articles or series released during the past year.

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2012 - New Age Deception And Psychobabble New Or Updated Article 3 05/20/10
666 : Mondex And The Mark Of The Beast 1 02/03/98
666 : More Proof Of The Coming System 1 11/29/08
666 : Precursors To The 666 And The Mark Of The Beast 3 12/31/04
666 : The Patience Of The Saints 2 02/27/00
666 : VeriChip, Somark And Microsoft Unmasked! 1 11/29/08
A Biblical Cafeteria, Or The Whole Course? 2 07/13/97
A Biblical Mystery Solved : Peter's Babylon Revealed! New Or Updated Article 1 12/14/10
A Conversation With The Devil New Or Updated Article 1 05/21/10
A Fantastic Party! Are You Coming? 1 11/02/97
A Message To The World 1 11/05/05
A Treasure in Earthen Vessels : God's Promise of the Spirit New Or Updated Article 2 05/31/11
A Verse A Day To Keep The Doubts Away! 1 05/29/98
Abortion : The Slaughter Of The Innocent 8 03/19/09
Adaptation, EVILution And The Six Days Of Genesis 1 07/23/97
Admiral Byrd And The Hollow Earth Theory 2 06/07/98
Age Of Deception, Age Of Delusion New Or Updated Article 4 01/10/11
Alexander Lebed And Year 2,000 Presidential Race 1 06/08/98
Alien Intervention, Raelians, Pyramids And Nazca Geoglyphs New Or Updated Article 1 12/08/10
Alien Life, Extrasolar Planets And Universal Atonement 8 07/14/07
All Are Given A Chance . . . But 2 05/07/09
Amazing 430 Years: Bible Is An Accurate Historical Record New Or Updated Article 1 12/11/10
America : Land Of The Free . . . And Hypocrisy! New Or Updated Article 2 12/13/10
Antichrist, Prince Of Covenant, King Of North, Beast 1 06/29/01
Are Christians Obligated To Keep The Sabbath? 1 10/27/01
Are Personal Tragedies Due To Sin? 1 06/22/98
Are The Gifts Of The Spirit For Today? 1 05/29/98
Are We Once Saved, Always Saved? 1 05/31/97
Are You A Burning Ember For The Lord? 2 07/22/98
Are You Clean Every Whit? 1 11/09/97
Are You Crucified With Christ? 1 07/12/98
Are You Just A Baby Huey? 1 11/11/98
Are You Redeeming The Time? 2 09/05/99
Are You Saved & Sealed & Healed & Filled? 1 07/07/97
As A Thief In The Night? Not For Me! 2 08/07/99
Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Terminal Sedation New Or Updated Article 1 12/11/10
Backsliding, Divine Chastisement & The Divine Agreement 2 09/22/09
Battle Of Gog And Magog And War In Yugoslavia 1 04/15/99
Beholding The Evil And The Good 2 07/06/98
Beware of Wolves, False Brethren And Antichrists! New Or Updated Article 1 05/21/10
Biblical Marriage Ceremonies New Or Updated Article 2 03/03/10
Billy Meier And The Swiss UFO Case 1 07/18/97
Bloody But Unbowed : Timothy McVeigh And Death Penalty 1 06/19/01
Cain's Wife : Where Did She Come From? 1 06/03/97
Capture Of Saddam Hussein And The New Babylon 4 01/19/04
Cardinal Ratzinger's Rebellion 3 05/25/05
Chariots Of Fire : A Voluntary Voyage To Heaven? 3 06/27/01
Child Of The Lamb Or Child Of The Goat? 2 01/16/99
Churchianity Or Christianity : Which Do You Practice? New Or Updated Article 3 03/29/11
Civil Disobedience And Christian Persecution 1 05/27/98
Comet Hale-Bopp, Chernobyl And Deathstar Wormwood 1 02/22/98
Coming Your Way Soon : A New World Order! 1 10/19/09
Communism : Is The Dead Beast Really Dead? 1 09/13/98
Communism : The Raging Bear Out Of Control! 1 10/12/98
Dear Teacher : Standing Up For Our Children 1 04/09/98
Death : Final Battle, Final Victory! 3 11/22/98
Demonic Possession And Sickness : A Biblical Perspective 4 04/03/04
Did Jesus Know Everything, And The Fate Of Judas Iscariot New Or Updated Article 1 12/02/10
Do You Pray For Your Leaders? 3 04/13/99
Do You Want Love And Light Or Rod And Wrath? 1 11/14/08
Dracula : Fighting Fear With Faith! 1 10/11/97
Dreamweaver : Dreams And God's Will Revealed 3 06/03/03
Elijah : Where Are The True Prophets Of God? 3 03/31/98
Endless Genealogies And Endtime Deception New Or Updated Article 3 11/21/10
Endtime Witnessing : Winning The Sheep And . . . 1 11/02/97
Exposing The "Judge Not" Fallacy! 1 07/26/97
Exposing The Tactics Of The Enemy! 2 06/24/98
Faith And The Shroud Of Turin 1 12/22/00
Famous Forties : One Of God's Special Numbers? 1 01/01/99
Focus On The Endtime 2 04/04/98
Free Will And Personal Choice 1 11/14/08
From Armageddon To The New Earth 2 06/18/98
Fulfilled Prophecy : The Beginning Of Sorrows New Or Updated Article 14 03/20/11
Gargoyles : Satan Loves Church Buildings! 4 09/22/02
God's Golden Teeth, Or Satan's Delusion? 3 04/09/99
God's Mercy, Judgment And Fallen Angels 1 05/30/97
Going Down The Highway Of Life 1 06/18/99
Great Cloud Of Witnesses : God's Holy Ghosts? 3 03/15/99
Halloween : No Room For Compromise! 1 10-31-04
Happy Hanukkah And Merry Christmas? New Or Updated Article 2 12/11/10
Have You Been Slain In The Spirit? 4 06/29/98
Have You Read The New Scriptures Yet? 1 06/16/99
Have You Sold Your Soul For A Pound Of Flesh? 1 12/17/00
Heaven's Gate, Suicide And Other Death Cults 3 12/22/08
Hell And The Lake Of Fire 1 09/22/97
History Of The Authorized KJV Bible New Or Updated Article 3 11/09/10
Holy Ghost : The Spirit Of Jesus Christ? 1 05/26/97
Holy Qur'an And Islam : A Doctrine Of Devils? New Or Updated Article 6 09/25/10
Homosexuality & Lesbianism : To The Point! 4 10/15/98
Horde From Hell, China, Turkey And Kings Of The East New Or Updated Article 1 03/03/10
Hurricane Katrina And Other Natural Disasters 4 11/27/09
In Defense Of The KJV! New Or Updated Article 4 10/28/10
Is God A Racist? 2 08/19/97
Is Jesus The Only Begotten Son Of God? 6 04/11/09
Is Nostradamus Mentioned In The Bible? 1 11/11/04
Is Salvation Meant For All Men? 1 10/07/97
Is Science Better Than The Bible? 1 04/22/97
Job And The Land Of Uz 2 09/16/03
John Lennon's "Imagine" And Secular Humanism 4 11/09/98
Judgment Of Azazel : Scapegoat Of The High Priest 1 01/15/99
Keeping Things In The Proper Perspective 1 04/22/97
Killing And The Phinehas Priesthood 1 11/12/97
Killing, Murder, War And Military Duty 1 11/18/97
Last Seven Years Chart : 70th Week Of Daniel New Or Updated Article 1 06/28/10
Leviathan : An Ancient Sea Dragon? 1 07/19/97
Lies And Deceptions Of The Roman Catholic Church New Or Updated Article 4 04/01/10
Love, Mercy, Forgiveness And Chastisement New Or Updated Article 4 02/24/11
Lying Wonders Of The Endtime 9 08/30/99
Mary Worship, Christianity And Roman Catholicism 1 05/02/97
Modern False Prophets And Worldly Ecumenism 2 07/23/98
Money-Making Bible Hucksters And Mammon 3 05/22/09
MP3's, Commercialized Christianity And Christian Hypocrisy 2 08/12/00
Musical Ministries And Wordy Preachers 2 01/07/00
My God Is A Shocker! 3 04/22/01
My Personal Vision And Your Challenge 1 05/25/98
Nature Of The Alien : ET's, Demons Or Gov't Plot? 20 06/23/07
Nephilim : The Giants Of Genesis New Or Updated Article 9 12/08/10
Noah's Ark And The Genesis Flood 2 04/08/09
Noah's Flood : The Urantia Book Exposed Again! 1 08/01/97
Nostradamus : Prophet Of God Or Messenger Of Satan? 2 05/27/09
Obama, McCain And The Bush Legacy 4 11/06/08
Oh Be Careful Little Eyes! 2 05/03/03
Oh Israel, Why Will Ye Die? 1 03/25/98
Once Upon A Time : A True Story 3 12/14/98
Organ Transplants And Blood Transfusions 1 07/28/97
Our Expanding Universe - Einstein, Hubble, Dark Energy and God New Or Updated Article 1 01/17/11
Our Pagan World : The Easter (Ishtar Goddess) Myth Exposed! New Or Updated Article 7 04/16/11
Palestinian Quest For Statehood and UN Resolution 377 New Or Updated Article 3 04/09/11
Palestinian Suicide Bombers And Middle East Peace 3 10/11/03
Parable Of The Raven And The Dove 1 08/11/97
Parable Of The Sower : Salvation And Service 1 11/07/97
Parable Of The Tree And The Storm 2 09/16/99
Peter : Faith Tried In The Fire! 1 09/05/01
Plight Of The Children! 1 05/25/98
Revealer Of Secrets And Sergei Stepashin 1 08/10/99
Revelation's Babylon The Great Whore 2 02/28/98
Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth 1 04/09/98
Robot Wars, Skynet, The Beast And The False Prophet 1 01/26/08
Roman Catholicism, Water Baptism And The Trinity 8 01/02/09
Saddam Hussein's Execution And The Euro-Dollar War 5 01/04/07
Salvation Is Free! New Or Updated Article 1 06/28/10
Salvation Of Animals : Fact Or Fiction? 1 06/30/97
Satan : King Of Tyrus, King Of Empires 1 12/02/98
Satan : Origin, Purpose And Future 1 06/07/04
Science And Technology : The Forbidden Knowledge? 1 12/03/97
Seek Ye First the Kingdom Of God 2 08/16/00
Selfishness : A Prophesied Sign Of The Endtime? 1 10/05/97
Sex, A Bowl of Soup And The Nature Of Angels 1 08/28/00
Slobodan Milosevic : A U.N. Experiment? 2 07/02/01
So You Really Think You Are So Humble? 4 10/08/98
Sorry . . . Jesus Is Not Coming At Any Moment! 5 01/23/08
Speak The Pure Language Of Truth! 1 07/08/98
Star Wars : The Real Battle Wages On! 1 06/18/00
Study, Work, And Don't Be Ashamed 2 09/23/01
The Battle Is Not Yours Alone! New Or Updated Article 4 03/11/11
The Beast And The Three Broken Horns 2 01/18/99
The Biblical Practice Of Fasting 1 02/20/99
The Blood Atonement : In Jesus' Own Words 1 10/04/97
The Book Of Enoch : Truth Or Heresy? 1 09/25/97
The Born-Again Experience : Now Or Later? 3 09/17/99
The Cheerful Giver : Supporting God's Work 1 07/09/98
The Children Of God And Politics 1 08/11/97
The Children Of Light : Are You One Of Us? 1 09/16/97
The Dinosaur Dilemma And Modern Science 1 04/22/97
The Earth Is Under 7,000 Years Old! 1 11/28/97
The Faith Of A Little Child 2 05/15/00
The Family Life Of Jesus Christ! 1 06/01/97
The Fruit Of The Womb 3 03/11/99
The Fruits Of Disobedience 7 11/04/03
The Gospel Of Thomas : Introspection Or Heaven-spection? 1 07/17/97
The Great Tribulation And The Rapture 6 12/09/98
The Heavenly Vision : Have You Got It? 1 11/24/98
The Holocaust : Did God Make A Mistake? 1 05/11/98
The International Jew And The Protocols Of Zion 4 04/29/98
The Internet : Our Final Frontier; Your Last Chance? New Or Updated Article 2 10/28/10
The Jerusalem Question 1 07/30/00
The Judgment Of Angels, Demons And Men 1 05/26/97
The Kings Of The North And The South 2 02/12/98
The Lamb Of God Was A Goat! 3 01/15/99
The Lord Will Lift You Up! 1 06/17/98
The Manipulation Of Time And Space 1 07/08/97
The Mystery Of Cornelius The Centurion 1 11/23/97
The Nibiru, Planet X, Wormwood Controversy 4 05/03/07
The Office Of A Prophet 2 07/04/98
The Only Credentials You Need! 1 10/13/97
The Philistine - Palestinian Connection 1 07/30/00
The Public School System And School Prayer 1 04/09/98
The Royal Law : Thou Shalt Love! 1 03/23/98
The Seeing God Face-To-Face Dilemma 1 06/10/97
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What Is Wrong With Modern America? 3 04/19/09
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When Sin Is No Longer A Sin! 5 04/22/09
When The Pipers Come Knocking New Or Updated Article 1 02/18/10
Where Are The First Century Churches? New Or Updated Article 8 05/09/11
Who Are The Twenty-Four Elders? New Or Updated Article 2 04/13/10
Who Is Hindering The Antichrist? 2 02/07/98
Who Is The Real Terrorist? New Or Updated Article 1 05/16/11
Who Is Who? : Defining Endtime Terms 1 02/07/98
Why Did Jesus Call His Mother "Woman"? 1 03/21/08
Why Doesn't God Heal Me? 1 01/20/99
Women Shepherds : The Family Sex Cult Exposed Again! 2 01/01/01
Y2K : How Bad Will It Get? 2 10/13/99
Y2K Preparation : Are You A Procrastinator? 1 10/15/99
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Yasser Arafat's Ultimatum : Why May 4, 1999? 1 01/18/99

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